Odun Ifa Agbaye (World Ifa Festival) 2017 – Ogbe Ose

The Odu that Ifa has revealed last night (June 1 – June 2) for the world during the just concluded Ọdun Ifa Agbaye (World Ifa Festival) which held at Igbo Obaluaye in Ọta, Ogun State, Nigeria, is Ogbe Ọṣẹ with iku (death) that is natural seen on Nigeria in the new year 10,061 (2 June 2017 – 28 May 2018). Olodumare’s primary message via this odu is that alien beliefs have infiltrated and gained footholds in the land, and their importers have been spreading lies about traditional beliefs which the indigenes have fallen for. This has greatly offended the divinities and is the reason nothing including prayers has worked for Nigeria. Ifa, Egungun Alaṣọ and Ọbatala need to be propitiated with kolanut, alcohol and alcohol respectively and they’ll replace the obviously impending disaster with ire aiku (survival, overcoming death). This needs to be guaranteed with a sacrifice of one he-goat and ₦900. Its that simple! Its preferrable for individuals to offer them on behalf of their families, likewise community heads on behalf of their people, rather than for oneself alone. Prayers for these and throughout this year should be done while naked and in full prostration on the ground. The overall result of compliance with Ifa’s prescriptions is that Nigeria will remain intact and peaceful throughout the period. More details to be provided later.
Best regards

Oriṣa Aganju


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