Poisoned with a malware asejẹ by Ṣọlagbade OKUNKUN Popoọla

During the first two weeks of February 2014 I attended a programme, IFA TRAINING COURSE – Part 1, organized by Ṣọlagbade OKUNKUN Popoọla, at his home in Ọdewale community, near Alakukọ in Ogun State, of which he had personally invited me the previous month. One of the lessons taught there was about Iwẹfa (Ifa lustral rites), with a live session, during which he informed us participants that he along with his wives would use the leaves from the ceremony to prepare an asẹjẹ (ritual food) for us to consume. He personally served us and we willingly obliged. That was a disaster as he was dishonest about this one.

I recently found out from a babalawo that, according to my odu Otura Irẹtẹ, I had innocently consumed an asẹjẹ which was given to me, not that I prepared it myself, and that there were a number of people who consumed it as well. Also, it had been troubling me by affecting my aṣẹ (authority; aura), implying that it was like a prion or virus that had been inserted into my DNA that is my Ifa Inu (Ifa within or Inner Ifa), like a computer malware program. Upon hearing this I was able to link more dots together concerning the battles I had been facing.

With this asẹjẹ, Okunkun could access, manipulate and disable my aṣẹ at will, for instance to make me follow him, be exceedingly gullible and commit actions that I otherwise nd normally would refrain from, distort my communication with Ifa and all divinities, repel all blessings and attract all negativity, and drastically render me defenceless and make impotent all that I do including prayers and ceremonies. He and his fellow fallen ajẹ (fallen angels) had been doing this to me, not just physically but esoterically through dreams as well. Furthermore, whenever they landed on my roof or nearby, especially in the form of adaba (doves) and use their mouths to be making their bird noises, they were using the power of voice to give instructions to it.

Some others who attended that program include Oluwo Amos “Irawo Ifa” and his Ojugbọna Gbudu-Ala, Garth Nicholas, Adé-Egun “Ifafore” Crispin Robinson, Logun Osun Iyalode Sangodasawande, and a number of others. A respected babalawo from Isẹyin called Ọmọnijẹ was also there. He has hosted many others for similar and other events before, after and till date, which afforded him and his wives and other fallen ajẹ the opportunity to poison them as well. Even clients who approached him and his lieutenants for one ceremony or the other and who were told they needed to consume such are all possible victims. And it is likely that many or all other fallen ajẹ who happen to also be Ifa priests and priestesses and Oloriṣa (Oriṣa priests and priestesses) have been doing same to others. It thus becomes no wonder that the society is astray and in a deep mess.

One of his other victims was Lukmon who is actually the oriṣa known as Orungan (regarded by some as the firat babalawo) and who was brought to him as a child to learn Ifa. He caused him to misbehave, become a truck-driver for a while, and do terrible things he was ashamed of (thereby afflicted with heavy but unwarranted guilt), made his life wretched, had the tendons connecting his right hand to his palm severed thus disabling him and preventing him from holding ikin Ifa and do other tasks of a babalawo, attracted opprobrium and the worst poverty to him and rendered him thoroughly insane – hallucinations accompanied with yelling, difficulty in controlling temper, and so on such that he eventually wandered away to God-knows-where.
Being aware is part of the solution, and there are more steps which I’ve implemented.

Readers, I encourage you to do a self-examination in this regard and consult Ifa where necessary, and quickly too.


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