Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 5) * edited

In December, Awolola finally brought an opon Ifa, iroke and ajere for me but not the beaded irukere and the iroke was not beaded, and he pleaded with me for more time to get the irukere. So I proceeded to perform Ifa dida for the first time and it was about the resurrection of my father.  Ifa revealed the odu Irete Oturupon with ire aiku. I did it in the presence of Bankole and Dolapo his wife so they would supervise me, but I didn’t tell them my aim. When I told them the odu, they told me the messages but Dolapo hit the nail on the head – she’s quite smart, as is Bankole, and could easily do well at the World Sudoku Championships but she would also try to harm me.

According to this odu, there’s something special about me and my family which is the reason we’ve had many enemies. And we’re going to accomplish something special.

Applied to my situation, enemies from among paternal and maternal relatives, neighbours, past and present associates and Solagbade and his household didn’t want me to learn Ifa because Ifa will resurrect my father and restore my family. And my father showed and told me everything he ever did, I witnessed all that he went through, was with him at his bedside till he passed away and ensured that nothing passed my attention before, during and after the burial (cf. Revelations 3:14). Also, I would learn the secret needed to achieve my task which is simply etutu as I will explain later – a common saying in Otura Irete is

Ada o gbofa o

Ada hardly knows Ifa

Etutu l’Ada mo

Etutu is what Ada knows

Awo rere lo m’etutu

A good Awo knows etutu

There’s also a stanza in same about a certain Olofin (i.e. Oduduwa) whose son broke his fell while climbing and consequently broke his arms, legs and back. Olofin then called for a certain babalawo who could recite twenty stanzas per odu (there are 256 odus, meaning he could recite 5,120 stanzas), then another who could recite thirty stanzas per odu (7,680 stanzas), and then another who could recite fifty stanzas per odu (12,800 stanzas), but all they did could not work. He then asked if there was still another babalawo that could be called and he was informed that there was one named Ada (the biblical Daniel) who was poor and needy. Also, he had been languishing somewhere working like a servant. Olofin then summoned him and he arrived and began performing the prescribed etutu. Before he had finished Olofin’s son had healed been completely healed and even stood on his feet by himself and stepped out to urinate. Olofin then made a declaration which is recorded in this stanza, of which the relevant part is shown below, that from that time onward any awo who wants to consult Ifa must pay homage to Ifa. Till date the parts in bold are said by all awo worldwide whenever they want to d’ifa:

Olofin ni iwo Ada

Olofin said “You Ada (the biblical Daniel)”

O sese n setutu lowo

You were still doing the etutu

Gbogbooun to n somo oun lo san

All that had been afflicting my child have been healed

Ti won ba n difa nile Alara

Whenever they are consulting Ifa in the home of Alara

Ti won ban difa nile Ajero

Whenever they are consulting Ifa in the home of Ajero

Ti won ba n difa nile Owanrangun-Aga

Whenever they are consulting Ifa in the home of Owanragun-Aga

Ti won ba n difa nile Ooni Alakan esuu

Whenever they are consulting Ifa in the home of Ooni Alakan esuu

Ki won o maa juba iwo Ada ni

Ifa ree Babalawo

Ifa is here all babalawos

Ada se

Ada worked/effected it

Ada lo se n’Ife

Ada’s came to pass in Ife

Ada o gbofa

Ada hardly knows Ifa


Etutu is what Ada knows

Aworere lo m’etutu

A good Awo knows etutu

Interestingly, when Olofin made that declaration he made specific reference to four rulers including Ooni Alakan esuu who is the person mentioned in the bible as king Saul and in that lifetime or another prior to the present one was the third son of Orunmila and is mentioned in the king lists of Sumer as Etana and in this present age is Solagbade Popoola and whose odu is Osa Irosun which is also Orunmila’s. Since my odu is the same as Ada’s and I had been ignored like Ada and would work like a servant for Solagbade, he had been defying Olofin. If I recall correctly, he had admitted to being able to recite up to or more than eighty stanzas per odu (≥ 20,480 stanzas). I told him that I had consulted Ifa about it and he asked me how I would achieve it but I didn’t yet know how and was hoping for from insight from him. In my naivety I did suggest that the Osun staff could be used but he replied that I look forward to their rebirth, or something like that.

Ifa has shown me what to do, and I have implemented it and given the command!


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