The Holy Trinity really are the Erscheinungsformen of Zeus

Many “paths” or Erscheinungsformen have been attributed to Zeus through which he was alleged to be manifested and his various epithets and names within and across various oyinbo groups reflect this. He has also been described as one of a trinity with Hera and Drimios/Dionysus. Hera was allegedly a mother and queen of their deities[1] and Drimios/ Dionysus was thought of as a son of Zeus, just like Christianity’s Holy Spirit and Jesus respectively. But, during the classical and Hellenistic age, the oyinbo people began to acknowledge the monotheism of their polytheism. They began to regard him as universal and this bred a Zeus monotheism among them.

Going further, the birth of a supposedly monotheistic Christianity that is based on the concept of a polytheistic trinity of “the father, son and holy spirit” is a schizoid fraud, being yet a paradox – old wine in old skin (cf. Mark 2:21-22). Moreso when Ifa has it that each person has not just an enikeji but also an eniketa (spirit triple).[2]

When juxtaposed in the light of the understanding that the Helper (Spirit of Truth) referred to by Oshu (Ashkenazi Yeshu) as recorded in the bible (John 16:7-15) is his enikeji and not a completely different person as taught in Christianity, the resulting logical conclusion is that the “God in three persons” also known as Holy Trinity of Christianity is in fact the Zeus trinity.

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​”ORUN MI TI LA!” – How Otito (Truth) aka Ibikeji Olodumare acquired the appellation “Orunmila”

This brief essay is aimed at resolving the speculations that have been put forth about the etymology of the appellation ORUNMILA by which Otito (Egyptologists “Thoth”) aka Ibikeji Olodumare (Vice-Gerent of Olodumare) the irunmole/orisha of wisdom is popularly known.

When Are (the Presence/Being) aka Akamara began creation, still ongoing, that of the subset that is our solar system which includes our planet also began then, and after seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand seven hundred an seventy-seven (777,777) years our planet was set. Water covered the entire surface. The supreme creator started this process by begetting a set of twin entities, actually irunmoles, with the elder as the second to emerge. The first but junior is Iri (Primordial Dew) which is Olofin Otete who would later be known also as Oduduwa while the elder is Imi (Primordial Breath) aka Ela, Ifa, Oshu (Hebrew Nehushtan), Ashe, who is luminous and the sound O (Ọ; translated as Thought) – this is seen in the breath of creatures that breathe being saturated with vapour. Are then pa (imputed) Ashe into the Iri by blowing Imi into it which which began an itu reke-reke (chain reaction expansion; itu is expansion, explosion) – else it would have been a stillbirth. First, it quickly hardened via crystallization into horo eepe kan (a grain of “sand”; horo is grain, eepe is “sand” and kan is one) and then tu (expanded, brought forth) to multiply into an agbon eepe kan (asteroid, meteor, meteorite, one eepe aggregrate) which then tu via an explosion that reke-reke till date and that oyinbo scientists call the big bang. Also, they refer to horo eepe kan as the Higgs boson or the God particle. Thus Are is also called

Iri tu wili tu wili

Primordial Dew bring forth quickly again and again

Iri tu wili tu wili

Primordial Dew bring forth quickly again and again

Iri tu wili-wili

Primordial Dew keep multiplying

Koo tu reke-reke

Bring forth to expand infinitely

Concurrently with the emergence of these twins, Akamara who is also called Origun set about coordinating the itu and sent Imi on a mission to search the ever expanding big bang for a place suitable for the establishment of biological life. He found this planet four hundred thousand (400,000) years after its creation and stayed here, alone with no one to communicate with, for four hundred (400) years and was walking on the water. Thereafter he reported back to Are – thus the first breath was of Are breathing out then in – who immediately handed it over to a female irunmole irunmole named Aye (available space, vacuum), one of the many irunmole who emerged from the itu agbon eepe kan, and gave him one of the agbon eepe from that itu to bring here and use to create land. Are also enabled Oshu for this by commanding him: “O ro!” (O descend) which is concatenated into Oro (speech, uttered word/message/thought). When he arrived, he dangled in the sky, broke the agbon eepe into several smaller agbon eepe, that is, meteors, and dropped them as a meteor shower into the water. The consequent rapid crysallization, which was not explosive as the water tempered it, resulted in crust that covered the entire water. Then he returned.

