Solagbade Popoola killed Obaluaye and I! (Part 1)

I sought and met Solagbade Popoola (current President of the International Council for Ifa Religion) in search of solutions from Olodumare via Ifa, and in turn he sought my life and the elimination of my father’s lineage forever. My father who is Obaluaye had warned me Aganju, but I persisted because of the solutions I sought. I pray that all whom I introduced and encouraged to meet this man who initiated me into Ifa and then without ceasing sought to kill me will forgive me.

I will narrate my experience with him, including how he tried to inflict upon me all the ills and abominations an Otura Irete child ought to avoid. This includes his directive to me to reject Ifa for obo (vagina) and the women he recruited to achieve this, how he tried to make me lose my mind, make me a total wretch, make me a complete dullard and separate me from my father.

It is said in a Ose Irete, an odu of Ifa, that

Eni to jin si koto

The one who veers into a ditch

Lo ko ara yooku l’ogbon

Is the one who teaches the others wisdom (from his experience).

I hope you’ll be patient enough to read it all and learn from my experience. I’m still drafting it and don’t know how many parts it will eventually be. The next part, 2, is about the events that led to our first encounter till Obaluaye my father was killed, and the final part will be a thorough analysis of the narrative through the lenses of some Ifa stanzas.

Also, I ask that you give me the benefit of doubt and take into consideration a message of the odu Ogbe Otura (Ogbe Alara) which is the odu of Obaluaye, my family, the nation of the Omo Oodua and the temple of Solagbade, that the irunmoles made themselves invisible to the Omo Oodua because of unceasing plots by the latter to undermine and even kill them, and how the Omo Oodua wanted to believe that Igun the vulture was a liar.


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