Re-introduce the Muturu cattle breed to quench Fulani terrorism

​​Since Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) a Fulani leader became the President of Nigeria, the most bloody terrorist activities of his Fulani kind (under the guise of being cattle herdsmen) have been increasing a lot, and they have been unrepentant. Since a majority of the Nigerian populace is either openly Muslim or Christian,and the Fulani claim to be wholly Islamic, the situation has been used to further divide Nigeria as Islam versus Christianity. This has been achieved by getting the “believers” to increasingly pine for these foreign beliefs. But they don’t know that pining is a tool used by the Iyami (fallen ajẹ/angels) to tempt and divide-and-rule their intended victims. They would have been aware but want to defend these foreign beliefs which are the root causes. There is a simple solution which involves the Muturu cattle breed amd it can be considered as a follow-up to the Anti-grazing bill of Ekiti State.

You can see pictures and read more about the Muturu at

While being taught Agricultural Science in secondary school, I learned that the Muturu (humpless) is native to southern and Middle Belt Nigeria. It is sturdy and resistant to trypanosomiasis, created and suited to this region. The Zebu breed is foreign like the Fulani who introduced it under the guise of Islamic missionary activities including jihad as theymigrated/trespassed into the region that the oyinbo conquered and labelled Nigeria. As the Fulani spread, so did their Zebu with which they displaced the Muturu. Now, almost al non-Fulani Nigerian have forgotten that we have our indigenous cattle.

Instead of wasting time and energy engaging in violence against the Fulani and supporting such, various state governments can set up cattle ranches where only the Muturu would be reared. They can restrict trade in Zebu by banning it or placing heavy taxes on it. They can make mandatory very heavy and laborious veterinary tests on each Zebu cattle head being transported through and exiting their states and have them subjected to same upon arrival at wherever they are to be sold and/or consumed. Another can be to ensure that those that are bred in their states are subjected to monthly tsts and certifications. We wouldn’t want them as vectors that could decimate the Muturu, would we? Every Zebu dealer whether herdsman, restaurant, butcher or otherwise, must also get a renewable license or risk jail without an option of fine. Given that the Fulani herdsmen are nomadic, i.e. like vagabonds they don’t stay in one place and have no fixed address, this license can be made to be renewable in person every two weks and the database accessible to every state that implements this as well as to all security and defense agency. This is a potentially huge source of internally generated revenue (IGR), part of which can be ploughed back into the Muturu cattle ranches and supporting private dealers.

You see, there is no need to break any sweat over the Fulani terrorism once we use our heads and history devoid of religious sentiments.

By now I hope you would have also been aware that as the Islamosts used the Zebu to drive the Muturu to near total extinction, so also they did with their sheep (I’m not sure of the breed) to the West African dwarf sheep.


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