​I met Eshu Laalu who’s married to Woroko, and Adonijah (Adenuga of 1 Kings 1 – 2:25), and I didn’t know

When I realized in the month of September this year that Orunmila is around, I knew that Eshu Laalu his assistant would either be around as well or would be on the way,  about to be born into this world, depending on the age of the former. So I began praying to his enikeji the irunmole to get to meet him. One day, I decided to probe further so I inquired from Ifa if Orunmila was in the America’s, and if not, if he was in Nigeria. The answers were NO. But he had been around recently in the Americas, having taken a brief departure, and he is Deinde Fernandez. Since he was quite elderly when he departed, I knew for sure that Eshu must be around, and Ifa’s response to this was affirmative and that is someone I know. Then I inquired if he is a particular friend who I knew since around February 2016 to be an orisha although I had not yet known which, and the answer again was yes. And I found supporting evidence in the events of our relationship.
We met in June 2009 at PricewaterhouseCoopers Lagos, Nigeria, where we had resumed as graduate trainees. He was a fresh graduate while I had almost two years experience in Zenith Bank, and I had applied for and accepted the job offer even though it had felt like a demotion because the bank work felt depressingly rote and craved for an avenue for original input. I could also eventually outrank my then contemporary bankers within a sew years. During the two months of training on the top floor of the PwC office which was divided into two sections,  were never in the same section except during joint sessions, and we hardly interacted. Now that I think of it, this was because we are introverts. Then I was assigned to the audit division (financial services) which felt like a betrayal as I had applied for advisory. And auditing meant going back to the banks and the drudgery of staring at numbers through the lenses of formulas provided by others. Thankfully, I got and accepted an admission offer to a MBA-like bioscience graduate school in the USA. One day, before I resigned, we had a brief chat and he inquired from me about the institution and the admiooion offer and I readily obliged him with the details. It turned out we had similar bioscience first degree backgrounds.

Before touchdown my health rapidly nosedived during the flight and worsened during the program. It got to a stage that I developed severe arthritis with pain while bending my knees while walking, sitting and during other motions that was quite excruciating. I had to somehow roll off my bed and crawl to the bathroom I about forty minutes every morning and experienced some other lupus symptoms and the food generally did not agree with me (including extreme reaction to Indian pickle and discovering the “White Chicks” way that I am lactose intolerant). Then, I thought I was just heavily depressed, but a campus doctor did inform me that I was reacting to something in the air. Once a pit bull ran across a highway to face me and I subsequently had difficulty stepping outdoors even to class in that land of many dog owners and low fences. All these I could have easily overcome mentally but for the impossibility in concentration and the severe brain fog that is characteristic of lupus and has cost not a few their careers and reputations. For instance, one day I could not get the answer to two plus three. So, I was like a total dullard.

I had never been through such before and being the only negro student of my set I felt more ashamed. Given how bleak my situation appeared, I decided to contact fellow Nigerians with the appropriate academic background and work experience who could be admitted and finish what I could hardly start, not just for themselves but our communities back home. As for me, I saw death either through the disorders or suicide as the eventual outcome, and to preserve my life and afford myself another chance in a very uncertain future, I withdrew before the final exams of the first year. At that time it was the saddest moment of my life.

Before this however, chatted online, albeit sparingly, and he got an admission offer. And upon returning to Lagos I never saw him and he resumed successfully and graduated likewise. While I get happy for him I could not help but feel sad for myself. In December 2014 we did meet again when he got married in Lagos, but we only waved at each other, and he returned to the USA.

Given his personality and the impact of our brief interaction, I decided to find out from Ifa if he too is an orisha and the response was affirmative. This was sometime in early 2016 and some months after Oshumare had informed me of my orisha identity. But I did not know which orisha.

There is someone I had introduced to him with whom I had been a classmate and graduated from the University of Lagos and whom I had encouraged to apply and for whom in particular made sure to put in good words. He also got admitted to and graduated together from the same grad school. According to my odu Otura Irete, I would get into a pit and meet two people who would be opportuned to achieve something through me .This happened to biblical Joseph of the same odu who was imprisoned, the prison being a pit, where he met a butler and a wine taster, both of whom then were opportuned to be taken out of the pit following dreams they each had which he interpreted for them. But even though both were called,  one was condemned and the other chosen. This also happened to Oshumare also of the same odu, when he was imprisoned and met two others, one of whom was condemned and the other condemned. I had already known that the former UNILAG classmate had been displaying ill will toward me behind my back which Otura Irete also speaks of and confirmed, so I knew that he is the rejected one. Moreover, the USA itself is a pseudo-nation that is actually a pit founded by people of Edi who is the black hole that is a pit.

