Aku calendar for the current year 10,060 (June 2016 – June 2017)

Below is the traditional Aku calendar for the current year, the details of which I determined from Ifa. Features therein to note are:

  1. Ojo Aje which is the first day of the week does not correspond with Monday of the Julian calendar as has been assumed to be the case for decades. My initial shock at this soon dissipated when I remembered that the rebellious oyinbo along with the rebellious Iyami in the midst of the Aku have been causing them to stumble no matter how hard they have been trying to get things right.
  2. This year has a total of three hundred and sixty-three (363) days but this is not a fixed value for every year, so also the number of days of each month. And each new day begins at dawn.

To make for ease of use, the actual days are in bold and beside them are the corresponding Julian calendar days. The dates of the next World Ifa Festival which ought to hold on the last day of every year and the date of the start of the New Year celebrations of the next year can be used to illustrate this. The date of the next World Ifa Festival ought to be on the 33rd of Ebibi that falls on ojo Riru which corresponds with Thursday 1st June 2017. And the New Year 10,061 starts on 1st of Okudu which falls on ojo Bo and corresponds with Friday 2nd June 2017. I used the verb phrase “ought to” because they have been held on weekends due to colonization by the expelled Ayami (i.e. Edi) and his Iyami.

Solagbade Popoola and his fellow expelled Iyami killed my father and I to prevent Ifa from using us to reawakening the Omo Oduduwa with this and much more liberating information as they have been doing to other orishas.