​”ORUN MI TI LA!” – How Otito (Truth) aka Ibikeji Olodumare acquired the appellation “Orunmila”

This brief essay is aimed at resolving the speculations that have been put forth about the etymology of the appellation ORUNMILA by which Otito (Egyptologists “Thoth”) aka Ibikeji Olodumare (Vice-Gerent of Olodumare) the irunmole/orisha of wisdom is popularly known.

When Are (the Presence/Being) aka Akamara began creation, still ongoing, that of the subset that is our solar system which includes our planet also began then, and after seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand seven hundred an seventy-seven (777,777) years our planet was set. Water covered the entire surface. The supreme creator started this process by begetting a set of twin entities, actually irunmoles, with the elder as the second to emerge. The first but junior is Iri (Primordial Dew) which is Olofin Otete who would later be known also as Oduduwa while the elder is Imi (Primordial Breath) aka Ela, Ifa, Oshu (Hebrew Nehushtan), Ashe, who is luminous and the sound O (Ọ; translated as Thought) – this is seen in the breath of creatures that breathe being saturated with vapour. Are then pa (imputed) Ashe into the Iri by blowing Imi into it which which began an itu reke-reke (chain reaction expansion; itu is expansion, explosion) – else it would have been a stillbirth. First, it quickly hardened via crystallization into horo eepe kan (a grain of “sand”; horo is grain, eepe is “sand” and kan is one) and then tu (expanded, brought forth) to multiply into an agbon eepe kan (asteroid, meteor, meteorite, one eepe aggregrate) which then tu via an explosion that reke-reke till date and that oyinbo scientists call the big bang. Also, they refer to horo eepe kan as the Higgs boson or the God particle. Thus Are is also called

Iri tu wili tu wili

Primordial Dew bring forth quickly again and again

Iri tu wili tu wili

Primordial Dew bring forth quickly again and again

Iri tu wili-wili

Primordial Dew keep multiplying

Koo tu reke-reke

Bring forth to expand infinitely

Concurrently with the emergence of these twins, Akamara who is also called Origun set about coordinating the itu and sent Imi on a mission to search the ever expanding big bang for a place suitable for the establishment of biological life. He found this planet four hundred thousand (400,000) years after its creation and stayed here, alone with no one to communicate with, for four hundred (400) years and was walking on the water. Thereafter he reported back to Are – thus the first breath was of Are breathing out then in – who immediately handed it over to a female irunmole irunmole named Aye (available space, vacuum), one of the many irunmole who emerged from the itu agbon eepe kan, and gave him one of the agbon eepe from that itu to bring here and use to create land. Are also enabled Oshu for this by commanding him: “O ro!” (O descend) which is concatenated into Oro (speech, uttered word/message/thought). When he arrived, he dangled in the sky, broke the agbon eepe into several smaller agbon eepe, that is, meteors, and dropped them as a meteor shower into the water. The consequent rapid crysallization, which was not explosive as the water tempered it, resulted in crust that covered the entire water. Then he returned.

Aye began living here on this planet which thus became known as Ile Aye (home of Aye), but she was lonely so one hundred thousand (100,000) years after Oshu found it she sought out Otito, known then as Forankun kan soso owu who performed Ifa consultation for her. He informed her that a most powerful being was on the way and she had to do some things in preparation which included the preparation of a concoction in a pot as an odu ikoko (unknowable pot). This being who is Are however emerged on Ile Aye both as a twin with and begetting Oshu as they arrived together. Oshu emerged first via Otura Irete and for three hundred and three days he announced the coming of Are who then appeared on the last day via Odi Irosun. Thereafter, Oshu became known as Oshu omo Are (Oshu offspring of Are; The Issuance offspring of Are) or Oshumare while Are became known as Olodu-ikoko ti ntan Oshumare (the bearer of the unknowable pot that ejects Oshu the offspring of Are) or Olodumare. The total number of irunmoles present, all, was eight hundred and one including Aye and Otito. Then Are who is also called Osin (Ruler; sin is worship) ascended into his afin that is Oorun (sun) in Orun and became known as Olorun (Bearer of Orun), and also ordered two hundred of them permanently to his right in Orun, two hundred to his left also in Orun, and four hundred and one to the centre who shuttle to Ile Aye and Orun repeatedly. The portion of Otito was however embedded with Ile Aye and, given that he is in the likeness of Are, he fervently desired for his own niche in Orun.