Aye began living here on this planet which thus became known as Ile Aye (home of Aye), but she was lonely so one hundred thousand (100,000) years after Oshu found it she sought out Otito, known then as Forankun kan soso owu who performed Ifa consultation for her. He informed her that a most powerful being was on the way and she had to do some things in preparation which included the preparation of a concoction in a pot as an odu ikoko (unknowable pot). This being who is Are however emerged on Ile Aye both as a twin with and begetting Oshu as they arrived together. Oshu emerged first via Otura Irete and for three hundred and three days he announced the coming of Are who then appeared on the last day via Odi Irosun. Thereafter, Oshu became known as Oshu omo Are (Oshu offspring of Are; The Issuance offspring of Are) or Oshumare while Are became known as Olodu-ikoko ti ntan Oshumare (the bearer of the unknowable pot that ejects Oshu the offspring of Are) or Olodumare. The total number of irunmoles present, all, was eight hundred and one including Aye and Otito. Then Are who is also called Osin (Ruler; sin is worship) ascended into his afin that is Oorun (sun) in Orun and became known as Olorun (Bearer of Orun), and also ordered two hundred of them permanently to his right in Orun, two hundred to his left also in Orun, and four hundred and one to the centre who shuttle to Ile Aye and Orun repeatedly. The portion of Otito was however embedded with Ile Aye and, given that he is in the likeness of Are, he fervently desired for his own niche in Orun.

Olorun then tried to make this planet habitable for biological life. For this he sent Ogun the irunmole of iron and he brought some wood while some other irunmoles like Ija and Oshoosi followed him. They could not succeed and began eating the wood before returning to Olorun. Oshu was the next to be sent and he brought some water with him. Some other irunmoles like Alaaanu, Oloore, Sungbemi, Magbemiti, Losootoro, Eroko and Larogbe accompanied him but eventually they all likewise failed and began consuming the water and he reported back to Olorun. Then Olofin Otete was sent and this time he did something which his predecessors naively had not. He had Ifa consultation done for him and from this was advised to take along some seeds and food and use the wood and water of his predecessors.

Now, Origun begat Olu-Iwaye who would later be called Aganju also known as Ile gbigbona (magma, hot earth) and Ina (flame, fire). This occurred as a huge solar flare which had a magma nucleus. Olu-Iwaye then begat Baba Ashemuegun Sunwon (the comet) who is commonly known as Obaluaye and as Shanponna the irunmole of the loop that manifests as regeneration – which enables reincarnation and natural cycles. A portion of the flared solar magma was released and the former cooled to the point of ice formation to become a comet. Baba Ashemuegun Sunwon then begat Olofin Otete who navigated agbon eepe kan (an asteriod) embedded with the seeds of biological life to Ile Aye. This manifested as an asteriod as large as the planet Mars breaking off the comet and striking Ile Aye, sixty-four thousand (64,000) years before the great flood. It sank completely into the ground but did not reach the underground water.

Such was the impact that numerous fissures (deep cracks in the ground) appeared that connected the underground water to the ground surface. However, the amount of water that was consequently seeping out of each was too little to wash one’s face or foot, appearing thus as minute puddles, all owned by Osa (irunmole of seashores and their waters) and Okun (irunmole of lagoons, seas and oceans). These two had also fervently desired for their respective niches.

