​Olojo Festival, Joshua 10:12 and the “day of atonement” – Ogun and the solar retrograde connection

How many are aware that the biblical Aijalon and day of atonement are in fact one, known to the Aku as the annual Odun Olojo (Olojo Festival)?
According to Leviticus 16, there is a particular day of the year called the “Day of Atonement” during which the chief priest of Ela presents sin offerings to him for himself, his house and the entire Aku people to make atonement for them and the sanctuary of Ela.

The English translation of the root –jo in the appellation Olojo is the verb “plead” and the appellation can be translated as “the one who effects atonement.” The festival is celebrated on one day every year in Ile-Ife to mark the retrograde movement of Oorun (the Sun) effected by the imale (also umale, imole; short for irunmole/irunmale; re-lexified by the synagogue of Satan to malakh) called Ogun (re-lexified by the synagogue of Satan to Michael), the appellant, on a particular day of the year known only to the Olojo priest only but not beforehand. How Ogun does it, why he has to be the one to do it, I do not yet know. What I do know is that on that day in the month of Owara (corresponds somewhat with October of the Julian calendar), Olorun and all the 801 imoles descend from Orun (the spiritual realm above) to Ile Aye (this planet), specifically, onto Oke Mogun (hill/mount Mogun; named after Ogun). During the festival the Ooni of Ife wears the Are which is the crown of Oduduwa – actually a replica as the original is in Idanre – and leads the propitiation of the appellant on Oke Mogun.

Here lies the connection. Ogun is the imole of smithing and responsible for smelting the chain used by the irunmoles in transiting from Orun to Ile Aye and vice versa, for leading the first batch of imoles and the Aku people to found the Ile-Ife of the second age in a journey that lasted from 1054 -1056 (6990 – 6988 BCE), of the fourth age in 5560 -5564 (2484 – 2480 BCE) and of the present (sixth) age in 8510 – 8512 (466 – 488 CE), and for blazing the trail of the first attempt to make Ile Aye habitable. For these he is also known as Ogun Olulana (also Ogunlana – the path maker), Eni to lana a to waye (the one who cleared the path we followed to come to Ile Aye), Osin Imole (leader of the imoles) and Baba Jegi-Jegi. So, Ogun makes possible this most auspicious day which the synagogue of Satan calls yom kippur (yom is re-lexified from ojo which is day).

  • (o)jo > yo(m) and da(y).

Pictures of the latest Odun Olojo can be seen at The Vanguard and Nairaland.

According to Joshua 10:12, Aijalon was the name of a valley IN which the Oorun and Oshupa (moon) stood still long enough for Eshu Laalu and his people to obtain total victory over the oyinbo Amorite00, more of whom were killed with hailstones than with the sword. This occurred sometime during the fourth age. But there is a problem here which is seen in verses 12 and 13.

Joshua 10:12 …”Sun,  stand still over Gibeon; and Moon, in the Valley of Aijalon.”13 So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the people had revenge upon their enemies. Is this not written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.

For Oorun and Oshupa to appear to stand still relative to human observers on this planet, a retrograde movement of these celestial bodies must have occurred which would have been noticeable over large swathes of the surface of this planet to persons in many regions. However, it is mentioned as not just being localized to the battlefield where the combatants fought, but IN a valley called Aijalon. This would mean that both celestial bodies were very close to ground zero, were of much smaller dimensions for that period, and, being that the location was in a valley which therefore was bordered by the slopes of mountains and/or hills, these slopes would have cast shadows on the rest of that portion of Ile Aye thus plunging them into a strange darkness. This is crazy! Do the bible promoters think that everyone else is very stupid? They even contradict themselves in the second half of verse 13 where this time Oorun alone is noted as having stood still, and in sanmo pa (the sky; re-lexified by the synagogue of Satan as samayim which they translate to English as heaven). This is believable, that the retrograde movement was solar only, never lunar and never close to ground zero. Either that or the Valley of Aijalon is a synonym for the sky.

A comparison with the Odun Olojo which acknowledges a similarly unique solar retrograde movement confirms that they are the same, and Oshupa was never involved.

An implication is that the imoles were present during the battle and we’re responsible for the hailstones. Also, the chain(s) suggestions a great distance to be overcome. Perhaps also the battle occurred in the valley by Oke Mogun.

Lastly, the claim in verse 14 that, “And there has been no day like that, before it or after it,…” is false in that it is an annual event and is true in that of all the days of the year it occurs only on one day.

Come to think of it, the Aku have never needed any oyinbo gadget like telescopes to know of the existence of a solar retrograde movement and to determine time. Do the Europeans factor this movement into their calculation of duration of the year as being 365 1/4 days long?

Alas, Ile-Ife has been overrun by the Iyami who are the fallen aje (re-lexified by the oyinbo to angel), the peons expelled from Orun for rebellion, whom Olorun tried to us the great deluge to quench. Olorun and the imoles were absent from the latest Odun Olojo which has been the case in recent times, else the impact of their presence would have been most obvious. It is also scandalous as the orisha Ogun is around, presently in his thirties, but he was not involved as these Iyami have been trying hard to keep him “asleep.” Also around is Eshu Laalu, of the same age, implying that the time for the complete expulsion and annihilation of these rebels is nigh.