Olorun then tried to make this planet habitable for biological life. For this he sent Ogun the irunmole of iron and he brought some wood while some other irunmoles like Ija and Oshoosi followed him. They could not succeed and began eating the wood before returning to Olorun. Oshu was the next to be sent and he brought some water with him. Some other irunmoles like Alaaanu, Oloore, Sungbemi, Magbemiti, Losootoro, Eroko and Larogbe accompanied him but eventually they all likewise failed and began consuming the water and he reported back to Olorun. Then Olofin Otete was sent and this time he did something which his predecessors naively had not. He had Ifa consultation done for him and from this was advised to take along some seeds and food and use the wood and water of his predecessors.

Now, Origun begat Olu-Iwaye who would later be called Aganju also known as Ile gbigbona (magma, hot earth) and Ina (flame, fire). This occurred as a huge solar flare which had a magma nucleus. Olu-Iwaye then begat Baba Ashemuegun Sunwon (the comet) who is commonly known as Obaluaye and as Shanponna the irunmole of the loop that manifests as regeneration – which enables reincarnation and natural cycles. A portion of the flared solar magma was released and the former cooled to the point of ice formation to become a comet. Baba Ashemuegun Sunwon then begat Olofin Otete who navigated agbon eepe kan (an asteriod) embedded with the seeds of biological life to Ile Aye. This manifested as an asteriod as large as the planet Mars breaking off the comet and striking Ile Aye, sixty-four thousand (64,000) years before the great flood. It sank completely into the ground but did not reach the underground water.

Such was the impact that numerous fissures (deep cracks in the ground) appeared that connected the underground water to the ground surface. However, the amount of water that was consequently seeping out of each was too little to wash one’s face or foot, appearing thus as minute puddles, all owned by Osa (irunmole of seashores and their waters) and Okun (irunmole of lagoons, seas and oceans). These two had also fervently desired for their respective niches.

It also knocked off the portion of Forankun kan soso owu, without mixing, as a single large chunk from Ile Aye, above sanmo (sky) and into Orun but still close enough to be within the gravitational field of Ile Aye as its satellite. Oyinbo scientists refer to this event as the giant-impact theory or the big splash or the Theia impact. This satellite was shining in the likeness of Oorun, as seen in the epithet Ibikeji Olodumare, but with its ala (light) imputed from Oorun. As Oshu is Ela the irunmole of ala, it became known as Oshu pa or Oshupa (Oshu imputes). Since Forankun kan soso owu sun (shifted) there, he became known as Osun (the Shifted One; transliterated by Assyriologists and Sumerologists as the moon god Sin) which is seen in his people of Ekiti (Accad/Akkad/Agade) existing as a satellite of rather than embedded as a part of the omo Oduduwa confederation – they are not fellow omo Oduduwa but omo Osun or omo Orunmila and are famed for their wisdom, producing the greatest number of PhD holders (or professors, I’ve forgotten which exactly) and his lineage still exists there e.g. the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti is a direct Y-chromosome descendant (the claims by the Araba Agbaye and the Awolodumerindinlogun, supposedly the highest order babalawos, about being his direct descendants is totally misleading and schizoid as they are actually descendants of Orungan).

Forankun kan soso owu then exclaimed: “Orun mi ti la!” or “my portion of Orun has become free”.

For some info about an asteroid hitting this planet, see https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/life-bounced-back-fast-after-dino-killing-impact/?WT.mc_id=SA_FB_SPC_NEWS

For some info about the asteroid impact that released the moon, see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant-impact_hypothesis

Skeptics who dismiss the dates put forward here should know it is a fact that oyinbo laboratory dating techniques are not absolute https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-would-it-take-to-prove-the-resurrection/?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C9595256732

“There’s also the awareness in the scientific community of the plesence of the building blocks of life like the amino acid glycine on comets, see 

The surface of the nucleus is generally dry, dusty or rocky, suggesting that the ices are hidden beneath a surface crust several metres thick. In addition to the gases already mentioned, the nuclei contain a variety of organic compounds , which may include

methanol , hydrogen cyanide,

formaldehyde , ethanol, and ethane and perhaps more complex molecules such as long-chain hydrocarbons and amino acids . [17][18] In 2009, it was confirmed that the amino acid glycine had been found in the comet dust recovered by NASA’s Stardust mission .[19] In August 2011, a report, based on NASA studies of meteorites found on Earth, was published suggesting DNA and RNA components (adenine , guanine , and related organic molecules ) may have been formed on asteroids and comets. [20][21]”

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Recall that after the great flood of 160 days, when Oduduwa had stolen the bag of Oshu (Obatala) and was asked to return it, he stubbornly refused and eventually transformed into a stone (actually agbon eepe kan) and sank into the ground while taking the bag with him.

