Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 9)

Then within two weeks in March, Ifa prompted me to d’ifa thrice for myself. The first Ifa dida was Eji Ogbe, the second was Irete Ogbe and the third was Ofun Oyeku.

Eji Ogbe speaks of the need to avoid committing an abomination in the form of a sex scandal that could become public. Ifa had revealed same a year earlier in February 2014. At that time a woman who lived near my home in Ota had been my friend, sort of. We used to greet each other and I use to go to her shop in front of her house to buy provisions. The house she lived in was owned by an elderly man and his wife who I had mistakenly thought were her parents because of her semblance to this woman. They were actually her in-laws as I would later find out so they were the owners of the shop. But all the while that I had been going there her mother-in-law known as Iya Blessing had been seeding my mind with thoughts meant to provoke interest in Funmi, like when she was around or had traveled, and I did gradually develop interest in her. Then a Johnny Bravo-looking man who she lived with and I thought was her brother began moving about with her in public as if to give me a warning to steer clear. This made me realize he was her husband. So, Ifa was right, as always. And I had already begun distancing myself from her prior to the Ifa dida had noticed a lustful desire in me for her which I had been fighting and whose source felt unexplainable and foreign.

She later gave birth to a boy named Paul for her husband, but would later do something which showed that she thought I was still gullible. I went to her shop one day to buy something and I met her there. She was wearing a brown spaghetti top over a wrapper tied around her waist. As she began attending to me she deliberately pulled down a shoulder strap to reveal to me more of her cleavage and a very ample view of her right side boob. Chai! Thanks be to Olodumare for Ifa as I had offered the ebo and successfully avoided a sex scandal in that community of liars who had been seeking for a provable accusation against me.

This time however, that is, February to March, Ifa was warning me of same that was cropping up with another married woman known as Iya Kanyin who has a similar shop along Market Street. I began patronizing hers when I began avoiding Funmi’s, but I later noticed the same lustful feelings welling up within me and they were stronger so I began avoiding her. It was when I cast this odu that Solagbade told me of this particular message and I began to be on the lookout and noticed the signs early enough.

Another message was that I had been in the midst of liars and lovers of deceit, and Bankole said Ifa described them as animals. While I had thought that this referred to Ota, I would later realize that it also referred to my extended family and Solagbade’s compound/camp including Bankole and the Ogbe Alara temple in his compound.
However, while drafting this essay earlier this month, July 2016, I remembered that I almost fell into a trap that had been set for me by the women in Solagbade’s compound in during the Ifa training course before my itefa. Sometime during the course I decided to find out from Ifa the cause of my mother’s transition. I wanted to know if adultery could be a cause. So I went to the Ile Ifa and the Ifa dida was done there. Other course participants like Fasegun Dadaawuru Popoola, Amos Dyson, Gbudu-Ala, AdeEgun Crispin, amongst others who came in from overseas trooped in to watch and participate. Solagbade used it as an opportunity to teach us, just as medical students are taught in teaching hospitals, although none of them knew my reason. They all gave the messages of Ifa in Eji Ogbe and then I revealed the reason and later offered the ebo, but nothing was mentioned of the need to avoid a scandal. At that time, another course participant named Omitonade who is a Yemoja priestess suddenly began chatting with me and I thought it our conversations could lead to something.

But I had offered the ebo and somehow said something to her which felt self-embarrassing and was probing her to find out something which she felt uncomfortable about discussing. She then revealed to me that she was pregnant, allegedly for one of the course participants, which was not a secret – I had thought that her slight belly bump was a pot-belly – and Solagbade revealed her uncomfortable secret to all of us. From then on I kept my distance, and her general disposition towards me was not pleasant but reminiscent to that of Iya Ayo. She was not alone in this as another course participant known as Iya Osun was also actively involved in trying to set me up, and there were other hidden accomplices. That’s how I’d have had to fleee in disgrace from that place and my Ifa career which commenced with that course would have ended as soon as it started. It is indeed good to comply with Ifa’s messages quickly, fully and wholeheartedly. Those women never wanted me to become a babalawo.

As for Irete Ogbe, this same odu was cast for me as my Ifa Ije (7th day Ifa) during my itefa a year earlier. A message there is that I knew a woman with three children. She would become indisposed following which two of her children would suddenly die while trying to see to the recovery of their mother. Then, this message was for Tayo omo Funke, the eldest daughter of Funke Okunoren, and I delivered it. But being the crafty woman that Funke is, she quickly complied with Ifa’s prescriptions and pretended to do so on behalf of Tayo and then followed it with a threat against me. Remember that she had also issued threats to my father. So, this time I didn’t bother to find out who the message was for until much later. As Ifa would have it, it was and is for Funke! She has three children, all daughters, of the same flock.


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