Prophetic Anthropology!

About this blog: This is an avenue for me to publish messages I receive from OLODUMARE via dreams, visions, inspired thoughts, etc. As an Otura Irete child, I have the natural ability to view issues from all perspectives and analyze the patterns Ifa shows me, and I share my findings with the world.

About me: I am one of OLODUMARE’s chosen ones – the people popularly known as Omo Oodua  are offspring of Oodua who is also known as Eniyan which means “chosen one” (one chosen to bring forth goodness to this world), and I am biologically and spiritually one of them so I’m not boasting. I am also an Awo and practicing Ifa priest, and a gifted one at that as ELA (the Saviour, aka Obatala, Eshumare) who is Alabalashe (keeper of the authority of creation) made me in his likeness with Obatalaesque ashe, meaning that what I say and comes to pass and what I do works. I am using this opportunity to let my light shine for the world to see. I believe that  ELA is the Word of GOD and the Ancient of Days.

I hope to use this site to reason with like-minded individuals who criticize constructively without judging, and who do not blindly accept what others say but are open-minded. Hopefully, I can contribute to awakening the Aku people and our neighbours from slumber.

Feyisetan refers to the story of Omo Oodua (biblical Israelites) as the story of the Nappy-haired peoples (Negroes) of the world can be seen in the story of the Omo Oodua aka Aku.

yemitom is an alias: Yemi for those who had difficulty pronouncing my first name, and Tom as suggested by my one of former landladies who I thought for a while to be a Jew (Revelations 2:9; 3:9). She called me Tom which I have used as a reminder of the times I almost lost my life in Egypt (United States) and how ELA saved me, so as not to boast to myself.



The TRUTH shall set us free!!!

Light = Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding


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