​Bankole Adekunle Popoola (Judas Iscariot), Dolapo “Iya Ajewole” Popoola and Ifagbemileke Adeagbo (Joab) broke the covenant

Eni ba da’le a ba’le lo
One who breaks the covenant shall die

Revelations 11:18 The nations were angry and your wrath has come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should reward your servants the prophets and the Saints, and those who fear your name, small and great, and should destroy those who destroy the earth.

Kindly read this 2011 treatise by Olugbenga Olagunju on covenants in the tradition of the Omo Oduduwa in relation to a particular bible passage as an introduction to this essay.

COVENANT MAKING IN GENESIS 15:9-18 IN THE CONTEXT OF ARCHEOLOGY AND YORUBA WORLD VIEW, Continental J. Arts and Humanities 3 (2): 15 – 28, 2011.

Sometime in June 2015 I performed an Ifa divination for myself and Ifa revealed the odu Osa Irete. Upon offering the prescribed ebo (sacrifice) I had to propitiate Ifa with oya (grasscutter) and iyan (pounded yam) so I invited a son of a son of Solagbade Popoola (the Anti-Aganju, Anti-Ina; +234 8024142549, +234 8037200157) named Bankole Adekunle Yusuf Popoola (+234 7039838569, +234 8171606914) and he came with Dolapo his wife (+234 8167477479) and Ajewole their son who at that time was nearly a year old. Ifagbemileke Adeagbo (+234 8144064979) also accompanied him. I had bought a roasted oya and some egusi (melon seeds, grinded) which Dolapo cooked separately while I prepared the pounded yam which I put into a ceramic dish and Ifagbemileke conducted the ceremony and we all ate happily.

In November 2015 I asked Bankole to help me prepare an akose from the odu Ogbe Irete to repel all attacks and I paid him ₦3,000 but delayed in getting it from him. At that time I wanted to believe that Solagbade and Bankole were not involved in the attacks against me. Bankole had been my best friend from his father’s premises and we were like brothers. And just before I paid him I had had a dream earlier in the day in which I saw him preparing something strange, but I could not recall it clearly and did not inquire about it well enough from Ifa. When I did some days later, Ifa confirmed that the dream was of him preparing not the akose but instead a poison to kill me.

Bankole Popoola

The Aku noun for cowries which in times past was the currency in use is oke from which the Hebrew shekel was derived and in the business of Ifa one oke is taken as equivalent to ₦100. Thus he betrayed me for thirty shekels after we took our portions of iyan from the same dish just like the biblical Judas Iscariot did to Oshumare (Matthew 26:14-16, 47-50; Mark 14:18-21; John 13:10-11, 18, 21-27; cf. Jeremiah 32:6-9 Zechariah 11:12-13) because he is Judas Iscariot.

  • oke > (sh)eke(l)
  • (o)ke > co(wrie)

His nickname is Osagun (also Osa’gunda) which is usually shortened to Osa and is derived from Osagunleja that is a nickname for his odu Osa Ogunda and which he uses on his social media profiles. His other name Adekunle is usually truncated in the Aku speech to Ade from which Judas is derived while Iscariot is from Osagun.

  • Ade > (J)uda(s)
  • Os(a)gun > Osgun > Iscar(iot)

In the present age he was born to Solagbade in the place of Oba Enitan the current Ooni of Ifa who was his son during the fourth age, and by being my best friend and then betraying me he played the role of Oba Enitan of that earlier age. Thus I got to know that when Oba Enitan perished alongside his father, the reason, which is not stated anywhere in the bible where his story is mentioned, is that he eventually forsook the truth for his father (cf. Ezekiel 18:1-18), which is not mentioned in the bible but which I referred to in Psalm 41:9). Both are Iyami Esoronga, after Edi aka Ayami Oshoronga the black hole who is the father of Solagbade.

The meal we offered to Ifa and shared involved calling upon Ifa in a particular way that requires initially calling upon some spirits in a certain order as listed in descending order below:

  1. Ile
  2. Akisale
  3. Setigbure
  4. Ominile
  5. Abeni Ade
  6. Olomi tutu
  7. Olomi yeye
  8. Ifa
  9. Ikin
  10. Odu
  11. Name of Odu

By betraying me the way they did and have been doing till date they have also been betraying these spirits who will certainly execute them. This is not the only instance as there were others involving the community of the Ogbe Alara temple in Solagbade’s compound that involved propitiating divinities like Ifa, Obatala, Osun (Orunmila), Eshu, Ile, Ogun, Egungun, Oro, Oshoosi, Oshumare, Yemoja, Oya, Oke, Oosa Oko, Oramfe and Egbe with various items Iike water, alcohol, palm oil, kolanuts, bitter kola, fruits, sugar cane, cooked vegetables, moin-moin, akara, ekuru, honey, adun, roosters and hens, fufu, guinea fowls, konko, catfish, he-goats & she-goats, pigs, rams & ewes, money, and so on. All these divinities are called upon the same way, starting with Ile my mother, and they have been wronged.

Don’t these Ile dida (covenant breaking) specialists know as well that by killing my father and I even when we te’fa there that they have also da’le with respect to all isese? The truth is that they just don’t care, an attribute peculiar to the Iyami Eshoronga – black holes are regions and sources of chaos – and they don’t fear Are (Olodumare) as attested in Ifa.