Ègún iṣẹṣe calendar for the year 10,061 (2017-2018 CE)

This is the traditional kọjọda (calendar) for the current year. The length is 355 days, shorter than last year’s, and I don’t yet know why. What I do know however, which Ifa taught me, is that there’s a 16-year cycle such that the 16th year is a leap year that includes many more days. Thus, the next leap year is 10,064 (2020-2021 CE).

Remember Olodumare’s message (#12) to the world for this year as delivered by Ifa via the odu Ogbe Ọṣẹ, that Ẹla who is Ifa will be born to us in seven years time, i.e. in 10,068 (2024 CE).

Kindly bear with me for publishing the calendar this late. The opposition from enemies including the fallen angels (Iyami, fallen Ajẹ), fallen seraphim (fallen ere), and envious and wicked ọmọ araye (people who love darkness) has been floodlike, and as a result I don’t want to delay its publication any further. See also the previous year’s calendar post:

  • Aku calendar for the current year 10,060 (June 2016 – June 2017)[https://yemitom.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/aku-calendar-for-the-current-year-10060-june-2016-june-2017/]

Consider also that Edi and his kind the Iyami are perverts who go to any length to pervert all things. See Daniel 7:25 – 

He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most High, and shall intend to change the times and the law. Then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time.

​1. Okudu

Bo (friday)               1       2-Jun

Eti (saturday)       2 3-Jun

Abameta (sunday)    3 4-Jun

Aiku (monday)       4 5-Jun

Aje (tuesday)       5 6-Jun

Isegun (wednesday) 6 7-Jun

Riru (thursday)       7 8-Jun

Bo (friday)               8 9-Jun

Eti (saturday)       9 10-Jun

Abameta (sunday)  10 11-Jun

Aiku (monday)     11 12-Jun

Aje (tuesday)     12 13-Jun

Isegun (wednesday) 13 14-Jun

Riru (thursday)        14 15-Jun

Bo (friday)             15 16-Jun

Eti (saturday)     16 17-Jun

Abameta (sunday)  17 18-Jun

Aiku (monday)     18 19-Jun

Aje (tuesday)     19 20-Jun

Isegun (wednesday) 20 21-Jun

Riru (thursday)     21 22-Jun

Bo (friday)             22 23-Jun

Eti (saturday)     23 24-Jun

Abameta (sunday)  24 25-Jun

Aiku (monday)        25 26-Jun

Aje (tuesday)     26 27-Jun

Isegun (wednesday) 27 28-Jun

Riru (thursday)     28 29-Jun

Bo (friday)             29 30-Jun

Eti (saturday)     30 1-Jul

2. Agemo

Abameta (sunday)    1 2-Jul

Aiku (monday)       2 3-Jul

Aje (tuesday)              3 4-Jul

Isegun (wednesday) 4 5-Jul

Riru (thursday)       5 6-Jul

Bo (friday)               6 7-Jul

Eti (saturday)             7 8-Jul

Abameta (sunday)    8 9-Jul

Aiku (monday)           9 10-Jul

Aje (tuesday)     10 11-Jul

Isegun (wednesday) 11 12-Jul

Riru (thursday)        12 13-Jul

Bo (friday)             13 14-Jul

Eti (saturday)     14 15-Jul

Abameta (sunday)  15 16-Jul

Aiku (monday)     16 17-Jul

Aje (tuesday)     17 18-Jul

Isegun (wednesday) 18 19-Jul

Riru (thursday)     19 20-Jul

Bo (friday)             20 21-Jul

Eti (saturday)     21 22-Jul

Abameta (sunday)  22 23-Jul

Aiku (monday)     23 24-Jul

Aje (tuesday)     24 25-Jul

Isegun (wednesday) 25 26-Jul

Riru (thursday)     26 27-Jul

Bo (friday)             27 28-Jul

Eti (saturday)     28 29-Jul

3. Ogun

Abameta (sunday)    1 30-Jul

Aiku (monday)           2 31-Jul

Aje (tuesday)       3 1-Aug

Isegun (wednesday) 4 2-Aug

Riru (thursday)          5 3-Aug

