Re: Aku calendar for the current year 10,060 (June 2016 – June 2017)

I’ve noticed that two persons, both females, have come up with calendars subtly directed at discrediting the one I published ( and to keep the Omo Oduduwa astray.

One acknowledges that the beginning of the traditional calendar year corresponds roughly with the the start of June of the European (Julian) calendar but still went ahead to publish one that starts on January 1 like the European calendar. And she claims to be proudly Yoruba. This is hypocrisy. She also asserted that the year of her calendar is 10,059 based on the same source as the one I published. Now, how did she arrive at that while simultaneously acknowledging that the beginning of the Julian and traditional calendars differ by 5 to 7 months, depending on if counterfeits from January to June or June to January? Additionally, she asserted that the traditional calendar begins during the first weekend of every June or 2nd/3rd June. This is quite sad and unintelligent because like the Julian calendar, the length of the traditional calendar is not fixed such that the New Year starts every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and so on. It should be obvious that having the New Year celebrations on weekends has been due to the dominance of the society by oyinbo ways and the desire to accommodate those who work and attend to clients during gb the week. By the time we all return to our roots and stop bowing to alien ways, it would no longer be every weekend. Lastly, she claimed that the 7-day solar week is strange to the Omo Oduduwa, that hat only the 4-day lunar week is known. Wrong. The former is noted in the story of the Ogba Ashe as recorded in the odu Ogunda Osa while the roots of the latter are in the odu Ogunda Otura and Iwori Otura. She claims to be Yoruba, but Yoruba is Oyo alone never the entire Omo Oduduwa. As Oyo is a delusion hers is too.

The other woman also denied the existence of a traditional 7-day week.

Even though both portray themselves as truly interested in the restoration of the Isese (traditionalism) of the Omo Oduduwa, the latter is a liar who subtly tries to deceive the people and have them beating about the bush in wilderness journeys, to have them “ya” (stray, pervert) from the true path. She Iyami (fallen aje/angels). The former has however been delusional due to the lies of the Iyami.

PS: Did you know that Solagbade Popoola aka Okunkun (Darkness) the president of the International Council for Ifa Religion (ICIR) celebrated a New Year crossover service every night of December 31 into January 1 at his Odewale home during which his fellow Iyami attend en masse? And he portrays himself as one divinely chosen to restore the glory of the Omo Oduduwa. January 1 is his birthday so it is used as an opportunity for his fellow Iyami to celebrate him.


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