​Killed by Solagbade “OKUNKUN” Popoola again but then resurrected by Ifa

On March 4 at the Oju-Ore roundabout market in Otta, Solagbade OKUNKUN Popoola aka anti-Aganju along with his fellow Iyami used their sorcery to kill me, and as previoisly by putting something in my stomach, again in public. This time nobody came to my aid as I was in the very midst of the Iyami who were buyers and sellers there, and my lifeless body lay there for God knows how long. I heard them mocking and jeering as I gained enough consciousness to first open my eyes and then to get back up, following which wore livid faces.

Previously, I had assumed that the number of such successful attempts against my life was was six, but apparently this was wrong as I had wanted to believe that assumption given that I had been afraid of the import of an observation: between my birth and itefa I had been killed five times and once between my itefa until 4 March 2017, and pre-itefa individual and all events in the lives of my father and I were re-occurring post-itefa according to exact patterns.

As with the previous fatal assault, Ifa had forewarned me but Okunkun had prevented me from propitiatiating Ifa on the Ose Ifa (Ose Obatala) of March 1 – I had water and ₦40 that was not enough for obi, oti and orogbo. Ifa had again notified me about it that very day and it happened while I was procuring the materials to overcome it but my opelebwhich Ifa reminded me to take along was with me.
So, he and his gang still have the ability to kill me even though I have offered the ebo for this particular vulnerabiliry of Otura Irete. His son Bankole Popoola (Judas Iscariot) conducted the ebo riru in June 2014 only to be nearly disowned by Okunkun who had stolen and switced all of my ikin Ifa during my itefa in his compound in March 2014, thus stealing all my ire – using me for money ritual.

I’ve also done the associated akose of using a particular leaf to wash the ikin Ifa and been using soap pounded with this leaf to bathe. The soap works effectively but the effect is temporary because the ikin Ifa which I used the leaf to wash were not mine but his which is Osa Irosun. This special bathing of ikin would have removed the vulnerability permenantly, but he never meant well for me. He has also been killing me so as to retrieve his from me, and I recently learned that he had been attacking me severely since the transition of my mum in 1992 of which he is involved.
Now I am more determined to unleash the most horrible of vengeance on them all.

An illustration of the possibility of the above follows, using celestial phenomena and eugenics.
Ela the saviour is light while Edi is the black hole (Oshoronga) that has the ability to swallow light and stars. “La” is to save, release, open, free, while “di” is to block, squeeze, grip. Edi is Olosi (aka Lucis/Lucifer) or Osi’efa the leader of the Ajẹ (jinn, angel, anglo-) aka ooki oru (olokiki oru; English cherub) who constitute the body of the black hole. They are iwefa/iwofa & were created by Akamara/Olodumare Agotun to regulate entropy, break down waste & to serve the Igotun (gods) who are the irunmole (imole; Hebrew malakh) & check their excesses. He manipulated Olodumare to try to get Ifa & the imole to serve him & he murdered Ifa. But he & some of his kind who followed him were expelled from orun to aja ilẹ.

These rebels are iwin (WItches & WIzards) aka Eníyán (rejected ones) aka Ìyàmi Eshoronga, Edi is Ayami Oshoronga. “yà” is to pervert, Ayami is d Perverter who perverts the truth & causes others to stray (both seen in gravitational lensing characteristic of black holes) so as to swallow them. Thus saying among our people about “stealing one’s glory/star” is valid & advanced knowledge.

With regard to DNA, one’s RNA is one’s aje while viruses, prions & other such foreign nucleic acids (NA) are the  Iyami. “Yami” is “pervert me”, Ayami is the Amen/Amin: (A)yami > Yami(n) > Amin. According to Ifa, some (their seven chiefs) survived the flood & have succeeded in living & mixing with us. As genomic activity is in constant flux (every 16 days), routine Ifa dida gives a snapshot of DNA activity at that time. DNA & RNA work together. Both the upright & fallen aje are oso (sorcerers) who can consult their spiritual system called oso – much lower than Ifa dida – gain some insight into the DNA profile & affect it positively and/or negatively. The upright aje use entropy the way they are instructed by the gods while the iyami’s is unregulated. Itefa & routine Ifa dida enlightens one about this relationship & how to make the most of it.

The Iyami deceive & use chaos to infiltrate, displace, dull, terrorize & subjugate others.

