Awo – the real Jews of the bible and the proof of the metathesis of Akoda to Nicodemus

​Those set of persons named in the bible as Jews are actually persons who have been baptized into Ifa and consequently known as Awo(s) while the Hebrews and associates of the oyinbo-defined country called State of Israel are counterfeits. If the circumstances leading to the emergence of these two groups in the present (6th) age are evaluated and then compared with that of the group described in the bible which is forged collection of records from the fourth age, the validity of this argument becomes obvious and tenable. An attempt is made here toward achieving this. To aid in clarification, the counterfeits will be labelled on this blog henceforth as anti-Awo and fake Jews.

Awo is an appellation in the Omo Oduduwa language referring to anybody male or female who has te’fa. To te’fa is to be baptized and thus become born again, a ceremony which involves entering and coming out of the igbo (sacred grove) of a female irunmole called Odu (womb), like entering and emerging from a vaginal. So an Awo is anybody who, literally, has again entered his mother’s womb and then come out to be born again. During the ceremony the initiate is given a set of consecrated ikin (palm nuts of a variety of Elaies guineensis that doesn’t produce palm oil) which represent Ifa in relation to him/her, and is also informed of his/her odu (256 in all) through which he was brought into being. The odu is the individual’s world, the kingdom within, and the initiate who is now an Awo becomes aware of this world and all its mysteries of which he had hitherto been an ogberi (blind even though having eyes that see). The Awo can thus use it as the (mathematical) equation/formula to be in control of his/her life, destiny, and the manifestation of the mysteries (treasures within) to the world without. In doing so, s/he is a mystery to others and is one with both worlds. Being able to access both worlds fully, s/he has access to Ogba Itero (paradise) like having a passport. To achieve this, that is, to seek and find the “kingdom of God”, one must be born again and to be born again one must enter odu like when s/he entered his/her mother’s womb and come out again likewise through consecrated water (amniotic fluid) and the blood of a sacrificial animal (like the blood on babies during birth). This much is emphatically stressed in the first part of a particular stanza of Otura Irete, the odu of Ifa through whom Ifa came into this world as Oshu aka Obatala:

Tun ara re te

Re-birth yourself

Bi a ba bi eni

If we birth someone

A tun ara eni bi

That one will yet undego re-birth

Sometime during the 4th age when Ela the saviour was born to Obalufon (biblical Joseph of the “New” Testament) and Moremi (biblical Miriam) during a time of Roman (French) colonization, he preached about himself, that is, Ifa, and harped on this need to born again. This is recorded in John 3:1-10 of the bible, although mischievously altered by the oyinbo. It is an excerpt of a conversation he had with someone called Nicodemus, a schizoid appellation actually re-leixfied from Akoda, a title of a chief of Awos that is lower in rank to Araba and Oluwo.

John 3:1 There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews.2 This man came to Oshu by night and said to him, “Araba, we know that you are a teacher come from Olodumare Agotun; for no one can do these signs that you do unless Olodumare is with him.”3 Oshu answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one Osborn again he cannot see the kingdom of Are.”4 Nicodemus said to him, “How can a man be born again when he is old? Can he enter again into his mother’s womb and be born?”5 Oshu answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of Are.6 That which is flesh is flesh, and that which is born of spirit is spirit.7 Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the spirit.”9 Nicodemus answered and said to him, “How can these things be?”10 Oshu answers and said to him, “Are you a teacher of the Aku, and do not know these things?…”

Note that he did not tell Nicodemus to be born again but was speaking generally and wa reminding him of what, according to verse 10, he already knew. The best-fit reason is that Nicodemus was not a Jew as the term is used today but an Awo, a lease of Awos. According to the odu of Ifa called Okanran Iwori, Akoda is a title of a rank ofleades of Awos, there being others like Agbongbon, Oluwo, Ojugbona, Asheda, etc.

  • Akoda > (N)icode(mus)

So, to be a Jew as mentioned in the bible is to te’fa, not just to be from the tribe of Judah as the oyinbo protagonists have been asserting. According to their bible, the half-tribe of Ephraim schizophrenically led the other tribes apart from Judah to rebel against Olodumare and invent a religion and form the “northern kingdom of Israel” (actually Oyo) while the tribe of Judah didn’t and became known as the kingdom of Judah. However, the name of the religion of the tribes that constituted the northern kingdom of Israel prior to the rebellion is not mentioned in the bible, and oyinbo bible scholars and exegetes have not come up with a name for it and one for the Ephraimite-led invention. But they came up with a name for the post-rebellion religion of Judah and labelled it Judaism as no name is given for it in the bible. Oddly, those who practice this Judaism are labelled in the bible as Jews, an appellation which occurs therein for the first time in Daniel 3:8 during the Babylonian Exile from and thereafter, but the the limits of its application appear somewhat vague. While it refers directly to those of the tribe of Judah who observed the religion given to them by Olodumare, it also refers to those of the same tribe who also rebelled.

While the derivation via Indo-European metathesis of Nicodemus from Akoda is plain to see, doubts about that of Jew from Awo fade away upon comparing the various form of the English word Jew and its earlier cognates with Awo.

