Deinde Fernandez is truly Orunmila

This should have been very obvious.

Fig 1. Deinde Fernandez

Two months ago I decided to find out from Ifa if the orisha popularly known as Orunmila is around; Ifa’s response was affirmative. Then I asked if he was in the land renamed Americas by the oyinbo and Ifa’s response was negative. I asked this question since the biblical Moses who was born abroad in ancient Ejigbo (the double polar groves; re-lexified to Egypt) really is Orunmila, the Americas is actually an Ejigbo as well but on a larger fractal area, and events are historical fractals. My next question was if he was presently in the land of his people, the Aku aka Omo Oduduwa, and Ifa’s response was negative. So I decided to seek clarification about the first question and thus confirmed from Ifa that he had been around in the Americas but departed recently, that is, passed away and will soon return via resurrection. Then I asked if he is a person known to me, whom I can identify, and Ifa’s response was yes. Next, I began considering the profile of Orunmila from his titles and oriki (praise cognomen), remembered Deinde Fernandez, and confirmed from Ifa more than once that he is Orunmila.

Deinde Fernandez whose full name is Oladeinde Antonio Fernandez is a well known billionaire who cherishes his privacy very much, an attribute misconstrued deliberately or otherwise by some ignorant bloggers who spun myths about him rather than perceiving that he is a strictly disciplined practitioner of Ifa and a confident, self-assured Oluwo (leader) of the Ogboni (the first and original earth cult). He is a widely travelled polyglot and, with his tremendous wisdom that is well and widely acknowledged till date, served as an ambassador for many nations. And from Ifa, it is known that Orunmila who is also known as Otito (Truth; re-lexified by Egyptologists as Thoth) is the irunmole/orisha of wisdom and similarly a leader of the Ogboni, a globe-trotter and a polyglot. These are well covered in the book “Yoruba Theology and Tradition: The Genealogy” by Ayo Salami which Solagbade Popoola the Anti-Aganju and son of Satan who has been deceitfully and schizophrenically mimicking Orunmila shamelessly stole from me with the connivance and betrayal of Clyde Pryce aka Ifasanu (biblical Nabal of 1 Samuel 25:2-38) as part of his desperate bid to prevent me from learning Ifa. This is attested in Otura Irete: Bi omo kekere ba ko’fa, a d’eru fun agba, “when one regarded as inconsequential learns Ifa, s/he becomes dreaded by those who regard themselves as elders”.

 Fig 2 Clyde Pryce

Like Orunmila who is strongly associated with leopards that are the totem of his odu Odi Osa and into which he can morph, he is similarly associated with it, having commissioned a portrait of himself standing between two leopards and being conferred with the national honour of Grand Officier de l’Ordre National du Leopard (Grand Officer of the National Order of the Leopard) by the Democratic Republic of Congo that is the people of ancient Ejigbo (Egypt).

One myth spun about Deinde Fernandez by bloggers has to do with an alleged habit when out dining in restaurants which I’ll now bust. It has been mentioned a lot on blogs that when in restaurants no other customer apart from his entourage would be present, to display his wealth and send a message that his class was of a very luxurious caste. According to Exodus 33:1-11 he had to remove his tent from the camp of his people to a place just outside so that Olodumare and then Oshu (misread by Egyptologists as Shu) could meet (and of course eat) with him and his assistant Eshu Laalu there without having to consume their people who have a history of disrespect and disobedience. According to Ogbe Otura the irunmoles eventually made themselves invisible to humans because of this bad character of the Omo Oduduwa which came to a head when a wife of Orunmila and two of his babalawos stole a special ikin Ifa of his and threw it into a river to ensure that he would never find it and to embarass him and take his place and glory. Ogbe Otura has more records of similar instances diabolical conspiracies against Orunmila by both Ifa priests and the laypeople who had vowed to death to quench him. A similar incident is also noted in Irete Meji which has it that their people even slapped them and tore their clothes to shreds. In the same manner Deinde Fernandez held important meetings well away from the public; perhaps there were distasteful incidents that warranted it, and perhaps when such occurred Ifa prescribed it as a final solution. In addition, no reminder is needed here of what Orunmila can do when angry. Most likely it is a prescription of his odu.