It also knocked off the portion of Forankun kan soso owu, without mixing, as a single large chunk from Ile Aye, above sanmo (sky) and into Orun but still close enough to be within the gravitational field of Ile Aye as its satellite. Oyinbo scientists refer to this event as the giant-impact theory or the big splash or the Theia impact. This satellite was shining in the likeness of Oorun, as seen in the epithet Ibikeji Olodumare, but with its ala (light) imputed from Oorun. As Oshu is Ela the irunmole of ala, it became known as Oshu pa or Oshupa (Oshu imputes). Since Forankun kan soso owu sun (shifted) there, he became known as Osun (the Shifted One; transliterated by Assyriologists and Sumerologists as the moon god Sin) which is seen in his people of Ekiti (Accad/Akkad/Agade) existing as a satellite of rather than embedded as a part of the omo Oduduwa confederation – they are not fellow omo Oduduwa but omo Osun or omo Orunmila and are famed for their wisdom, producing the greatest number of PhD holders (or professors, I’ve forgotten which exactly) and his lineage still exists there e.g. the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti is a direct Y-chromosome descendant (the claims by the Araba Agbaye and the Awolodumerindinlogun, supposedly the highest order babalawos, about being his direct descendants is totally misleading and schizoid as they are actually descendants of Orungan).

Forankun kan soso owu then exclaimed: “Orun mi ti la!” or “my portion of Orun has become free”.

For some info about an asteroid hitting this planet, see

For some info about the asteroid impact that released the moon, see

Skeptics who dismiss the dates put forward here should know it is a fact that oyinbo laboratory dating techniques are not absolute

“There’s also the awareness in the scientific community of the plesence of the building blocks of life like the amino acid glycine on comets, see 

The surface of the nucleus is generally dry, dusty or rocky, suggesting that the ices are hidden beneath a surface crust several metres thick. In addition to the gases already mentioned, the nuclei contain a variety of organic compounds , which may include

methanol , hydrogen cyanide,

formaldehyde , ethanol, and ethane and perhaps more complex molecules such as long-chain hydrocarbons and amino acids . [17][18] In 2009, it was confirmed that the amino acid glycine had been found in the comet dust recovered by NASA’s Stardust mission .[19] In August 2011, a report, based on NASA studies of meteorites found on Earth, was published suggesting DNA and RNA components (adenine , guanine , and related organic molecules ) may have been formed on asteroids and comets. [20][21]”

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Recall that after the great flood of 160 days, when Oduduwa had stolen the bag of Oshu (Obatala) and was asked to return it, he stubbornly refused and eventually transformed into a stone (actually agbon eepe kan) and sank into the ground while taking the bag with him.

​Ogun (aka Ajaka, Okanbi) is presently with us

Just as with Eshu, I met Ogun in June 2009 at PricewaterhouseCoopers when the three of us began working there as new members of staff. Ogun and I immediately clicked, which is only natural since he, the father of smiths, needs Ina (fire) for his work and I am Ina. Also, Ifa has it in the odu called Otura Irete and also Ogunda Meji that sometime in a previous lifetime he did beget me.
He has lived and moved in the midst of enemies, both at home, school and work, who have been using charms against him, but they have been ineffective as he is naturally immune to them – his odu is Ogunda Osa aka Ogunda Masa. Hence, he has been able to excel exceedingly (Genesis 26:1-33), for instance earning a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in the First Class division from the University of Lagos and doing likewise with his postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge. This hasn’t stopped the Iyami Eshoronga, who are the fallen angels, from trying other means of getting at him like using witchcraft and the ale (female Iyami) trying albeit unsuccessfully to join themselves to him as spouses.

Will he again be involved in seizing the the crowns and thrones of his enemies, like that of Ire in Ekiti? How will he react to the realization that Oyo has been lying about her history by fraudulently appropriating his name, just like mine (cf. Matthew 24:5)? What will he do to those in Ile-Ife who have been marking the Olojo Festival without him?

In June 2015, almost a year and a half before Ela made me realize that I am an orisha, I partook in a schizoid pilgrimage to his shrine in Ire, which was organized by the Anti-Aganju aka Solagbade’s Popoola. As he was being propitiated, I prayed to him (the irunmole) to bless me and to get to meet him in person, unaware that my prayer had been answered six years earlier.

