Which Odu?

is an Aku (Omo Oduduwa) noun that is of huge significance, having to do with something like a chamber with mysterious contents. I’ve read about it an lot but have found what I’ve read confusing, as Ifa has shown me that there are more than one odu that have been mischievously and schizophrenically portrayed as one and same. They are:

  1. The Odu that is Are who is also known by the title Olodumare that is short for Oni-Odu-ti-n-tan-Oshu-ọmọ-Are, and is distinguished from the others as the source of Oshu the Rainbow (Spirit) who is Ifa.
  2. The Odu that is a female irunmole, of the womb, through whom we become born again when we te’fa.
  3. The 256 distinct Odu of Ifa that are subsets of Ifa, and are the phenotypes.
  4. The Odu of Oduduwa the irunmole of the light-processing mechanism of (6) as seen in his other name Ènìyàn (chosen one). He is like Olodumare in that both generate and dispense ire (accessions) but he is dependent on the Aṣẹ that originates from Olodumare else he is impotent like a stillbirth. This is why his odu is Irosun Odi which is the ọmọ Iya (mirror sibling) of Olodumare and whu both bear the title Ọlọfin. He is Odu that is the physical body of the individual as seen in the term adulawo for melanated or dark-skinned peoples who can absorb ala (light) of Ela aka Oshumare from Are very well and process it to bring forth good things on this planet.

However, blind teachers and Iyami (preverters, fallen Ajẹ/angels) have been blinding rhe people by teaching that there’s only one being called Odu the female irumole of the womb and that all Iyami are female and all females are Iyami and that the power of this irunmole is exclusive to the Iyami, especially because her she uses a bird just like the Iyami do. Whereas the truth is that Iyami are both male and female but the female ones abuse and misuse the power of this irunmole for their acrivities which are all nefarious and selfish.

Besides, given the intonation of our language, its obvious that there is

  • ODU
  • ÒDU
  • ÓDU
  • ODÚ
  • ODÙ
  • ÒDÚ
  • ÒDÙ
  • ÓDÙ
  • ÓDÚ

So, which is which?

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