I am Orisha Aganju! (edited!!!)

Yes, it is true. I am the one and only Aganju, the Daodu of my family and the same one whose name is mentioned bibles as David and whose odu is Otura Irete. I’ve met the biblical king Saul in the past was known as Ooni Alakan Esuu, and his name is Sola (also Shola) which is short for Solagbade (also Sholagbade) Popoola. He’s the leader of the International Council for Ifa Religion (ICIR) and I lived under his roof for brief moments to try and learn Ifa, not knowing for a long while that he and his household had been seeking my life. When it was time, Ela told me to get away from him and the battle from Sola increased till all my bones could be counted, but Ela has defeated all of them. At Sola’s compound I met Ifagbemileke Adeagbo who is named in the bible as Joab, and this time he betrayed me for Sola at the eleventh hour. There was a time I went to the Otura Reka temple on a hill in Iseyin during the heat of the attacks from Sola’s camp and elsewhere, and someone nicknamed Ologede, the same Doeg (1 Samuel 21-23) of the bible who narrated to Sola my activities there – I had gone to offer some ebos of Otura Irete which Sola had been doing his best to prevent. I also sacrificed my hair to Eshu at the compound of Adeagbo’s father, but some person(s) with access to that place later took the hair to do evil with it against me and on behalf of Sola and his camp.

As I’ve announced earlier, the current Ooni who bears the name Enitan is actually the biblical Jonathan and his father was Sola during the fourth age. Also, Oba Enitan and I were best friends during that time.

As Sola was fighting me with all of his arsenal, he didn’t consider that he was fighting Orishan’la who is the Orisha phase of Ela and who is coming into this world soon. Also on their way are Oranfe and Orisha Oko. He was also fighting Yemoja and Oshun who are already here.

One of his evils has been to try and stop me from retrieving my father’s Ifa which was buried in his compound! Some months after the transition of my father, I approached Sola for help in giving my father his Ifa and he arranged for it to be done in his compound, over a year ago. But since he and his followers had been setting various traps for me I had to flee for my life and they took various measures to prevent me from retrieving them. That’s how desperate they were.

Oh well, all’s well that ends well. I’ll give more details about the aforementioned evils later.

Once again, I am Aganju.

And I seek my priests, those who do initiation into Aganju priesthood.


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