His identification with Oshupa which is attested in the odu Osa Ofun, for instance the stanza about one of his children named Onjiyan versus Ale a child of Iku (Death), by Sumerologists and Assyriologists who have been misreading his name Osun as Sîn, and by Egyptologists, when considered with his relationship with Are (Osin; a name of Olodumare from which is the English “Sun”), Oshu (misconceived by Egyptologists as the god of air instead of the god of (sun)light) and Eshu laalu (the god of moonlight), and this planet and the land of his people. Oshupa is not on this planet but nearby, likewise Oorun (the Sun), and their assistants/messengers the sunlight and moonlight have their sources as these celestial bodies that aren’t on this planet. In the same vein, Orunmila doesn’t have any sacred grove in Ile-Ife but in Ado-Ekiti, numbering three (Oke Igeti, Oke Ado and Oke Olota), located in the eastern edge of the land of the Omo Oduduwa.
Unfortunately, other schizoid and illogical myths have been spun about Orunmila as well by Ifa/Orisha practitioners which have been passed down for centuries in sacred texts. One is that he is not an orisha but only an irunmole, whereas he is both as each of the 401 irunmoles has an enikeji that is an orisha. Another is the misidentification of Oshu’s other appellations as his and these include Ifa, Edu (the E pronounced as the a in lay, different from Edu that has the E pronounced as in egg and which is of Orunmila), Ela and Obarisha. Consequently, the name Oshu, and also Are since the latter is part of the epithets Olodumare and Oshumare, have been ignored and forgotten and the bearer Obatala relegated in the minds of the people. Another effect is that some leading Ifa priests in Ile-Ife built a temple for Orunmila on Oke Itase by using the name Ifa even though Orunmila’s sacred groves are all in Ekiti and Oke Itase is a sacred grove of Obaluaye who is very close to Oshu and accommodated him as a guest by temporarily vacating his throne for him. The sum effect of such myths is chaos that is the work of Olosi (Lucifer) aka Ayami Oshoronga the black hole and his followers the Iyami Eshoronga who are all fallen aje/angels.

Deinde Fernandez had had perhaps three wives before he departed, as is suggested in the bible concerning Moses who is noted as having two persons named Reul and Jethro as his fathers-in-law even though many bible exegetes try to explain the names as belonging to one person (Exodus 2:18; 3:1; Numbers 10:29, etc.). A third person named Hobab and identified as a Kenite is mentioned in Judges 4:11, and the last wife of Deinde Fernandez is a daughter of a man from Kano, a Hausa (Assyrian) state that was colonized via Islamic guile and terrorism by the Fulani to establish their Islamic State in the Sudan called Sokoto Caliphate, in Northern Nigeria. This means that the biblical Kenites are actually the people of Kano. She bore for him a daughter named Mahreyah, which is curious because that name is Arabic and derived from the Aku name Moremi, Wole Soyinka who is orisha Oluorogbo (biblical Aaron) and the Moses’ spokesman (Exodus 4:10-17,27-31) during the fourth age has a daughter in this present (6th) age also named Moremi, and in that 4th age both were brothers who had a sister named Moremi.

Obviously this strong association of the two orishas with the name Moremi through the ages must have already been noted in the Ifa literary corpus and is a fractal. Perhaps in this present age they agreed to that bad for their daughters either due to a subconscious memory-leak from that past life, or it is due to the Iyami Eshoronga who have been aware of this relationship and so had a female Iyami born into each of their families to distract and quench them, or both. The Moremi that was their sister is the very one who gave birth to Ela (Oshu) and sacrificed him for the salvation of Ife. She, also known as Osere, is the orisha from the rib of and married to Obalufon, both constituting the Edan pair of the Ogboni that has strong ties with Orunmila, thus accounting for the afore-suggested relationship.

