Solagbade Popoola sent Awolola Damilare Familusi to attack me on 16 December 2016

That day I went to Sango in Ota to look purchase some items and, while walking past the flyover there, someone from among the characteristic bustling commuter traffic used walked past me in the opposite direction and pricked my lover right arm. I quickly turned as this spend and saw that Awolola who is one of Solagbade’s goons was the culprit, and he looked back at me with a smirk.

Awolola Damilare Familusi

Upon getting home I couldn’t investigate it properly as Solagbade’s had “killed” my opele, two of them, which he has been doing everyday, including my ikin Ifa. By daybreak the next day my muscles began contracting and I felt like some malevolent forces were trying hard to commandeer my flesh, making movement of my arms, lips, tongue, entire jaw and legs difficult. After doing some things it reduced but the pain was still there.

On the 20th it happened again and at the same hour but worse. My eye lids felt like they were being stuck to prevent me from opening them, and I could hardly speak well so as to pray an do some rituals. I survived.

The following morning, just before dawn, I confirmed the details of the attack and learnt that the culprits were planning another one that morning. Osun (Orunmila) defeated them and removed whatever it is they dumped on me from me.

One Adebowale of whom my family had been his tenants at 27 Akanni Street, Shomolu, Lagos along with one of his goons named Odubela did something similar to my father three years ago and he nearly died on the spot.

I could have avoided it as I always consult Ifa when ever I want to go out like that, but they had messed with my head as well, which they have been doing all day and all night, in addition to “killing” my opele. And they have been monitoring me live as well. 

Solagbade and his fellow Iyami have still hope ofkilling me tonight.