Even my family judges me for my ‘weird’ religion


This is an interesting personal experience narrative that, in my opinion, would be useful for those considering a return back to their roots, i.e. Ifa. I do have reservations though, concerning two consecutve sentences in the 9th paragraph:

In truth the tradition is one of the oldest in the world, predating the concept of the devil by thousands of years. It’s a complex system based on ancestor worship and reverence for the natural world that, like most indigenous traditions, is anything but primitive.

First, the concept of the devil has never been alien to Ifa, but is well described. He is none other than EDI aka ELENINI, OLOSI, OSHO, AYAMI (Amen, Yam), OSHORONGA, OSI (Zeus, Jesus) among other appellations and epithets. And all the descriptions of him in the Ifa literary corpus fit perfectly with same in various ancient texts, both oral and written, of various indigenous (non-oyinbo) peoples and of various oyinbo peoples who they plagiarized from the indigenous peoples’. Many of his kind, i.e. the Iyami, are numerous within the community of babalawos and iyanifas and can be identified by their assertive yet proofless and illogical denial of his existence and of his being EDI.

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