Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 13)

All this while the hardship continued and there was no sign of improvement in the offing even though Solagbade’s compound was practically my second home as I was spending the weekdays there and the weekends at my actual home in Ota. I was doing this to avoid transport costs and to be around to partake in any impromptu ceremony. Rather, I was getting hungry and losing weight which wasn’t happening when I was coming from home almost everyday. And the attacks against me continued right there which I had thought would be a safe haven for me.
In addition, I was sweeping the corridor along which his bedroom is located, which Iya Ayo with whom he sleeps and his numerous children weren’t doing. Word was spreading about this and it got to Iya ‘yosola who, upon confirming firsthand from me, did shake her head in disapproval and disappointment.Ifagbemileke also let me know that he had been through same and that he bore it by reminding himself of his target of learning Ifa. Furthermore, AdemolaAdemola had been accusing me of misdeeds committed by others like messing with and misusing his kitchen and bathroom, because I was the nice and meek one. The Ojugbona wasn’t left out.
One day, he “discovered” that a he-goat that had been kept in the compound was missing and he wanted me to take responsibility for it as I had been the person known to the Ile Ifa as having handled the animal last – it had been used for the day before for the eboriru of a client and I had immediately afterward taken the animal to a bamboo pole to which I securely tied it. Upon hearing this, I immediately went to that pole and saw the rope still tied to it but it was half as long. So, I examined the loose end and noticed that saw that it had been neatly cut, thus indicating that somebody used a blade to cut the rope into two and used the part with the goat to take it away.I reported this finding to him but he responded that I must search all over the compound for it, and I began wondering how I was expected to find an obviously stolen goat if not that he just wanted to accuse me of something and/or had been harbouring misgivings against me. And I asked myself, “Is this what my life has become, been reduced to, to be accused of losing a goat?”In order to fulfil all righteousness I did scour the whole compound, including a particular soak away pit which he had directed me to. He also wanted me to search the community. Haa. I quietly disobeyed and continued with my personal business for the day. When I discussed this with Ifagbemilke later that day he admitted that he knew the culprit.
In addition, anytime I needed to get animals and related items for eboriru materials for myself, I was procuring them with the help of Baba Suliya, Ifagbemileke and Bankole but notthe Ojugbona after that OsaMeji incident of August 2014, except when Solagbade would have told me to give him the money I wanted to use in which case I could not avoid him. But Baba Suliya, Agunbiade and the Ojugbonaalways wanted me to pay for the items at the same rate as clients even though I was like them a member of staff of the Ile Ifa and they never did that to themselves and even used Solagbade’s animals for themselves without paying a dime.They never considered me as one of them. I could have been using those animals freely even as Solagbade had once in February 2014 mentioned that I was one of his spiritual sons. But I kept quiet concerning this discrimination and didn’t complain.
There was a time in March to April, when I had slept overnight in his compound and had a dream for which I had to d’ifa. I, the process of performing the Ifadida in the Ile Ifa, Agunbiade arrived andprostrated on the ground to pray and forikanle (worship) his Ifa. As he lay on the floor, he was staring at what I was doing instead of praying. And I began to wonder what lengths, shameless no doubt, he and the Ojugbona would go to try to monitor my activities and control me.
Then, sometime in April, I stopped going there after considering these and many more like the fallout of the “breakup” with Tayo and the rampant licentiousnesscoupled with anarchism of that environment. It was and is still a dog-eat-dog-world.
Thankfully, there was an alternative which was Bankole’s residence in Itoki.