​Nehemiah is actually Niyi aka Ija and he is around

I met Niyi about three years ago when my family moved to Ota but we began relating as friends not up to two years ago. He’s perspicacious, a self-starter, into IT and quite deft at it, and he loves and respects Ifa. For some reason I just couldn’t explain until about two months ago, September that is, he had been treating me with respect and empathy and helped me with the publishing of my blog posts at considerable discounts but also free of charge a lot. For this I have been very grateful and at the same time I was perplexed because slander, ostracism and desperation from relatives, friends, school mates, work mates, neighbours, in fact everywhere I’ve gone, have been my lot since birth – only Obaluaye and Ile always were with me.This is totally indicated in my name Aganju which can be translated as “the slandered/ridiculed one who is shy.” I just couldn’t understand how there could be somebody on this planet who was sympathetic towards me.
Then in August or September 2016 I began wondering if he is a fellow orisha which, upon inquiry, Ifa confirmed, but I didn’t yet know which orisha. I also tried recalling which biblical name was was derived from his. Thankfully, Ifa led me to the answer one day in September when I was divinely prompted to investigate and confirm whether or not the Agagites who opposed Mordecai (Oosa Omoniyorogbo) in Esther 3, 8 and 9:23-25 were actually Biafrans also known as Ignorant bad biblically as Horites, following which I turned to the Book of Nehemiah to see if Sanballat the Horonite who did likewise in opposing Nehemiah who wanted to rebuild Ela’s temple was actually Igbo. Suddenly I realized that the name Nehemiah is actually a metathesis of Niyi which is short for name like Adeniyi, Olaniyi, Ifaniyi, etc., with the misleading suffix -miah being either affixed from nowhere, i.e. an invention, or a transposition of the prefixes Ade-, Ola- or Ifa- or any other such Aku naming prefix.

  • Niyi > Nehe(miah)

And in caring for me whom Ela has has been using to do his work, hence the similar experiences (cf. Ogunda Irete) like identifying and unveiling the orishas – the twelve disciples minus Judas Iscariot who is Bankole Adekunle Popoola are all orishas – he had unknowingly been doing what he did in that earlier (4th) age in showing concern for Ela’s temple and Eshumare which is the land of Oshumare (cf. Matthew 25:31-46). And I concluded that his rank in the colonial administration of that time with which he used to embark on those projects and which was enabled by Ela wasn’t for nothing. Upon making further inquiries, Ifa confirmed to me, a number of times afterwards as well, that he is truly an orisha, the one called Ija. An implication of his presence now is that Ela’s temple in Ile-Ife will definitely be rebuilt and those Aku married to Iyami Eshoronga will have their unions terminated and the latter expelled from the land. Being one of the orishas who works in the same group with Ogun (e.g. to found Ile-Ife) who is also around, battles for the independence of the Omo Oduduwa are definitely coming up.

I have since carried out Ela’s instruction to intimate him of his true identity, and the Iyami Eshoronga who haven’t stopped trying to kill me all day and all night have been quite miffed and panicky.

​Bankole Adekunle Popoola (Judas Iscariot), Dolapo “Iya Ajewole” Popoola and Ifagbemileke Adeagbo (Joab) broke the covenant

Eni ba da’le a ba’le lo
One who breaks the covenant shall die

Revelations 11:18 The nations were angry and your wrath has come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should reward your servants the prophets and the Saints, and those who fear your name, small and great, and should destroy those who destroy the earth.

Kindly read this 2011 treatise by Olugbenga Olagunju on covenants in the tradition of the Omo Oduduwa in relation to a particular bible passage as an introduction to this essay.

COVENANT MAKING IN GENESIS 15:9-18 IN THE CONTEXT OF ARCHEOLOGY AND YORUBA WORLD VIEW, Continental J. Arts and Humanities 3 (2): 15 – 28, 2011.

Sometime in June 2015 I performed an Ifa divination for myself and Ifa revealed the odu Osa Irete. Upon offering the prescribed ebo (sacrifice) I had to propitiate Ifa with oya (grasscutter) and iyan (pounded yam) so I invited a son of a son of Solagbade Popoola (the Anti-Aganju, Anti-Ina; +234 8024142549, +234 8037200157) named Bankole Adekunle Yusuf Popoola (+234 7039838569, +234 8171606914) and he came with Dolapo his wife (+234 8167477479) and Ajewole their son who at that time was nearly a year old. Ifagbemileke Adeagbo (+234 8144064979) also accompanied him. I had bought a roasted oya and some egusi (melon seeds, grinded) which Dolapo cooked separately while I prepared the pounded yam which I put into a ceramic dish and Ifagbemileke conducted the ceremony and we all ate happily.