Just as during the 4th age that Aaron was three years older than Moses (Exodus 7:1-7), Wole Soyinka of age 82 is three years older than Deinde Fernandez who departed at the age of 78 on the 1st of September 2015. When they began the mission of the exodus of their people out of ancient Ejigbo, Moses and Aaron were 80 and 83 years of age respectively, which appears to suggest that the return of Deinde Fernandez is quite close and that mission which is a historical fractal is going to start next year for this age. His brief departure is noted in Exodus 2:11 – 5:1 about Moses’ flight as a fugitive from ancient Ejigbo where he had been born as a descendant of slaves but lived with the rulers who were oyinbo Iyami (Hyksos aka Hebrew/Habiru) even though that land belonged to the present Kongo peoples, and later returning to execute the salvation of his people. It is also noted in the odu Irete Owonrin (aka Irete Olota) about a time when Orunmila lived in Ota the land of the Aje aka Ooki Oru (cherubs). At that time Ota had been taken over by the (negro-) Iyami who are the expelled Aje, and they troubled him to no end. Eventually, his patience was taken to the limits when they killed a wife and a student of his. Thus he left in bitterness to Orun (the spiritual realm above) where he was reminded of the right hand/arm of Ifa which is used to destroy. Thereafter, he returned to Ota and began killing the Iyami Eshoronga who are incorrigible. And the Americas which together is a larger Ejigbo has been similarly overrun and ruled by the oyinbo Iyami. Any true Ifa/Orisha practitioner should not find this a hard buy, especially since many know of this account stories abound in their sacred texts about resurrections.

Sadly though, the same Iyami have become Ifa clerics and the likes and deceived the populace with lies like alleging that all Aje are Iyami, that the English translation of that appellation is “Our Mothers”, that Orunmila teaches that people need to offer ipese (ritual appeasement items) to the Iyami and thus provide for and sustain them, that they are the society’s pillars of support, and that all Iyami are females. Whereas the truth is that not all Aje are Iyami because there are Aje who never rebelled against Olodumare, that the translation of Iyami is “my perverter” or “my source of hardship”, that ipese isn’t meant to be offered to the Iyami but the righteous Aje, that they are parasites and virulent agents of depredation to the planet, and that they are both male and female – for clarification the female Aje are all called Ale (“harlot” is the English cognate albeit misapplied; distinct from the aforementioned child of Iku as the tones differ).

According to those aforementioned Ogbe Otura accounts, Ifa clerics conspired against him and almost succeeded in deceiving him into returning prematurely to Orun and when he was re-directed he killed the culprits. This has been happening again with in the last century and many culprits have been gathered under the banner if the International Council for Ifa Religion (ICIR) whose current) president is Solagbade Popoola. One wicked thing that Solagbade does is to try to mimic Orunmila hence he uses the green colour and leopard totem strongly associated with Orunmila a lot. For example, Solagbade has on the centre of his complimentary cards a drawing of the face of a leopard, has conspicuous leopard murals on some walls in his compound of which a dominant colour is green.
He also wears Orunmila beads as a bracelet on his left hand when he travels abroad but never in his home.

Fig 3. Solagbade Popoola

Fig 4. A business card used by Solagbade prior to his selection-impositionas President of the icir which he personally gave me in 2014.

