Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 12)

Immediately after that near-sex incident, we arranged for me to visit her at her home in Oshodi, but immediately also Ifa had prompted me to d’ifa and thereby revealed the same odu, Ogbe Irete. This time I became heavily suspicious of her but not Solagbade. Then in less than a week something happened which I allowed to confuse me. I was coming from my home to his place and boarded a commercial tricycle at Alakuko bus stop with the intention of disembarking at the last bus stop called Dalemo. A young woman in heavy make-up and dirty clothes boarded the same vehicle and sat to my left. Along the way she tried to strike up a conversation and shifted very close to me such that she was pressing her right breast firmly against my left arm and ribs. Then she asked for my phone number. She told me that her name is Zainab and her phone number is 08080009. She was a prostitute and even engaged in a phone conversation with a man to confirm the direction to his location, and I assumed he was her client.
Later, I went to see Tayo in Oshodi and met Daniel her son. It was a one-bedroom boys-quarter flat with an attached external kitchen. Her father had been paying for the rent even though she and Solagbade and Iya Nifemi had been describing her as quite well to do. She showed me her photo album and I saw photos of herself with her former husband and of wild parties with fellows who looked apathetic to intellectual endeavours. One other shocking detail was her complexion. After her divorce she had bleached considerably from a complexion that had been as dark as mine. Previously and during this visit she had been telling me that her complexion had lightened due to prosperity. Apparently, she also believed that I was exceedingly gullible and stupid. All the while I refrained from commenting about this. What a liar! I also saw that she had lied about having a well-stocked bar. And I began wondering again, based on Solagbade’s lies especially about Ofun Oyeku how Ifa who sees everything could recommend that I marry such a woman so far and opposite from my ideals, morals and idiosyncrasies. He had previously suggested that I make compromises.
There was only one bed and we lay on it but she claimed to be too tired for anything. This was a ruse. However, I couldn’t sleep at all no matter how hard I tried, which I found remarkable. When she “awakened” at dawn which was a Sunday morning, she expressed her disappointment at this even though I didn’t tell her. How did she know? My instincts told me she didn’t sleep as well. Unknown to me, Ifa was protecting me from the witch and her colleagues as these rejected and expelled cherubs (cf. Ezekiel 28:11-20) operate at night and a lot via dreams. There is more to their alternative appellation of Egungun Oru where Oru means night. I’ll soon post essays exposing their secrets and details of their operations, which many readers will be able to use to awaken themselves, open their eyes, cast their nets in the right direction and place, and efficiently seek freedom. We planned that she would return the visit by spending the next weekend at my home.
On Friday evening I left Solagbade’s place where I had stayed from Sunday or Monday and we met at Toll Gate area in Ota. Upon arrival she did some cooking and we retired to my room but nothing happened as she again claimed to be fagged out from her trading activities during the day. However, I didn’t sleep throughout that night which I waved off as probably due to excitement at having my desire for a female companion being realized, or so I thought I hadn’t slept throughout the previous night as well, and, if I recall correctly, the night before too!). In the morning she was quite downcast and expressed as before her awareness and disappointment that I hadn’t slept and I wondered why that level of concern even after I had assured her that I wasn’t feeling any downside. I’ve worked nightshifts before and known for long that my body could react thus. It also seemed strange that she who had been in a hurry for foreplay and sex on the beds of Jokotifa and Iya Nifemi didn’t want any action this time but was instead withdrawn. She also claimed that she was having “something” and so couldn’t have and sex at that time, but she let me in on what that was. I thought that this couldn’t be due to menstruation as there wouldn’t be any reason for her to hide that given the extent of our physical intimacy. So, I remembered Ogbe Irete and the only possible reason I could thus come up with was that she had a venereal disease. Later, she invited me for some more breast sucking and I observed that she’s the type that fakes orgasms.
One of the topics we discussed both at her place in Oshodi and mine was religion. She said that in the process of my cleaving unto her I would abandon Ifa, my all-white native wardrobe and my Obatala necklace and Orunmila and Eshu bracelets, and I remembered Solagbade and wondered what Ifa’s intention was and where Ifa was leading me to. She also asserted that I would join her in following Christianity. This was and is impossible and would lead to incurable conflicts which I wanted to avoid. So, I was being increasingly tempted to think that Ifa was leading me into problems when I had approached Ifa for the opposite but I also knew that Ifa could make everything all right in the end. Never for once did my belief in Ifa waver.
There was a set of clothes o mine which I had kept in my room with the intention of disposal and I showed them to her. For the first time she was happy, very happy, and said she knew persons who could use them. So she selected a couple to take away, and I tried to rationalize as negative thinking the vigorous tingling of my spider sense. She was excited and invited me for some lengthy smooching and breast sucking. In the process my Eshu bracelet snapped apart and I came, a bit. I went to the restroom to clean up and I don’t know if she did anything with the stain in her other that using the tissue paper that I gave her which I later flushed down the toilet. But she reacted with unusual glee, grinning from ear to ear. There was a bit more smooching but I held back slightly as I suspected there might have been more to Eshu’s notification. Then she began preparing to leave, which took me by surprise as we had arranged to spend the whole weekend at my place. When we left my street and walked for a brief while along Market Street, she called for a commercial motorbike to get to Oja bus stop and from the look in her eyes as she climbed onto it, I knew that all was not well and she wasn’t coming back.
Unknown to me she had actually accomplished her mission of taking something of mine in order for her, along with Solagbade and his camp, Jokotifa and his wives and daughters inclusive, to use them against me. A big signal was the notification from Eshu. Three months earlier in January 2015 he had notified me via a strong prompt, a hard elbow knock to my ipako (the back of my head) in a commercial bus – LAGBUS – that I had just met one of the two Ofun Ogbe women and I had to return the following day to get her phone number. He had been helping and watching over me all the while since the World Ifa Festival at Oke Itase in June 2014 where and during which Ifa told me to feed him (Eshu) very well that year, i.e. June 2014 to June 2015. I religiously complied with this with no idea of Ifa’s reason and it is good that I did else I would have since died in the pits and traps that Solagbade and his camp had been digging and setting for me and the remnant of my family. It was also in that month of January on the night when I met Adeola at Solagbade’s compound when she arrived to te’fa that Solagbade and his Ojugbona stole my father’s Ifa, which I’ll describe later.
Towards the end of March and before her visit to my home Solagbade traveled to the Americas and, upon returning in May, deceitfully asked me about what happened between Tayo and I and remarked that I loved her. Iya Nifemi also acted like she was concerned, calling her a devil for dumping me, and claimed, along with Iya Bangela that Adeola had confronted directly and seriously her for dumping me suddenly. This was all a ruse.