Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 7)

In February I met Clyde, an ex-US diplomat in his seventies and Solagbade’s place. He was the firstborn of his family and had never married nor had any child and had come there for Ifa training for the benefit of his family. Also, his Oluwo in the US had been extorting him and using different tricks to avoid teaching him anything. We bonded extremely well and our relationship reminded me of my relationship with my father who is an ex-diplomat (Ogbe Otura individuals are diplomats as are Otura Irete individuals). He noticed immediately that many members of Solagbade’s household wanted to exploit and extort money from him so he encouraged me to stay close, and Solagbade encouraged me likewise. So I was going there every day, and would at times sleep there which I had been doing in an attempt to ease the suffering.

Iya Olayori (aka Shola), one of Solagbade’s wives who has a shop opposite his compound where she sells hot drinks, who robbed me and used to shamelessly try to extort money from me without remorse and is a dullard, would stare at us whenever we passed by because Clyde avoided her and she could not come near us. But there was another wife, also named Shola but better known as Iya Ayo threw all caution to the wind as she tried various tactics to seduce him in order in order to extort money from him, in my presence and whenever I wasn’t around. So he would run away from his room and we would study and chat together all day by ourselves till nightfall. But she wasn’t deterred. As the day of his departure approached, it got to a stage that she showed him her breasts in one of his dreams which he narrated to me the following morning and which I’ll now describe. He was seated and a woman (he didn’t say whether or not he recognized her) walked seductively toward him with her breasts exposed and stood very close, between his legs such that he couldn’t avoid her and so she could put her breasts in his face. We thus resolved to spend the day in the Ile-Ifa due to her obvious desperation. A time came when we were alone there, with him seated beside me to my left, and she arrived and stood between his legs just like in the dream and was touching his cheeks as she had been doing in earlier instances, but she was fully clothed. So we fled to Bankole’s home in Itoki which was also owned by his father.

The following day (second or third week of March) he returned to the US but not without repaying me with evil. Just before he left he indicated interest in one of my books that I had bought from Ayo Salami, “Yoruba Theology And Tradition: The Genealogy.” I let him have a look at it and he began devouring it immediately. Somehow, I forgot about it and then remembered and decided to remind him on the way to the airport to return it. But I totally forgot till I returned from the airport. So, when we exchanged emails a number of times I would ask him about it but he always denied ever having received it from me and reading such. This felt bitter, but I would later discover that Solagbade was behind it – he gave the book to Solagbade. I don’t know what Solagbade told him to get him to betray and rob me. Perhaps he used something on his tongue and did some other things.

After some months of ruminating over this matter and trying to give Clyde the benefit of doubt, I decided to vacillate no more but to trust my instincts and Ifa. And I recently came to the realization that the person named in the bible as Nabal in 1 Samuel 25 is the same person as Clyde. Just as in that time of the fourth age, he was ungrateful, which can be seen when I modify verses 7, 15, 16 and 21:

7 Now I have heard that you have shearers. Your shepherds were with us, and we did not hurt them, nor was there anything missing from them all the while they were in Carmel…15 But the men were very good to us, and we were not hurt, nor did we miss anything as long as we accompanied them, when we were in the fields. 16 They were a wall to us both at night and day, all the time we were with them keeping the sheep….21 Now David had said, “Surely in vain I have protected all that this fellow has in the wilderness, so that nothing was missed of all that belongs to him. And he has repaid me evil for good.”

7 Now I have heard that you are prosperous. You were with me, and I did not hurt you, nor was there anything missing from them all the while you were in Solagbade’s compound in Odewale…15 But he (i.e. me, Aganju) was very good to me (Clyde), and I was not hurt, nor did I miss anything as long as he accompanied me, when I was in Solagbade’s. 16 He was a wall to me both at night and day, all the time I was with him learning Ifa…21 Now Daodu (Aganju, me) had said, “Surely in vain have I protected all that this fellow has in Solagbade’s, so that nothing was missed of all that belongs to him. And he has repaid me evil for good.”

We did plan to join hands in setting up a business upon his intended return later that year, and he planned to stay for much longer. But, Solagbade convinced him to ruin all that goodwill, to become a hypocrite, to do evil. After he left he did send me some money for which I was very grateful, but that could not assuage the pain of losing that precious book which, as I had earlier mentioned on this blog, I intended to use.

In Clyde’s odu which is Ogbe Osa are accounts of individuals who were cheated by their close associates who also wanted to kill them. Clyde experienced this with his own Oluwo but then did the same evil to me. According to Ogbe Osa, the consequence is death.

In that 4th age, a certain Abigail is named as his wife and she became my wife. Unknown to me, I met her again about a decade ago as …


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