In November 2015 I asked Bankole to help me prepare an akose from the odu Ogbe Irete to repel all attacks and I paid him ₦3,000 but delayed in getting it from him. At that time I wanted to believe that Solagbade and Bankole were not involved in the attacks against me. Bankole had been my best friend from his father’s premises and we were like brothers. And just before I paid him I had had a dream earlier in the day in which I saw him preparing something strange, but I could not recall it clearly and did not inquire about it well enough from Ifa. When I did some days later, Ifa confirmed that the dream was of him preparing not the akose but instead a poison to kill me.

Bankole Popoola

The Aku noun for cowries which in times past was the currency in use is oke from which the Hebrew shekel was derived and in the business of Ifa one oke is taken as equivalent to ₦100. Thus he betrayed me for thirty shekels after we took our portions of iyan from the same dish just like the biblical Judas Iscariot did to Oshumare (Matthew 26:14-16, 47-50; Mark 14:18-21; John 13:10-11, 18, 21-27; cf. Jeremiah 32:6-9 Zechariah 11:12-13) because he is Judas Iscariot.

  • oke > (sh)eke(l)
  • (o)ke > co(wrie)

His nickname is Osagun (also Osa’gunda) which is usually shortened to Osa and is derived from Osagunleja that is a nickname for his odu Osa Ogunda and which he uses on his social media profiles. His other name Adekunle is usually truncated in the Aku speech to Ade from which Judas is derived while Iscariot is from Osagun.

  • Ade > (J)uda(s)
  • Os(a)gun > Osgun > Iscar(iot)

In the present age he was born to Solagbade in the place of Oba Enitan the current Ooni of Ifa who was his son during the fourth age, and by being my best friend and then betraying me he played the role of Oba Enitan of that earlier age. Thus I got to know that when Oba Enitan perished alongside his father, the reason, which is not stated anywhere in the bible where his story is mentioned, is that he eventually forsook the truth for his father (cf. Ezekiel 18:1-18), which is not mentioned in the bible but which I referred to in Psalm 41:9). Both are Iyami Esoronga, after Edi aka Ayami Oshoronga the black hole who is the father of Solagbade.

The meal we offered to Ifa and shared involved calling upon Ifa in a particular way that requires initially calling upon some spirits in a certain order as listed in descending order below:

  1. Ile
  2. Akisale
  3. Setigbure
  4. Ominile
  5. Abeni Ade
  6. Olomi tutu
  7. Olomi yeye
  8. Ifa
  9. Ikin
  10. Odu
  11. Name of Odu

By betraying me the way they did and have been doing till date they have also been betraying these spirits who will certainly execute them. This is not the only instance as there were others involving the community of the Ogbe Alara temple in Solagbade’s compound that involved propitiating divinities like Ifa, Obatala, Osun (Orunmila), Eshu, Ile, Ogun, Egungun, Oro, Oshoosi, Oshumare, Yemoja, Oya, Oke, Oosa Oko, Oramfe and Egbe with various items Iike water, alcohol, palm oil, kolanuts, bitter kola, fruits, sugar cane, cooked vegetables, moin-moin, akara, ekuru, honey, adun, roosters and hens, fufu, guinea fowls, konko, catfish, he-goats & she-goats, pigs, rams & ewes, money, and so on. All these divinities are called upon the same way, starting with Ile my mother, and they have been wronged.

Don’t these Ile dida (covenant breaking) specialists know as well that by killing my father and I even when we te’fa there that they have also da’le with respect to all isese? The truth is that they just don’t care, an attribute peculiar to the Iyami Eshoronga – black holes are regions and sources of chaos – and they don’t fear Are (Olodumare) as attested in Ifa.