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    • As one of the descendants of Oduduwa I know that Mọrẹmi birthed Ẹla the Redeemer who was known about 2,000 years ago as Eshu. This much the Yoruba have known and recorded in our history before the fabrication of Christianity, Islam and Judaism by the Hyksos.



    • Yes. I think they should stop giving their children slave names but begin to adopt their true African names whether Mende, Yoruba, Igbo, Akan, Ewe, Twi etc.



    • I understand. When I received the revelation about the name Eshu I spent 8 months struggling with quite some amount of cognitive dissonance and the prospects of social stigma. Eventually, the truth set me free when I realized I was the one tying enslaving myself to church. The cognitive dissonance is the result of the entropy necessary for re-alignment and the end result is order. Eshu handles this transformation which is like refinement to remove impurities (all the lies/brainwashing of this world and unfavourable character that the concerned individual has acquired), and he never said it would start easily (Luke 12:51-53).

      Hopefully, this blog is one of many channels to get many people asking questions about the truth, about Ifa, because, in my opinion, it is easier to overcome the dissonance in groups. Nevertheless, ask Eshu for help – he makes clear the need for the transformation and provides the peace needed to achieve it. I still face stigma from home/family and the society but I understand.

      You can contact me privately at yemitom2@yahoo(dot)com to learn much more about Ifa, the rites, your doubts (Mark 9:24 – “I believe, help my unbelief”) and path. You can also find out your roots, true name and destiny, and then contemplate and decide for yourself about the big step you want to take.


  1. Thank you.If church is our prison, our bondage why not go inside of the gate and tell the people that they are the very same people that they are reading about in their bible.And explain it in the language and on the understanding that they already have.I believe this may open minds,open hearts and open doors and raise more question than answer and start a revolt from within the prison walls.And the choice to leave and learn a new language(meaning) and understanding is clear.And on the way to freedom and understanding one may meet a teacher like ADELAMI outside of the prison walls.


    • There is time for everything. We must not forget that sorcery masked with religion is a strong tool being used by the oppressors. As such many people are kind of too ‘dead’ to understand no matter the language and do not know what they are doing. The conversation on this forum thread ( is an example of the sorry state of the oppressed. I don’t see myself as a teacher – actually on the lookout for Elijah (Malachi 4:5-6). Besides, it is an unshakeable fact that many multitudes will be set free prior to the arrival of the Redeemer, so we have no other option than to be positive and confident. Those that Olorun have set free from prison will be using their knowledge of the secrets of the oppressors to defeat them and help the oppressed resist them. This is one topic I intend to discuss and it has to do with an event that happened a long time ago during the foundation of the world: when Moremi escaped from the oppressors and the oppressors were subsequently set on fire and defeated, but Ela was sacrificed for man. This event is still remembered by the Yoruba.


  2. When i decided not to no longer except the teaching of my up bringing and the church some kept there distance,but my reputation was such other search me out.The storms that come with it and the isolation felt good.But when my house came against me it wore me down,the battles helped to steal my peace, it seem that i lost most of what i study day and night to learn.I once found a jar of oil with torn pictures and my name in it hidden in a dark place.When i ask what it meant i was told that i will always be restless moving from place to place.I never believed in these things but now when i look back it was always in every church that i was a part of.(it is hard to live in the middle of the road)


  3. That interpretation was given by a family member who was a member of a church who members knowing and unknowing practice these things.I did not take the matter serious and I never understood or look into such talk,but part of me knew it was there.I have always believed that there was a fence around me(covering).I am asking myself why did i bring this up?But I must admit some of those words seems to be true.Your words cause me to think and for the first time speak on the matter,but i don’t want to believe in these things.


    • Among traditionalists there are those who do evil, including sorcery, thus making the truth look bad and giving some of the people an excuse to stray and/or stay away. The Redeemer warned against such several times as recorded in the Scriptures, and women are not left out (Ezekiel 13:17-23). Nevertheless, a man does not leave his father’s house for another upon discovering that the roof is leaking but he repairs it, unless he is an illegitimate offspring – a Yoruba proverb. If you want to find out the truth about that experience, including what you feel, its best you contact Orunmila via an Alawo. You will be told what to do and will indeed notice something(s) if you obey. When I did same about 2 or 3 days later I heard that a babalawo in my extended family, though not related by blood, died.

      Not also that some have gone through worse isolation from their family members for rejecting christianity, for example,

      Sorcery is a major feature of islam and christianity though many hide it and may not be aware that their rites are actually evil and delusional. Also, it may have been a test for you, to tempt you to see our traditions as evil and totally abhor them (Deuteronomy 13:1-5) – since that is what christianity and islam is all about


  4. I truly seek safe passage for myself and other.I have had dreams of a distant land called Tyre,i was told in the dream that the year is 604 and i was to go into the city and search for a man and i said that there are many in the city and the voice said that they will know you.When i went in the city I saw a man who had two kids with him a boy and girl who were dress wearing the must beautiful purple garment that i have ever seen and I ask who are you?They smile at me as if they knew me and he said that we are merchants that travel by sea and camel.He did not need to tell me but i knew that they were traders and I ask what is my name and he said my name was oil.there is more,but this is about the time when the church left my heart.I wanted to know my name.Should one open doors that one do not understand?I know little of who to ask about these matters.


    • Why not let me consult Ifa for you. You will get the answers you seek, even concerning this dream, and have the opportunity to apply them as you wish. Take that important first step. Ask Ifa.


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