Bo (friday)               6 4-Aug

Eti (saturday)       7 5-Aug

Abameta (sunday)    8 6-Aug

Aiku (monday)       9 7-Aug

Aje (tuesday)     10 8-Aug

Isegun (wednesday) 11 9-Aug

Riru (thursday)     12 10-Aug

Bo (friday)             13 11-Aug

Eti (saturday)     14 12-Aug

Abameta (sunday)  15 13-Aug

Aiku (monday)        16 14-Aug

Aje (tuesday)     17 15-Aug

Isegun (wednesday) 18 16-Aug

Riru (thursday)     19 17-Aug

Bo (friday)             20 18-Aug

Eti (saturday)     21 19-Aug

Abameta (sunday)  22 20-Aug

Aiku (monday)     23 21-Aug

Aje (tuesday)     24 22-Aug

Isegun (wednesday) 25 23-Aug

Riru (thursday)     26 24-Aug

Bo (friday)             27 25-Aug

Eti (saturday)     28 26-Aug

Abameta (sunday)  29 27-Aug

Aiku (monday)     30 28-Aug

4. Owenwen

Isegun (wednesday) 1 29-Aug

Riru (thursday)       2 5-Sep

Bo (friday)               3 6-Sep

Eti (saturday)       4 7-Sep

Abameta (sunday)    5 8-Sep

Aiku (monday)       6 9-Sep

Aje (tuesday)       7 10-Sep

Isegun (wednesday) 8 11-Sep

Riru (thursday)       9 12-Sep

Bo (friday)             10 13-Sep

Eti (saturday)     11 14-Sep

Abameta (sunday)  12 15-Sep

Aiku (monday)     13 16-Sep

Aje (tuesday)     14 17-Sep

Isegun (wednesday) 15 18-Sep

Riru (thursday)     16 19-Sep

Bo (friday)             17 20-Sep

Eti (saturday)     18 21-Sep

Abameta (sunday)  19 22-Sep

Aiku (monday)     20 23-Sep

Aje (tuesday)     21 24-Sep

Isegun (wednesday) 22 25-Sep

Riru (thursday)        23 26-Sep

Bo (friday)             24 27-Sep

Eti (saturday)     25 28-Sep

Abameta (sunday)  26 29-Sep

Aiku (monday)     27 30-Sep

Aje (tuesday)     28 1-Oct

Isegun (wednesday) 29 2-Oct

Riru (thursday)        30 3-Oct

Bo (friday)             31 4-Oct

5. Owara

Abameta (sunday)    1 5-Oct

Aiku (monday)       2 6-Oct

Aje (tuesday)       3 7-Oct

Isegun (wednesday) 4 8-Oct

Riru (thursday)       5 9-Oct

Bo (friday)               6 10-Oct

Eti (saturday)       7 11-Oct

Abameta (sunday)    8 12-Oct

Aiku (monday)       9 13-Oct

Aje (tuesday)     10 14-Oct

Isegun (wednesday) 11 15-Oct

Riru (thursday)     12 16-Oct

Bo (friday)             13 17-Oct

Eti (saturday)     14 18-Oct

Abameta (sunday)  15 19-Oct

Aiku (monday)     16 20-Oct

Aje (tuesday)     17 21-Oct

Isegun (wednesday) 18 22-Oct

Riru (thursday)     19 23-Oct

Bo (friday)             20 24-Oct

Eti (saturday)     21 25-Oct

Abameta (sunday)  22 26-Oct

Aiku (monday)     23 27-Oct

Aje (tuesday)     24 28-Oct

Isegun (wednesday) 25 29-Oct

Riru (thursday)     26 30-Oct

Bo (friday)             27 31-Oct

6. Belu

Eti (saturday)       1 1-Nov

Abameta (sunday)    2 2-Nov

Aiku (monday)       3 3-Nov

Aje (tuesday)       4 4-Nov

Isegun (wednesday) 5 5-Nov

Riru (thursday)       6 6-Nov

Bo (friday)               7 7-Nov

Eti (saturday)       8 8-Nov

Abameta (sunday)    9 9-Nov

Aiku (monday)     10 10-Nov

Aje (tuesday)     11 11-Nov

Isegun (wednesday) 12 12-Nov

Riru (thursday)     13 13-Nov

Bo (friday)             14 14-Nov

Eti (saturday)     15 15-Nov

Abameta (sunday)  16 16-Nov

Aiku (monday)     17 17-Nov

Aje (tuesday)     18 18-Nov

Isegun (wednesday) 19 19-Nov

Riru (thursday)     20 20-Nov

Bo (friday)             21 21-Nov

Eti (saturday)     22 22-Nov

Abameta (sunday)  23 23-Nov

Aiku (monday)     24 24-Nov

Aje (tuesday)     25 25-Nov

Isegun (wednesday) 26 26-Nov

Riru (thursday)     27 27-Nov

Bo (friday)             28 28-Nov

Eti (saturday)     29 29-Nov

