Comments Disabled

Since I began this blog some lunatics posing as prospective collaborators, clients and supporters have been posting comments and sending emails, using fake identities, email and WordPress accounts. They did this a lot to deceive me and used my responses to establish bridges with which they were somehow messing with my head. I don’t yet know how they were achieving it, but I became aware upon noticing consistent patterns of expressions in their messages, and whenever I responded I wasn’t all there.
I had also noticed that whenever my dad’s former sisters and the women Solagbade Popoola used against me called, they wouldn’t say a word as they wanted me be the first to utter something and whenever I did they would at times cut it abruptly and a lot of the time a crow or crows which the Iyami use would land immediately on the roof of my home, making lots of noise and walking about noisily. The timing of these phone calls always occurred whenever I was about to receive something pleasant irrespective of my awareness of it, and some other things would also happen. Later, I confirmed from Ifa that these weren’t coincidences and that I had to be doing something about them. So I stopped picking their calls but they reacted by changing  phone numbers a lot, and I had to be doing one rite or the other whenever I picked such folowing which I would receive something pleasant. Thus I learnt that they had been monitoring me to know when something pleasant was on the way and about to manifest in my life so as to thwart and steal it – attested in Otura Irete. I also recalled past sad incidents that occurred whenever they called thus and came visiting.

Additionally, Bankole Popoola, Dolapo the wife of Bankole and Abebi Ade-Yusuf a shameless honeypotter used to call likewise, deceptively asking about my well-being and asking me to visit and stay with them for a while but not without using first sorcery to mess with my head prior to calling. There was also Ikeolouwa who lives in Ghana. That was how Solagbade Popoola and his fellow Iyami drove insane the orisha Orungan (Lukmon). With my blog, traffic used to reducce to almost zero.

Not too long ago I never considered these seriously and would however take note and put them at the back of my mind. But asy eyes opened and I saw others afflicted likewise.

I’ll be posting screenshots as proof, but not all at once. Presently my head has been under heavy continuous siege and I’ve been struggling to draft this piece.

“Why me? Am I the only one?” I used to ask myself. Once I understood and accepted I began asking, “Why not me?”

 But for now, comments are disabled.