My father is coming back! – Ifa resurrects him

Yes, my father is coming back and it will be via resurrection as Ifa is going to resurrect him. Just before he passed away I knew we would be physically separated and that Ifa would bring him back, but I also hoped that it didn’t have to be that way. But it was destined to happen, in May 2014. Later that year, in December 2014, I did an Ifa dida concerning this. Irosun Oturupon is the odu that Ifa revealed concerning this and offered the recommended ebo and akunlebos as soon as I could.

One reason I knew it is possible and will happen is that there exists a record in the bible of an individual named Joseph (Ajose or Jose) whose odu is same as mine, Otura Irete, and who was separated from his mother and father in circumstances almost exactly similar to mine. His father was Aku (aka Oranmiyan, Oshoosi) whose odu is the same as my father’s, Ogbe Otura (aka Ogbe Alara). Eventually, Joseph would and then actively bring about their reunion. Another record in same is of Ela (aka Orishan’la) whose odu also is Otura Irete who was born to Obalufon and Mary (Moremi). He was physically separated from we his people the Omo Oduduwa whose odu is Ogbe Otura and we were later reunited. And then there is the since fulfilled prophecy of Ezekiel 37 which I can directly relate to in ways that I’ll explain another time.

I had also spoken in December 2014 about it with Ṣolagbade Popoola (biblical king Saul, Sumerian king Etana), not knowing that he and his household had been seeking to cut off my father’s posterity forever. The hypocrite had facilitated his own reunion with his parents via reincarnation as they returned as his mother returned as his daughter Iyabo while his father returned as his son Bankole. And all the while he knew that I’m an oriṣa.

Upon fleeing from him in October 2015, the remote battles from him and his household and goons became more intense so I sought advice from Ifagbemileke Adeagbo (biblical Joab) who had been living with him but at that time was in his hometown of Iseyin in Oyo state. Ifagbemileke was aware of the very bitter enmity against me and he even once commented some time earlier “why is it that they don’t want to leave me alone?” But he didn’t know Ṣolagbade was behind it, and he consulted some babalawos there about my odu. They informed him that I needed to sacrifice the hair on my head to Eṣu as a matter of utmost urgency and offer some associated ebos as some enemies had been seriously calling my head for evil. So, I left my home in Ota for Iseyin immediately, offered the ebos, sacrificed my hair there the following day and returned home. The healing was immediate, but Ifa would later show me how Ṣolagbade’s agents took the hair and use it against me. I could waited till I got home to offer this hair at my Eṣu Agbebo altar in my compound, but given the numerous attempts at killing, poisoning and driving me mad, I decided not to wait. Who knows what would have happened during the three-hour trip if I hadn’t waited.

Also, while in Iseyin, Ifagbemileke’s father told me some things about my odu, including the message in a stanza that I had been separated from my parents but would definitely be reunited with them, once I offer the recommended ebo and akunlebos. At last, I got confirmation from an independent source that my hunches were absolutely correct. Then I eventually offered these Otura Irete ebos in my compound with Ifagbemileke’s help in February this year. However, this was delayed by one week as Ifa revealed to me that some enemies (you-know-who) wanted to kill him via accident upon embarking on the trip to Ota. I informed him and he confirmed it from another babalawo and the odu which Ifa revealed to him about it upon da’fa was Osa Ogbe.

Eight days later after he arrived, there was a serious war that day as an army of witches invaded my premises to try to spoil everything. They didn’t come physically but preternaturally and we saw them almost like shadows, while those living in that area were staring at us continuously. They were around for hours despite the various incenses and incantations that he used, but they were eventually driven away. Alas, he betrayed me.

And Ṣolagbade and his household and goons think that by preventing me from retrieving my father’s Ifa from his compound they will be able to stop the resurrection. How foolish! He doesn’t realize that my father is a very close friend of Ela. For this, I’ll give some hints about him.

  • He was abandoned for quite a while on the day he was born.
  • Whistling is a taboo for him.
  • Before he passed away he was rejected at various hospitals.
  • Before he passed away he developed very large sores on his skin.
  • When his body was buried some of his relatives conspired to ensure that his grave had no identification and that there is no documented proof of the burial.

Now, who is mentioned a lot in the history of the Omo Oduduwa as having been temporarily abandoned at birth, to have whistling as a taboo, to have developed sores and be rejected everywhere before dying, whose body was not buried in a marked grave but dumped behind a rock in a bush, and to have been later resurrected? I haven’t even mentioned the nudity part.

You guessed right! Obaluaye is my father.

If you want an example of Ṣolagbade’s evil against me I’ll mention one. Sometime in July 2015 I cast Otura Ogbe for myself and I informed him about it. He told me to get a chick that was not more than a week old and bring it along with a stem of the bitter leaf plant. Upon offering the ebo in his compound with Ifagbemileke’s help, I was able to get a day-old chick and brought it to him. The following day he told me to rub it around my head three times and then smash it once and hard against the ground to kill it and then give it to his Ojugbona. Along with Baba Suliya, the Ojugbona stuck the bitter leaf stem through its anus to the mouth, dipped it in epo pupa (red palm oil), and told me to stick it into the ground somewhere in a compound opposite Ṣolagbade’s. I don’t want to mention all the details because some evil-minded persons might want to use it on others. But some reading this are well aware of the purpose. He tricked me into using my hands to try to bring serious calamity upon myself. That day I had asked other babalawos if that was an Otura Ogbe akose but they claimed ignorance of such. This evil irari had been done to me a number of times before and afterward by his women via dreams. The latest was in February or March 2016 which was quite serious and left me totally morose for about five minutes but somehow I recovered. There are others I’ll mention later.

I’m destined to achieve more than Ṣolagbade and will eclipse his achievements. His role was to prepare the way for me (cf. John 1:23, 3:23-30) but he was all the while doing the opposite. No matter how much of the right hand of Ifa that he uses, he and all of his accomplices will be totally and permanently eclipsed.

No matter the level of opposition, Ifa is resurrecting Obaluaye!!!


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