  • Old French Giu: Awo > Giu
  • Middle English Iewe, Modern English Jew: Awo > Iew(e) > Jew

The oyinbo have argued that Jew was elided from an earlier Medieval Latin Iudaeus that dropped the letter “d” but, given the aforementioned that the biblical Jew was someone who had te’fa, coupled with the fact that the name Judah is a re-lexification of the Aku name Ade and the bearer who is around is the orisha of coronation popularly known as Ashewele and as Baba Yo, those forms with the “d” (e.g. Greek Ioudaios, Medieval Latin Iudaeus, Hebrew Yhudi, Ladino Djudio, Yiddish Yid, Arabic Yahoudiy, German Jude, Portuguese Judeu, Spanish Judío, Dutch Jood, and Danish and Norwegian Jøde) have nothing to do with Jew but Ade.

  • Ade > Iudae(us)

If my argument that a biblical Jew is actually an Awo is true, an implication would be that the biblical Saviour is also an Awo, having te’fa to become an Awo rather than because he was born into the tribe of Judah. Another would be that the Jews he referred to a lot included rebellious Jews of the Old Testament kind who had been worshipping others, polluting Judaism with their own inventions and committing wickedness alongside Judaism, just as happened before the Babylonian Exile, just like Solagbade Popoola and his followers. In short, the saviour came to restore true Judaism (Matthew 5:17; cf. John 7:19; 8:39; 10:35; also indicated in the Jordan lead codices), never to invent and institute a new religion which pro-European oyinbo-defined call Christianity. Even the name Christianity is odd for someone who neither called himself Christ nor directed his followers to call themselves Christians, given that Christ is an appellation of Zeus who is Satan, the chief deity of the Graeco-Romans who had forcibly colonized Oshu’s people. It is actually derived from Ooki Oru (short for Okiki Oru) which in English is Cherub and in Hebrew is Keruv: (Oo)ki (O)ru > Keru(v) and (Oo)k(io)ru > Chri(st) of Kri(stos). And it is a known fact that wherever these oyinbo invaded they planted their schizoid religions, temples, cults and fraternities, erected statues to Satan and fellow ruling Iyami, engaged in getting their victims to commit apostasy and blasphemy either through guile or under the pain of death or both as has been done to West, Central and Southern African nations till date like pressurizing them to accept homosexuality and economic sabotage with the threat of economic sanctions. These suggest that there were people who called themselves Christian during the time of Oshu’s ministry but we’re never his followers. Rather, Oshu called himself Omo Osin or “Offspring of Osin,” Osin (Ruler) being a title of Are. It is a title in his mother tongue and was translated by the ancient Greeks (now Spanish) as messian, by the Hebrews as Masiah and by the English (then Macedonians) as Messiah. These oyinbo have been unable till date to demonstrate any proof of their claim that Christ is the translation of Messiah.

According to Aku tradition, Ela is not just an Awo but the leader of all Awos as indicated in another appellation of his, Oluwo lalade Orun, which is elided a bit from Oluwo ni alade Orun (Leader of Awos in the highest/ethermost region of Orun). In comparison, the Bible narrative has it that the saviour is the Messiah and a Jew and the leader of all Jews which Pontius Pilate acknowledged (John 19:19-22). Therefore, the biblical saviour was an Awo, and, since Ela is also known as Ifa of whom the religious aspect – seven in all (the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven spirits of Zechariah 4 and Revelations 4:5; 5:6) – is also called Ifa, the Awos of the bible had Ifa as their religion. Perhaps then this aspect can also be called Awoism.

More support for this argument can be sending a comparison of the context in which the term Jew was used in the bible times an the say Awo is used today.

Before the Ephraimite-led rebellion the same religion was practised in all the land hence there was no need for believers to distinguish themselves in this regard from fellow citizens except from other nations; they were all Jews. However, alien ways crept in from the Iyami Eshoronga and followers of these grew in number. A plausible consequence was that this led to the “converted/rebellious” citizens identifying themselves according to the various alien religious beliefs as well, the punishment of which was expulsion and death that also affected the rebels among the Jews.

Similarly, before the arrival of Christian, Islamic, Hindu, etc., missionaries to this present land of the Akus, itefa was the norm in the land as Ifa, or shall we say Awoism, was the only religion. But as these alien beliefs crept in and the Iyami began to be born among them and altering the Ifa literary corpus, their followers grew in number, calling themselves Christians and Muslims for instance to distinguish themselves from Awos among whom included rebels like the and led by the Iyami within. These Iyami among the Awos (John 8) infiltrated and occupy till date the sacred groves of the divinities (Matthew 21:33-46), defiling them and copying the communication between divinities and the people by manipulating the divination instruments of kolanuts, bitter kola, cowries, opele, ikin, and so on, teaching the lie that Edi (Devil) aka doesn’t exist and isn’t noted in Ifa and seducing the people to appease them with ipese (English appeasement) instead of appeasing the faithful Ooki Oru who never rebelled.

Finally, let us endeavour to te’fa and become Awo, but pray hard about it as many Ifa priests who are the biblical Levites are devils (Matthew 23:15).