Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I – corrections

​Its been a while since I posted in this series, and it has been due to reasons like fierce resistance from the Iyami Eshoronga (fallen angels/aje; all Iyami are aje but not all aje are Iyami) who are been doing their utmost best to make my life miserable and kill me, all to stop me from exposing their secrets, the knowledge of which people can use to be set free. Before, during and after posting all that I’ve posted so far, they have been messing with my head, opele and ikin Ifa, to prevent me from practising Ifa, to cause me to get wrong results and to stop me from getting Ifa’s prescribed solutions to all their wicked acts. These affected my blog output like the following parts of this series.

Part 5

(a) Irete Oturupon instead of Irosun Oturupon

I mentioned that in December 2014 when I da’fa by myself for the first time, I casted Irosun Oturupon. This I had tried recalling from memory but, upon publishing my mind was not settled so I had to check my written records and subsequently saw that it was actually Irete Oturupon. I have since edited the post.

(b) Osa Irosun is the odu of Satan

I had attempted a comparison of Solagbade with Orunmila and, even when trying to confirm with my opele, was misled into thinking that Osa Irosun which is the odu of Solagbade is that of Orunmila as well. WRONG. One wicked thing that Solagbade does is to try to mimic Orunmila hence he uses the green colour and leopard totem strongly associated with Orunmila a lot. For example, he has on the centre of his complimentary cards a drawing of the face of a leopard, has conspicuous leopard murals on some walls in his compound of which a dominant colour is green. He also wears Orunmila beads as a bracelet on his left hand when he travels abroad but never in his home. This now comes as no surprise since he is one of the rebellious iwefa expelled from Orun, and tears itefa were created with the ability to mimic. They are also called eleye (Hebrew elohim) and Ooki oru (keruvim/cherubim/cherubs; short for Okiki Oru). If he had been honest he’s have included wings as part of those murals. I realized these when drafting my exposé on these rejected ones. He even took it further by ascending to Orunmila’s sacred grove of Oke Olota in Ado-Ekiti to sit there as Orunmila, sitting there as an Igotun/god (Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:1-19), which is unsurprising for an Epe (accursed; Rapha of the Rephaim). Thankfully, upon comparing the relationship between himself and myself whose odu, Otura Irete, is the same as that of Oshu (aka Oshumare, Obatala), and realizing the existing polarity, that Solagbade is the Anti-Aganju just as Edi aka Satan, Ayami Oshoronga, is the Anti-Oshu, it became clear that Solagbade and Edi are of the same odu, Osa Irosun. And their unquenchable greed and incorrigible stubbornness is well noted there. This doesn’t mean however that all Osa Irosun individals and groups are wicked. The odu of Orunmila which Ifa has confirmed is Odi Osa which unsurprisingly is strongly associated with the leopard.

Solagbade Popoola stole Obaluaye’s Ifa: Jesus Garcia instead of Hesus Hernandez

I tried to recall the name of one of the foreigners who arrived at Solagbade’s compound on the 9th of January 2015 to te’fa, the same night that Solagbade and his gang stole 16 ikin of Obaluaye’s Ifa. I found this hard and eventually felt that it was Hesus Hernandez. Some weeks later, after Ifa removed one of the acts of sorcery done against my head, I saw from my facebook records that the name is actually Jesus Garcia. A foreign babalawo whose name I also forgot brought him there. He is Ifabukunmi. Soon I’ll describe the effects of the sorcery deployed against my head.
Readers, kindly bear with me as these errors were not intentional. Soon I’ll be updating the series with photos, phone numbers and one or two videos.