Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 6)

In January 2015 I met two women within a space of three days. What’s significant about this is that, according to Ofun Ogbe as delivered to me by Solagbade, I would meet two women at the same time and would marry one of them. I had waited and it came to pass after fifteen months. The one I met first is a fellow orisha (Yemoja), which I wasn’t aware of at that time, while the second is Adeola omo Felicia, a devil from Ota who came to Solagbade’s compound to tefa. Adeola’s odu is Irosun Osa, and she would rape me soon after and repeatedly. He and some others would try to encourage me to get involved with her but, somehow, I felt quite uncomfortable with her presence.

A week later in his compound I met Abebi Ade Yusuf who lived in Ota and was a divorcee and single mother, and she attended his Ifa festival that month. When I arrived for the event I put on my agbada and became the cynosure of all eyes and quite a number of guests greeted me like an Oba (king) of which I truly am. But some members of the temple including the Ojugbona kept a straight face, and the look on the face of his wife was not at all pleasant. Then it even seemed like I had dressed more than the celebrant and I wondered how he would take it but his expression towards me seemed kind of distant.

Abebi showed interest in me and Solagbade encouraged me to see her as a potential wife. However, I reminded him about the Ifa’s message of Ofun Ogbe which he himself relayed to me and his response was that I should forget about it. I wondered why but, given his position and authority as an Oluwo – priestly, kingly, legitimate and expert power – I decided not to object there and then but to play along and see what happens. I’m aware of the possibility that he might have been using some other means to make me gullible and suggestible. Thankfully, I could see through her that her motives were impure, and she was also showing interest in Awolola, Bankole and Solagbade, and I informed him and she later stopped going there. But before then I had invited her to my home – nothing happened, really, Otura Irete is known for chastity and celibacy – and she displayed traits peculiar to the Egungun Oru, a savior complex and a craving to dominate men and the orishas.

She was giving me instructions, not advice, on how to live my life and to begin selling of my father’s property, which I immediately found utterly repugnant but didn’t show this. Even if I did, her body expressions indicated that she believed she had me in her palms and her ears were closed to anything otherwise. And she instructed me to rent out the vacant flats of my father’s house, which is what the enemy witches in that area and elsewhere who had been pretending to be nice had been trying to lure us into doing – their aim was use the tenants as vectors to again invade our home and wreak havoc, and they have a knack for assuming that others are permanently ignorant and gullible and/or easily re-fooled (e.g. via poisoning). Then she came visiting another day with a close friend and this friend’s husband, saying we should rent one of the flats to them. This man spoke like a fool, saying we must have done something to annoy the witches hence the attacks. After taking note of their verbal and non-verbal expressions, I had no more doubts and decided to cut her off immediately, which I did. She would later travel to South Africa which she had told me she wanted to relocate to, but then returned in less than a year, perhaps deported.

A way of identifying these expelled/fallen cherubs is by noticing their patronizing language and attitude.


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