These now come as no surprise since he is one of the rebellious iwefa expelled from Orun, and the iwefa were created with the ability to mimic. They are also called eleye (Hebrew elohim) and Ooki oru (keruvim/cherubim/cherubs; short for Okiki Oru). If he had been honest he’s have included wings as part of those murals. I realized these when drafting my exposé on these rejected ones. He even took it further by craftily using his vast wisdom and understanding to ascend onto Oke Olota to sit there as Orunmila, sitting there as an Igotun/god (Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:1-19) and using the name Orunmila to deceive others, which is unsurprising for an Epe (accursed; Rapha of the Rephaim). Thankfully, upon comparing the relationship between himself and myself whose odu, Otura Irete, is the same as that of Oshu (aka Oshumare, Obatala), and realizing the existing polarity, that Solagbade is the Anti-Aganju just as Edi aka Satan, Ayami Oshoronga, is the Anti-Oshu, it became clear that Solagbade and Edi are of the same odu, Osa Irosun. And their unquenchable greed and incorrigible stubbornness is well noted there. This doesn’t mean however that all Osa Irosun individals and groups are wicked. On 29 May 2016 I was reliably informed via a dream that Orunmila will personally deal with him (cf John 5:45) and, given the brief departure of the former, the end of these Awos (Jews) from below (John 8:23-24,37-47) is quite close as Ifa will soon send back Orunmila with the authority of his right hand to kill them all. Moreover, his family cognomen which is Aguntan meji kii mumi ninu koto kan na or “two sheep do not drink water simultaneously” attests to an inherited intolerance for copycats like Solagbade
I wonder if the birth of Deinde Fernandez was strongly linked with water as happened during the 4th age and also during the third age as Sargon of Akkad (Ekiti). In both of these instances he was born as a slave descendant, and in the present age he was also born into a family of freed slaves that had returned to their fatherland from Cuba and settled in Lagos. It turns out that the Iyami Eshoronga were responsible for the madness of slavery that engulfed the land, using it to send away and eliminate the skilled people from the land (cf. 2 Kings 24:14-17) and subsequently dominate it and pose, based on a saviour complex, as the pillars to save it. So his presence indicates that chaos is to be expelled and the people set free from the black hole.

Oladeinde happens to be my family name, and Obaluaye my father met him in Paris (derived via reverse metathesis from Sarapis, a name of Edi/Devil; the Babel and ancient Rome of the present age) where the former had been working as a diplomat with the Nigerian consulate there. Obaluaye resolved a visa issue for him who was keenly interested in him for reasons he didn’t know. And he asked Obaluaye to get in touch with him later whenever in Nigeria, an offer the Iyami distracted him from taking it up. And Obaluaye was quite fascinated with Oshupa for reasons he couldn’t explain, right from childhood, seeing it’s lot in his dreams, until he was murdered by the Iyami Eshoronga. The interest isn’t surprising as both are very close orishas and whenever Orunmila arrived at Ile-Ife from Ekiti to do Ifa work for Oduduwa he would be hosted by Obaluaye on Oke Itase. Note: this implies that Orunmila never had a house there even though some Ifa clerics if Ile-Ife schizophrenically built one for him there in the name Ifa, that it is a delusion that he and Obaluaye have no hands in, that they’ve been robbing Obaluaye, that it will be removed, that they are agents of chaos, and that they’re in trouble.

Recently there was a supermoon (November 14-15) which is the moon when closest to this planet, and within the week preceding it he directed me to re-consecrate my replica of his icon which is an iron staff. I didn’t know why at that time and I had no idea that a supermoon would soon occur, finding out just in time during the night it occurred. Coincidentally, there had been metaphysical attacks against me that night, as had been happening all day and night, and Ifa prescribed that I bring my Osun staff into my room for some hours. On November 15th an elderly Iyami-cum-babalawo who is also an in-law, Kehinde Cosmas Bodunrin from Osi-Ekiti, who had been among fighting my family and had their hands stained with the blood of Obaluaye and I, was punished with death.

The next day Osun also helped me undo a very wicked spell that Solagbade and other Iyami had been doing to my head, and that day they were phoning me to metaphysically spoil it and prevent it from working and to re-establish their connection. One of them is Abebi Ade-Yusuf (+234 9025407699, +234 8051808750) 

and Ikeolouwa omo Kehinde (+233 548487473) is the other.