Abameta (sunday)  30 30-Nov

7. Ope

Aiku (monday)           1 1-Dec

Aje (tuesday)              2 2-Dec

Isegun (wednesday) 3 3-Dec

Riru (thursday)       4 4-Dec

Bo (friday)               5 5-Dec

Eti (saturday)       6 6-Dec

Abameta (sunday)    7 7-Dec

Aiku (monday)       8 8-Dec

Aje (tuesday)       9 9-Dec

Isegun (wednesday) 10 10-Dec

Riru (thursday)     11 11-Dec

Bo (friday)             12 12-Dec

Eti (saturday)     13 13-Dec

Abameta (sunday)  14 14-Dec

Aiku (monday)     15 15-Dec

Aje (tuesday)     16 16-Dec

Isegun (wednesday) 17 17-Dec

Riru (thursday)     18 18-Dec

Bo (friday)             19 19-Dec

Eti (saturday)     20 20-Dec

Abameta (sunday)  21 21-Dec

Aiku (monday)     22 22-Dec

Aje (tuesday)     23 23-Dec

Isegun (wednesday) 24 24-Dec

Riru (thursday)     25 25-Dec

Bo (friday)             26 26-Dec

Eti (saturday)     27 27-Dec

Abameta (sunday)  28 28-Dec

Aiku (monday)     29 29-Dec

8. Seere

Aje (tuesday)       1 30-Dec

Isegun (wednesday) 2 31-Dec

Riru (thursday)       3 1-Jan

Bo (friday)               4 2-Jan

Eti (saturday)       5 3-Jan

Abameta (sunday)    6 4-Jan

Aiku (monday)       7 5-Jan

Aje (tuesday)       8 6-Jan

Isegun (wednesday) 9 7-Jan

Riru (thursday)     10 8-Jan

Bo (friday)             11 9-Jan

Eti (saturday)     12 10-Jan

Abameta (sunday)  13 11-Jan

Aiku (monday)     14 12-Jan

Aje (tuesday)     15 13-Jan

Isegun (wednesday) 16 14-Jan

Riru (thursday)     17 15-Jan

Bo (friday)             18 16-Jan

Eti (saturday)     19 17-Jan

Abameta (sunday)  20 18-Jan

Aiku (monday)     21 19-Jan

Aje (tuesday)     22 20-Jan

Isegun (wednesday) 23 21-Jan

Riru (thursday)        24 22-Jan

Bo (friday)             25 23-Jan

Eti (saturday)     26 24-Jan

Abameta (sunday)  27 25-Jan

Aiku (monday)     28 26-Jan

9. Erele

Aje (tuesday)       1 27-Jan

Isegun (wednesday) 2 28-Jan

Riru (thursday)       3 29-Jan

Bo (friday)               4 30-Jan

Eti (saturday)       5 31-Jan

Abameta (sunday)    6 1-Feb

Aiku (monday)       7 2-Feb

Aje (tuesday)       8 3-Feb

Isegun (wednesday) 9 4-Feb

Riru (thursday)     10 5-Feb

Bo (friday)             11 6-Feb

Eti (saturday)     12 7-Feb

Abameta (sunday)  13 8-Feb

Aiku (monday)        14 9-Feb

Aje (tuesday)     15 10-Feb

Isegun (wednesday) 16 11-Feb

Riru (thursday)     17 12-Feb

Bo (friday)             18 13-Feb

Eti (saturday)     19 14-Feb

Abameta (sunday)  20 15-Feb

Aiku (monday)     21 16-Feb

Aje (tuesday)     22 17-Feb

Isegun (wednesday) 23 18-Feb

Riru (thursday)     24 19-Feb

Bo (friday)             25 20-Feb

Eti (saturday)     26 21-Feb

Abameta (sunday)  27 22-Feb

Aiku (monday)     28 23-Feb

Aje (tuesday)     29 24-Feb

Isegun (wednesday) 30 25-Feb

10. Ereno

Riru (thursday)       1 26-Feb

Bo (friday)               2 27-Feb

Eti (saturday)       3 28-Feb

Abameta (sunday)    4 1-Mar

Aiku (monday)           5 2-Mar

Aje (tuesday)       6 3-Mar

Isegun (wednesday) 7 4-Mar

Riru (thursday)       8 5-Mar

Bo (friday)               9 6-Mar

Eti (saturday)     10 7-Mar

Abameta (sunday)  11 8-Mar

Aiku (monday)     12 9-Mar

Aje (tuesday)     13 10-Mar

Isegun (wednesday) 14 11-Mar

Riru (thursday)        15 12-Mar

Bo (friday)             16 13-Mar

Eti (saturday)     17 14-Mar

Abameta (sunday)  18 15-Mar

Aiku (monday)     19 16-Mar

Aje (tuesday)     20 17-Mar

Isegun (wednesday) 21 18-Mar

Riru (thursday)     22 19-Mar

Bo (friday)             23 20-Mar

Eti (saturday)     24 21-Mar