Then I received the information some weeks later that this former classmate whose surname is Adenuga is the biblical Adonijah who had been one for my sons during the fourth age (1 Kings 1; 2:13-25). At that time, he and the biblical Solomon who is Oosa Oko had attained the privileged position of princes by being born into my family, but the latter was the chosen heir. A time came when Adonijah’s heart got lifted, having thought I was useless and finished, and he proceeded to declare himself as my successor and new king. This was however thwarted and he was rejected and Solomon ascended the throne while I was still alive to see it. Nevertheless, his heart was still lifted, comparing himself to the king, and he made another foolish move for which he was eventually executed.

This time, I failed to accomplish my mission in the USA, just as Obatala failed to lead the irunmoles to this planet to recreate it after the flood and how in the beginning before the flood when he led the second attempt to make it habitable he failed. But, just like during the fourth age when he handed over his authority to his disciples while alive to see it and telling them that they would do greater works than he did (Mark 16:15-18; John 14:12; 21:15-17), and when I handed over my authority as Oba to Oosa Oko while alive to see it following which he proceeded to complete Obatala’s temple that I had started (1 Kings 5 – 8), this time I handed over to Eshu who completed his mission there. It thus spears that handing over missions while alive is peculiar to Otura Irete. Noteworthy also is that during the fourth age Orunmila handed over to him, as instructed by Obatala, the mission to lead the Aku back into their land of Canaan. This relationship is also seen in the relationship between the visible Oshu (radiation from the sun), the Oshupa (moon) that reflects this light, and the moonlight, which can be considered as personifications of Oshu, Osun (Orunmila; transliterated by Assyriologists as Sin whom they call the moon-god) and Eshu.

In considering all these, I understood clearly and appreciated all I went through – it was always going to happen, especially as I am Ina (Fire) which is illuminating and thus take after Oshu in many respects, a man after his heart. And, even though very bitter about the experience, somehow I’ve never for one moment not been happy for him. Rather, I’ve been wondering why he respects me and hasn’t stayed aloof from me. Perhaps it is something to do with the relationship between Oshu and Eshu whose names bear the same verb root -shu “transmit,” between Otura Irete and his odu Owonrin Ogbe, and between Are (Olodumare whose odu is Odi Irosun) and his assistant Oshu on one hand and Osun (whose odu is Odi Osa) and Eshu on the other.

Then in December 2014 he came to Lagos to wed and I accepted his invitation, happy that somebody remembered me. But I haven’t yet been introduced to his spouse or spoken any word. From June 2014 to June 2015 his enikeji the irunmole protected me very well when I was innocently living, eating, sleeping, moving and working with extremely bitter enemies. In June 2015 I went to his sacred grove in Ijelu of Ekiti insoutheest Nigeria for a pilgrimage organized by the Anti-Aganju called Solagbade Popoola. there, I saw his house which he built in 8723 (680 CE).

Isaiah 59:15 So truth fails, and he whi departs from evil makes himself a prey…

Some days after his enikeji (or perhaps instead her own enikeji also an irunmole or both) had prompted me to realize who he is then informed me via a dream that I cannot recall at all – I do know how to find out if I’ve had significant dreams along with their message and prescriptions even without recalling ever having such (cf. 2 Samuel 18:13), just like Ajose (biblical Joseph son of Aku/Jacob) and Ada (biblical Daniel) of the same odu (Genesis 41:1-36; Daniel 2) – that she is Woroko who is an undisputed wife of Eshu. This was pleasing news in that he didn’t marry an iwin (witch) unlike some other orishas who were deceived into joining themselves with these Iyami aka fallen angels/aje e.g. Omoniyorogbo (Obafemi Awolowo) who married HID Awolowo, Ashewele who is currently married to one who is a RCCG pastor, Osanyin (biblical Isaiah) who was nearly deceived thus, and so on. Nevertheless, since I carried out the divine instruction to notify him of his identity they perfected plans to eliminate him (cf. John 12:9-11; 15:18 – 16:3).

Just like the cupbearer whom Ajose helped with useful information and was subsequently set free from the prison that is akin to Osoronga (bottomless pit aka black hole; an epithet of Ayami aka Edi, Devil) into prosperity while Ajose languished in there for a while longer, I continued to languish preternaturally and physically in Nigeria after similarly helping him. I sigh at my fate, my lot in this life.

Eshu and Woroko will no doubt excel.