​Ogun (aka Ajaka, Okanbi) is presently with us

Just as with Eshu, I met Ogun in June 2009 at PricewaterhouseCoopers when the three of us began working there as new members of staff. Ogun and I immediately clicked, which is only natural since he, the father of smiths, needs Ina (fire) for his work and I am Ina. Also, Ifa has it in the odu called Otura Irete and also Ogunda Meji that sometime in a previous lifetime he did beget me.
He has lived and moved in the midst of enemies, both at home, school and work, who have been using charms against him, but they have been ineffective as he is naturally immune to them – his odu is Ogunda Osa aka Ogunda Masa. Hence, he has been able to excel exceedingly (Genesis 26:1-33), for instance earning a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in the First Class division from the University of Lagos and doing likewise with his postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge. This hasn’t stopped the Iyami Eshoronga, who are the fallen angels, from trying other means of getting at him like using witchcraft and the ale (female Iyami) trying albeit unsuccessfully to join themselves to him as spouses.

Will he again be involved in seizing the the crowns and thrones of his enemies, like that of Ire in Ekiti? How will he react to the realization that Oyo has been lying about her history by fraudulently appropriating his name, just like mine (cf. Matthew 24:5)? What will he do to those in Ile-Ife who have been marking the Olojo Festival without him?

In June 2015, almost a year and a half before Ela made me realize that I am an orisha, I partook in a schizoid pilgrimage to his shrine in Ire, which was organized by the Anti-Aganju aka Solagbade’s Popoola. As he was being propitiated, I prayed to him (the irunmole) to bless me and to get to meet him in person, unaware that my prayer had been answered six years earlier.