Solagbade Popoola (aka Okunkun) stole all my Ifa and replaced them with his

​A babalawo was introduced to me a month ago to investigate my Ifa and that of my dad because the prognosis of many was that Obaluaye’s was okay apart from the missing 16 ikin that Solagbade “Okunkun” Popoola’s stole but something exceedingly terrible had been done to mine. When he took a seat and began reciting and diagnosing with stanzas from my odu Otura Irete and Obaluaye’s Ogbe Otura (aka Ogbe Alara), the atsmosphere of that room was that of wailing from start to finish. I found the details too painful but shed no tear as none surprised me. Rather, they confirmed my suspicions and all I knew about Okunkun as having an insatiable appetite for wickedness. Basically, he used our itefa to kill us.

With regard to my ikin Ifa, that babalawo referred to an Otura Irete stanza about Jegbe who had gone to tefa. This is the same Jegbe of Ogbe Otura who was falsely called a liar and who founded Oyo. Remember my assertion and allusions on this blog that Ogbe Otura and Otura Irete are closely linked and work together, sort of like twins, with similar fractals. Well, in this Otura Irete incident, as Jegbe was undergoing itefa someone stole all the ikin that constituted his Ifa and the culprit replaced them with his. For a while Jegbe was unaware, but the result was that his post-itefa life was wretched, he was a sitting duck open to all attacks and his ashe was like nil. The babalawo doing the diagnosis however did not apply this well to my case as he assumed that my Ifa and Obaluaye’s odu were exchanged, that is, that my odu is actually Ogbe Otura while Obaluaye’s is Otura Irete.

He further noted accurately that I entered the igbodu and came out before Obaluaye’s went in, that the Awos present were fighting themselves, and much more. The painful part with regard to Obaluaye was that he was too ill to walk into the ignoring by himself but was carried in and out whereas some things ought to have been done like feeding Eshu in a particular way at the start of the ceremony, all of which would resulted in him being able to walk there by himself and then walk out fully fit, hale and hearty.

We te’fa together at Okunkun’s Ogbe Alara temple in his compound and he was thus the Oluwo while Babatunde Ifatunde his assistant and accomplice was his Ojugbona. That night they replaced all the 40 ikin of my Ifa with Okunkun’s impotent Ifa (cf. 1 Kings 3:16-28). Upon fleeing I had always had a nagging hunch, in the light of their theft of Obaluaye’s ikin, that they must have substituted some or all of mine. And I knew from the attitudes of his women during that week of our itefa that all was not well.

They hated us for no just cause (Psalm 69:4; John 15:25) and have, like rotating black holes which gorge on stars (Revelations 12:3-4) and shine with their light (2 Corinthians 11:12-15), been consuming us and our ire and blocking our receipt of same and quenching our ashe while redirecting their punishments to us.
I love Ifa and wanted Obaluaye to te’fa partly so we could overcome our many enemies who had begun threatening openly to kill us, but it’s like I led him straight into their belly. Initially I felt quite guilty but he later urged me not to despair, and Ifa’s made me understand that they had to happen. One fact about Otura Irete individuals is that if an unpleasant situation is foreseen and s/he offers ebo and/or other prescriptions of Ifa, it would happen nonetheless but s/he would survive and overcome it as such events were necessary for one to rise into an advanced phase of his/her life (cf. Luke 17:24-25; 24:6-7, 18-27; John 20:9). Another personal example is the series of 6 successful attempts to kill me which Ifa converted to near death experiences (NDE) as he revived me after a couple of minutes. Opening my eyes and staring at the world from the bottom, the ground, and then picking myself up had initially felt humiliating but later humbling (a major side effect has been very poor long term memory which, following the last incident, was resolved with some akunlebo).

Since there are other Otura Irete individuals, have they been through same? Are they sure of their Ikin Ifa? What of others who have innocently approached Okunkun and Ifatunde and their likes and kind.

Fig 1. Ifatunde in white seated on the floor, Okunkun topless and seated on a chair to the right, and I in the middle

Fig 2. Ifatunde

Fig 3. Okunkun

This wickedness was perpetrated by Awos, practicing Ifa and Orisha priests and priestesses, and I’ve noted that a message of Otura Irete and Ogbe Otura is that these clergy conspire against the irunmole/orisha.

I want to believe that one or more of these clergy who are aware of this stanza did come across this blog but then chose to keep quiet and let me suffer (Luke 10:25-37). Well, let them continue to keep their Ifa in their stomachs but may they die shamefully.

If you reading this have te’fa or had any Ifa clergy do any ceremony for you and s/he feeds the Iyami rather than the upright aje, flee from such. There’s a easy way to identify such clerics which I’ll reveal in a later blog post.

