​Nehemiah is actually Niyi aka Ija and he is around

I met Niyi about three years ago when my family moved to Ota but we began relating as friends not up to two years ago. He’s perspicacious, a self-starter, into IT and quite deft at it, and he loves and respects Ifa. For some reason I just couldn’t explain until about two months ago, September that is, he had been treating me with respect and empathy and helped me with the publishing of my blog posts at considerable discounts but also free of charge a lot. For this I have been very grateful and at the same time I was perplexed because slander, ostracism and desperation from relatives, friends, school mates, work mates, neighbours, in fact everywhere I’ve gone, have been my lot since birth – only Obaluaye and Ile always were with me.This is totally indicated in my name Aganju which can be translated as “the slandered/ridiculed one who is shy.” I just couldn’t understand how there could be somebody on this planet who was sympathetic towards me.
Then in August or September 2016 I began wondering if he is a fellow orisha which, upon inquiry, Ifa confirmed, but I didn’t yet know which orisha. I also tried recalling which biblical name was was derived from his. Thankfully, Ifa led me to the answer one day in September when I was divinely prompted to investigate and confirm whether or not the Agagites who opposed Mordecai (Oosa Omoniyorogbo) in Esther 3, 8 and 9:23-25 were actually Biafrans also known as Ignorant bad biblically as Horites, following which I turned to the Book of Nehemiah to see if Sanballat the Horonite who did likewise in opposing Nehemiah who wanted to rebuild Ela’s temple was actually Igbo. Suddenly I realized that the name Nehemiah is actually a metathesis of Niyi which is short for name like Adeniyi, Olaniyi, Ifaniyi, etc., with the misleading suffix -miah being either affixed from nowhere, i.e. an invention, or a transposition of the prefixes Ade-, Ola- or Ifa- or any other such Aku naming prefix.

  • Niyi > Nehe(miah)

And in caring for me whom Ela has has been using to do his work, hence the similar experiences (cf. Ogunda Irete) like identifying and unveiling the orishas – the twelve disciples minus Judas Iscariot who is Bankole Adekunle Popoola are all orishas – he had unknowingly been doing what he did in that earlier (4th) age in showing concern for Ela’s temple and Eshumare which is the land of Oshumare (cf. Matthew 25:31-46). And I concluded that his rank in the colonial administration of that time with which he used to embark on those projects and which was enabled by Ela wasn’t for nothing. Upon making further inquiries, Ifa confirmed to me, a number of times afterwards as well, that he is truly an orisha, the one called Ija. An implication of his presence now is that Ela’s temple in Ile-Ife will definitely be rebuilt and those Aku married to Iyami Eshoronga will have their unions terminated and the latter expelled from the land. Being one of the orishas who works in the same group with Ogun (e.g. to found Ile-Ife) who is also around, battles for the independence of the Omo Oduduwa are definitely coming up.

I have since carried out Ela’s instruction to intimate him of his true identity, and the Iyami Eshoronga who haven’t stopped trying to kill me all day and all night have been quite miffed and panicky.