Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 3)

In June 2014 I held the traditional wake-keep for my father in his Ota compound and it was most fantastic as his presence was noticed by those present who were members of the temple in Solagbade’s compound. It was the talk of the town. But one of his wives along with a member known as Iya Segun duped me in the staging of this event. I kept quiet about this as I needed to have the event done for my dad and I had nowhere else to turn to as an alternative. Then I sold my shares in order to raise money needed to offer the prescribed offerings of OturaIrete for myself. Bankole along with Lukmon and Baba Suliya who both work there (Lukmon gradually lost his mind and later wandered off to God-knows-where! He is Orungan and he’s not dead) helped me greatly in achieving this but the Ojugbona got angry and Solagbade punished Bankole severely but I didn’t know it was because of me. I continued going there because I saw members of that temple as my family especially because the odu of the temple and of my father are the same and it is also the oduIfa of Osoosi my family orisa.

That same month but before the wake-keep, on the 7th of June, I joined them in a trip to Ile-Ife for the Ifa festival there. I had been passing through Ife before but not as my destination. While there, one of Solagbade’s “sons” named Fasegun Dadawuuru Popoola introduced me to the respected author Ayo Salami and we had fruitful discussions. Also, I bought two of his books titled “Ifa – A Complete Divination” and “Yoruba Theology And Tradition: The Genealogy” which he autographed; he passed away two months later. I also got interested in purchasing Ifa divination instruments for myself like the opon Ifa (Ifa tray), ajere, beaded irukere, and so on, but because we arrived late at night and the costs had risen I couldn’t. When we got back, one of them, Bankole I think, suggested that I ask for the help of Awolola Damilare Familusi, one of Solagbade’s trainees and, as I would later realize, one of his goons and an unrepentant fraudster, in purchasing them since he was schooling in Oyo at the Ifa heritage institute. He sports a clean-shaven and perhaps bald head, is pot-bellied and possesses what looks like near-opposable big toes.I gave him some money, and some more to purchase them but he delayed and admitted to me that he had “eaten” it but that he was sorry and would try to raise funds to purchase them. He didn’t and I would be seeing him drinking eating, wearing new clothes, making frequent phone calls, traveling, and so on, implying that he could have easily purchased them. I would later find out from Bankole that he was a serial fraudster with a long history of fraud, even duping Bankole and his brother Ifagbenusola and Solagbade himself. And I wondered why Solagbade tolerated him.

In the middle of August, the most terrible of the tenants who had sworn to make us suffer, an Ijebu man named Muhammed Olukayode Raji who was working for Nestle and was an online/distance learning mechanical engineering student of the University of South Africa, Pretoria, with student ID 53682831, packed out of the house. He was the last tenant to do so. On the 1st of June one of them named Ilesanmi from Osun state who had directly boasted that he would kill me and my father had packed out after progressively “drying up” and getting leaner for months and he died two weeks later. At the end of June an Igbo tenant named Pius Igbologue packed out. After Raji’s expulsion, I went to Solagbade’s place to consult Ifa about the house and unravel the causes of all the problems and how to heal and move forward. The Ojugbona performed the Ifa dida for me and the odu which Ifa revealed was Osa Meji! His expression was that of shock, and then he took a deep breath, said that I would overcome all my enemies, and that was it.

He did not recite any stanzas, delivered no interpretation, and did not tell me what the prescribed offerings were but instead went to sit somewhere else in the Ile-Ifa. After waiting for some minutes saw Bankole and Ifagbenusola outside and reported to them separately what the Ojugbona did and asked them for the messages but they were somewhat reluctant and told me to meet their father who was nearby. So I went to meet him, told him about my mission and the odu which Ifa revealed. I was expecting him to tell me the messages as well but he didn’t. He asked me if the Ojugbona had told me the offering materials and I responded that he hadn’t told me anything so he told me to get one mature ewure for the ebo and lots of fruits to propitiate my egbe (spiritual companions), and that was it – I’m not sure if he also told me to refrain from cursing. Thankfully, I already knew some messages, the main one of which was that witches within and without were the cause of all the problems that had been afflicting me and my family and our home. But I didn’t realize then that Ifa was also telling me that witches were in charge at Solagbade’s compound and his community called Odewale and that by going there I had been letting them into my life and home to cause problems. Ifa would later reveal to me that everywhere my father had gone to for help and myself as well we had been encountering enemies including witches who had been seeking to quench us even before our births.

Atata Kurakura

Atata Kurakura

Enu eye o le ran okuta

A bird’s beak cannot devour stone

A difa fun Orunmila

Thus Ifa declared to Orunmila

Ifa n be laarin ota eleye

While he was amidst hostile witches

Enu yin o le ran mi o

Your mouth can never hurt me

Igba eja

Two hundred fishes

Ki I dari so were

Can never withstand were leaves

Igba eja

Two hundred fishes

When I wanted to offer the Osa Meji ebo and akunlebo, I purchased some of the materials myself and when he saw me entering Solagbade’s compound he began querying me about what I was carrying. This had become his habit, to be querying me about the contents of my bag(s) which I found quite annoying, especially upon considering my age. Agunbiade was also fond of this. He didn’t query others like that so what was his problem? So I swore to myself that he would never do any Ifa dida for me again and that as I prosper he would neither taste nor smell of it.

Fadeke Castor who came from the US to Solagbade’s compound was around when this happened. She wasn’t well hosted. During that time (August to September) the ajere that I had been using to house my Ifa was stolen from the Ile-Ifa. I had earlier transferred all of the ikin Ifa into a larger container to accommodate a large number of offerings I was presenting.


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