Wole Soyinka is Oluorogbo (biblical Aaron)

​This is a “no-brainer.”

Who are they?  Rather, who is he?

Wole Soyinka is one of the foremost Aku (Omo Oduduwa) who was born into the Remo family that is of Iremo in Ile-Ife. He has carved a niche for himself as a world renowned literary giant. In 1983 he became the first African Nobel laureate and has been authoring and commissioning many outstanding literary works – prose, poetry, non-fiction, etc. He has also been teaching at many foremost oyinbo institutions e.g. Harvard, Oxford,  Yale,  Cornell,  and so on. An elegbe, he has been a very brave political activist and, in line with the saying “with great power comes great responsibility,” he has been using his influence to position himself as a mediator on such issues.


His place in Aku history is undeniable.

Oluorogbo is one of the four hundred and one irunmole/orisha who shuttle to and from between Orun and Ile Aye. He is the divinity of writing and all literary activities. His odu is Osa Meji through which Ayami Eshoronga (aka Edi, Satan) and his followers the fallen Iyami Eshoronga (aka Aje) have been coming into this world. When black, yellow and red humans were being created during the first age (1-1054) of the present (fourth) stage of creation by the irunmoles who had organized themselves into groups for this, he was a member of Obatala’s group. And in the second age he led some other members of this group to create the oyinbo people without Obatala’s knowledge and approval. This happened in the Ile-Ife of that age which is now called Baku the capital of modern Azerbaijan located by the Caucasus. Consequently, he was their leader and taught them writing which they have been using tremendously till date especially for evil. He also taught them the discipline and technical acumen of Obatala which can be seen in many aspects of their lives like punctuality, military precision and academic rigidity. And he is also a faithful friend of the irunmole/orisha called Obarese aka Obalufon.

Aaron of the bible was a brother of the biblical Moses who really is Orunmila and he was also co-leader of the exodus of the Aku from oyinbo enslavement in ancient Egypt during the first half of the fourth age (5921 – 8072 or 2123 BCE – 28 CE). When some rebels who were actually Iyami among the Akus decided to openly reject Olodumare, they approached him to mould for them an object for them to worship as their deity, and he made for them a golden bull. Upon being queried by Orunmila about this, he noted that he obliged for no apparent reason – they had manipulated his head. And he was the first high priest of Ela (aka Ifa) upon the exodus. His anthroponym then was Aarinade which in English is “centre of the crown” which can be truncated to Aarin (centre) from which Aaron is derived, and it manifested in his priesthood career in the most sacred area. He begat four sons (Exodus 6:23) who were priests (Exodus 28 & 29) as well but Ela killed two of them, Nadab and Abihu, for their incorrigible depravity and depredations in his presence (Leviticus 10) – they were actually Iyami. All the biblical high priests of Ela descended from him.

The common thread in all these is a strong association with the rejected ones who use him to manifest their malevolence. The oyinbo from east to west are strongly associated with cattle rearing with which they have lived as nomads, worshipped, and invaded the lands they invaded and populated at the expense of indigenous cultures. Some notable oyinbo examples include the cowboys of the Americas, the Hindus and the Graeco-Romans (who invaded Egypt severally and introduced there its worship while claiming today that the Egyptians themselves were originally into such). Some non-oyinbo examples include the Fulani and their similar-haired relatives. They all worship Roma/Amurru who is Edi and whose iconography has included a winged bull as he is an expelled Ooki Oru (cherub). And those for whom Aaron moulded the golden bull were the bad seed of Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 that had been planted by Edi whom they sought to worship in that form. Oluorogbo created the oyinbo who then rebelled, were expelled, and instead of repenting then sought out Edi to worship.

Wole Soyinka has been serving as a mediator for the continued existence of Nigeria, a Frankenstein pseudo-nation and cesspit established by the oyinbo for the Fulani and supported by Ayami Oshoronga (ie. Edi, aka Amen/Yammu of the Baal cycle of Ugarit) who are of the bad seed. Like Oluorogbo, he has been teaching writing/literature to the Iyami Eshoronga, both oyinbo and non-oyinbo, who have been using it to falsify history and colonize Ile Aye (this planet) with the sweat, blood and tears of others. In short, the Iyami have been using his head. This is not surprising as such is clearly mentioned in Osa Meji and the remedy is for him to shave off completely the hair on his scalp upon offering the requisite ebo (sacrifice). This will set him properly on the path toward fulfilling his destiny of mediating between Ela and the Omo Oduduwa just as he did during the exodus from ancient Egypt.

He is again going to be the spokesman for Deinde Fernandez who is Orunmila (Exodus 4:10-16,27-31; 5:1-4) and has departed only briefly, and Eshu Laalu who is around and Ela will use them to set free the adulawo (commonly called Negroes) from the Americas and lead them back to West and Central Africa. The person named Eleazar in the bible who was his son then an inherited the high priest position from him is actually Olaokun his first son.

Olaokun > Eleazar

Interestingly, he named one of his daughters Moremi, just like during the fourth age when Moremi the wife of Obalufon was his sister (Exodus 15:20), but they are not the same. 

Presently, Wole Soyinka is eighty-two years of age and his age when he began fulfilling this destiny during the fourth age was eighty-three, very close, meaning it is very nearly due for the present age in less than two years, and that earlier age he was three years older than Orunmila just as with Deinde Fernandez.

Exodus 7:7 And Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three years old when they spoke to Pharaoh. 

Exodus 7:7 And Deinde Fernandez was eighty years old and Wole Soyinka eighty-three years old when they spoke to Hyksos/Ogiso

Exodus 7:7 And Orunmila was eighty years old and Oluorogbo eighty-three years old when they spoke to Hyksos/Ogiso

He will also sit on his throne at his temple in Ile-Ife.

But, how is it that his priests and priestesses have not been aware that he is Oluorogbo? The rebellious Iyami have been fully aware, are responsible, have been doing various things since he entered his mother’s womb to prevent and hinder his manifestation as the orisha he is, and they will try to resist him and kill him once he becomes aware. This is not just based on my experience with Solagbade Popoola and his family and goons and other Iyamis who have killed me six times since I was born and have recruited my priests and priestesses to oppose me. Right now they have perfected plans to kill Eshu and Ija who is also around.

He should not trust any Ifa priest as some are rebels and/or have and maintain such as spouses.