​Killed by Solagbade “OKUNKUN” Popoola again but then resurrected by Ifa

On March 4 at the Oju-Ore roundabout market in Otta, Solagbade OKUNKUN Popoola aka anti-Aganju along with his fellow Iyami used their sorcery to kill me, and as previoisly by putting something in my stomach, again in public. This time nobody came to my aid as I was in the very midst of the Iyami who were buyers and sellers there, and my lifeless body lay there for God knows how long. I heard them mocking and jeering as I gained enough consciousness to first open my eyes and then to get back up, following which wore livid faces.

Previously, I had assumed that the number of such successful attempts against my life was was six, but apparently this was wrong as I had wanted to believe that assumption given that I had been afraid of the import of an observation: between my birth and itefa I had been killed five times and once between my itefa until 4 March 2017, and pre-itefa individual and all events in the lives of my father and I were re-occurring post-itefa according to exact patterns.

As with the previous fatal assault, Ifa had forewarned me but Okunkun had prevented me from propitiatiating Ifa on the Ose Ifa (Ose Obatala) of March 1 – I had water and ₦40 that was not enough for obi, oti and orogbo. Ifa had again notified me about it that very day and it happened while I was procuring the materials to overcome it but my opelebwhich Ifa reminded me to take along was with me.
So, he and his gang still have the ability to kill me even though I have offered the ebo for this particular vulnerabiliry of Otura Irete. His son Bankole Popoola (Judas Iscariot) conducted the ebo riru in June 2014 only to be nearly disowned by Okunkun who had stolen and switced all of my ikin Ifa during my itefa in his compound in March 2014, thus stealing all my ire – using me for money ritual.

I’ve also done the associated akose of using a particular leaf to wash the ikin Ifa and been using soap pounded with this leaf to bathe. The soap works effectively but the effect is temporary because the ikin Ifa which I used the leaf to wash were not mine but his which is Osa Irosun. This special bathing of ikin would have removed the vulnerability permenantly, but he never meant well for me. He has also been killing me so as to retrieve his from me, and I recently learned that he had been attacking me severely since the transition of my mum in 1992 of which he is involved.
Now I am more determined to unleash the most horrible of vengeance on them all.

An illustration of the possibility of the above follows, using celestial phenomena and eugenics.
Ela the saviour is light while Edi is the black hole (Oshoronga) that has the ability to swallow light and stars. “La” is to save, release, open, free, while “di” is to block, squeeze, grip. Edi is Olosi (aka Lucis/Lucifer) or Osi’efa the leader of the Ajẹ (jinn, angel, anglo-) aka ooki oru (olokiki oru; English cherub) who constitute the body of the black hole. They are iwefa/iwofa & were created by Akamara/Olodumare Agotun to regulate entropy, break down waste & to serve the Igotun (gods) who are the irunmole (imole; Hebrew malakh) & check their excesses. He manipulated Olodumare to try to get Ifa & the imole to serve him & he murdered Ifa. But he & some of his kind who followed him were expelled from orun to aja ilẹ.

These rebels are iwin (WItches & WIzards) aka Eníyán (rejected ones) aka Ìyàmi Eshoronga, Edi is Ayami Oshoronga. “yà” is to pervert, Ayami is d Perverter who perverts the truth & causes others to stray (both seen in gravitational lensing characteristic of black holes) so as to swallow them. Thus saying among our people about “stealing one’s glory/star” is valid & advanced knowledge.

With regard to DNA, one’s RNA is one’s aje while viruses, prions & other such foreign nucleic acids (NA) are the  Iyami. “Yami” is “pervert me”, Ayami is the Amen/Amin: (A)yami > Yami(n) > Amin. According to Ifa, some (their seven chiefs) survived the flood & have succeeded in living & mixing with us. As genomic activity is in constant flux (every 16 days), routine Ifa dida gives a snapshot of DNA activity at that time. DNA & RNA work together. Both the upright & fallen aje are oso (sorcerers) who can consult their spiritual system called oso – much lower than Ifa dida – gain some insight into the DNA profile & affect it positively and/or negatively. The upright aje use entropy the way they are instructed by the gods while the iyami’s is unregulated. Itefa & routine Ifa dida enlightens one about this relationship & how to make the most of it.

The Iyami deceive & use chaos to infiltrate, displace, dull, terrorize & subjugate others.


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