By the way, that babalawo who did the diagnosis later ran away as he was afraid of the Iyami, having told me that a message of Otura Irete is that even Though I’ll definitely overcome, before then I’ll know what is called Awon Aye (aka Iyami). This wasn’t news and has never bothered me. I’ve wondered why babalawos who have Ifa fear these insane rejects. The fear is based on lies about them (like all aje are Iyami whereas Iyami are rejected aje) and is therefore irrational and inexcusable (Deuteronomy 32:28-31). 

Solagbade Popoola (aka Okunkun) collaborated with Dayo Ifafore Ifanibire Sango-tayo to deceive and try to kill me

​Here’s another instance of the desperation of Solagbade Popoola the president of the International Council for Ifa Religion (ICIR) to use sorcery to deceive me and try to kill me, this time with the help of his neighbour Dayo Ifanibire Ifafore Sango-tayo. Okunkun and his crew have for long been setting up fake WordPress accounts to subscribe to my blog and thereby deceive me into rejoicing at this and seeking to communicate with them. And they would then do something diabolical with my mere response. They set up a facebook account with the name Caroline Wangechi, used the email addresses beautyandgoregalore@gmail.com with the name rinder rindercella, and caroline.mbau@gmail.com, and assumed that they had successfully and irretrievably yi ori mi (distorted my head) for their despicable intents. Otura Irete speaks of the most malicious assaults to the head (recall the Awo known as Oshumare Ego where Ego is translated as the foolish one).

The first contact for this particular series of screenshots was sometime in My 2016. When I published some days ago a similar attempt with Olufemi Ezekiel Olympus, Dayo/Solagbade responded immediately with a deceptive email, claiming to be Dayo’s former intimate friend named Caroline Mbau, a Kenyan, using the email addresses caroline.mbau@gmail.com.  Kindly compare the next screenshot with the first.

These persons have their homes and families but don’t want me to have any, and have hated me for no just cause. Yet many follow Okunkun blindly, also because I call myself Aganju. But they didn’t bother to confirm from Ifa before taking sides.

To give Dayo the benefit of doubt, could it be that Okunkun did this alone, stealing Dayo’s identity? I’ll update this post perhaps next week with his photo.

There’s still more from Okunkun posing as prospective clients inquiring for instance about ORI and Aje (wealth).

Re: Aku calendar for the current year 10,060 (June 2016 – June 2017)

I’ve noticed that two persons, both females, have come up with calendars subtly directed at discrediting the one I published (https://yemitom.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/aku-calendar-for-the-current-year-10060-june-2016-june-2017/) and to keep the Omo Oduduwa astray.

One acknowledges that the beginning of the traditional calendar year corresponds roughly with the the start of June of the European (Julian) calendar but still went ahead to publish one that starts on January 1 like the European calendar. And she claims to be proudly Yoruba. This is hypocrisy. She also asserted that the year of her calendar is 10,059 based on the same source as the one I published. Now, how did she arrive at that while simultaneously acknowledging that the beginning of the Julian and traditional calendars differ by 5 to 7 months, depending on if counterfeits from January to June or June to January? Additionally, she asserted that the traditional calendar begins during the first weekend of every June or 2nd/3rd June. This is quite sad and unintelligent because like the Julian calendar, the length of the traditional calendar is not fixed such that the New Year starts every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and so on. It should be obvious that having the New Year celebrations on weekends has been due to the dominance of the society by oyinbo ways and the desire to accommodate those who work and attend to clients during gb the week. By the time we all return to our roots and stop bowing to alien ways, it would no longer be every weekend. Lastly, she claimed that the 7-day solar week is strange to the Omo Oduduwa, that hat only the 4-day lunar week is known. Wrong. The former is noted in the story of the Ogba Ashe as recorded in the odu Ogunda Osa while the roots of the latter are in the odu Ogunda Otura and Iwori Otura. She claims to be Yoruba, but Yoruba is Oyo alone never the entire Omo Oduduwa. As Oyo is a delusion hers is too.

The other woman also denied the existence of a traditional 7-day week.

Even though both portray themselves as truly interested in the restoration of the Isese (traditionalism) of the Omo Oduduwa, the latter is a liar who subtly tries to deceive the people and have them beating about the bush in wilderness journeys, to have them “ya” (stray, pervert) from the true path. She Iyami (fallen aje/angels). The former has however been delusional due to the lies of the Iyami.

PS: Did you know that Solagbade Popoola aka Okunkun (Darkness) the president of the International Council for Ifa Religion (ICIR) celebrated a New Year crossover service every night of December 31 into January 1 at his Odewale home during which his fellow Iyami attend en masse? And he portrays himself as one divinely chosen to restore the glory of the Omo Oduduwa. January 1 is his birthday so it is used as an opportunity for his fellow Iyami to celebrate him.