Abameta (sunday)  25 22-Mar

Aiku (monday)     26 23-Mar

Aje (tuesday)     27 24-Mar

Isegun (wednesday) 28 25-Mar

Riru (thursday)     29 26-Mar

Bo (friday)             30 27-Mar

Eti (saturday)     31 28-Mar

Abameta (sunday)  32 29-Mar

Aiku (monday)     33 30-Mar

11. Igbe

Aje (tuesday)       1 31-Mar

Isegun (wednesday) 2 1-Apr

Riru (thursday)       3 2-Apr

Bo (friday)               4 3-Apr

Eti (saturday)       5 4-Apr

Abameta (sunday)    6 5-Apr

Aiku (monday)       7 6-Apr

Aje (tuesday)              8 7-Apr

Isegun (wednesday) 9 8-Apr

Riru (thursday)     10 9-Apr

Bo (friday)             11 10-Apr

Eti (saturday)     12 11-Apr

Abameta (sunday)  13 12-Apr

Aiku (monday)     14 13-Apr

Aje (tuesday)     15 14-Apr

Isegun (wednesday) 16 15-Apr

Riru (thursday)     17 16-Apr

Bo (friday)             18 17-Apr

Eti (saturday)     19 18-Apr

Abameta (sunday)  20 19-Apr

Aiku (monday)     21 20-Apr

Aje (tuesday)     22 21-Apr

Isegun (wednesday) 23 22-Apr

Riru (thursday)     24 23-Apr

Bo (friday)             25 24-Apr

Eti (saturday)     26 25-Apr

Abameta (sunday)  27 26-Apr

Aiku (monday)     28 27-Apr

Aje (tuesday)     29 28-Apr

Isegun (wednesday) 30 29-Apr

12. Ebibi

Riru (thursday)       1 30-Apr

Bo (friday)               2 1-May

Eti (saturday)       3 2-May

Abameta (sunday)    4 3-May

Aiku (monday)       5 4-May

Aje (tuesday)       6 5-May

Isegun (wednesday) 7 6-May

Riru (thursday)       8 7-May

Bo (friday)               9 8-May

Eti (saturday)           10 9-May

Abameta (sunday)  11 10-May

Aiku (monday)     12 11-May

Aje (tuesday)     13 12-May

Isegun (wednesday) 14 13-May

Riru (thursday)     15 14-May

Bo (friday)             16 15-May

Eti (saturday)     17 16-May

Abameta (sunday)  18 17-May

Aiku (monday)     19 18-May

Aje (tuesday)     20 19-May

Isegun (wednesday) 21 20-May

Riru (thursday)     22 21-May

Bo (friday)             23 22-May

Eti (saturday)     24 23-May

Abameta (sunday)  25 24-May

Aiku (monday)     26 25-May

Aje (tuesday)     27 26-May

Isegun (wednesday) 28 27-May

Riru (thursday)     29 28-May

3 thoughts on “Ègún iṣẹṣe calendar for the year 10,061 (2017-2018 CE)

  1. Dis is how calendar goes…
    Aiku is Sunday
    Aje- Monday.. (work start… aje begin
    Isegun- Tuesday
    Ojo’ru- Wednesday
    Ojo’bo- Thursday
    Eti- friday ( close on weeks
    Abameta- Saturday


  2. Dis is how calendar goes…
    Aiku is Sunday
    Aje- Monday.. (work start… aje begin
    Isegun- Tuesday
    Ojo’ru- Wednesday
    Ojo’bo- Thursday
    Eti- friday ( close on weeks
    Abameta- Saturday


    • Not exactly.
      If Too could deceive the entire land about their history, if the lineage of the Arabs Agbaye could deceive the entire land that Orunmila instead of Orungan is their progenitor, if the Ijebu could deceive the entire land that Sungbo their progenitor bore the Muslim name Bilqis/Bilikisu instead of Ibu Agana Eri and that Remo is from Ijebu instead of Iremo in Ile-Ife, if the onisese in Ile-Ife could cover up the fact that Obaluaye the owner of Oke Itase is supposed to have a temple there instead of Orunmila, if all the clergy could be using various rankings of the odus as if Olodumare is the author of confusion, etc, then we ought not to take their calendar hook, line & sinker. Kindly give me the benefit of doubt on this matter. I’ll soon be vindicated.


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