The Sabbath really is Ọsẹ Ọbatala!

The Sabbath (also Sabbatum) is the name by which Jews and Christians call a particular day of the week that they use for resting. They also call it the Lord’s Day or Day of the Lord and argue that they observe it in accordance with biblical instructions. But, given that the bible is a schizoid fabrication of an original known as Ifa, and that Lord really is Ọbatala who is also known as Eṣumare (also Ẹla from which is possibly derived Lord and Light: (Ẹ)la > Lo(rd) and Li(ght)), then the Sabbath really is the Day of Ọbatala.

Support for this argument can be gleaned via the linguistic comparison of both names. According to Ifa, the religious calendar is of a four-day cycle where ọjọ kinni ọsẹ is the first day, ọjọ keji ọsẹ is the second, ọjọ kẹta ọsẹ is the third, and ọjọ kẹrin ọsẹ is the fourth. One of those days called Ọsẹ belongs to Ọbatala and is therefore called Ọsẹ Ọbatala. By comparison, the word Sabbath appears to be another Amorite re-lexification of Ọsẹ Ọbatala derived by removing Ọ- from Ọsẹ and -ala or -la and perhaps -Ọ from Ọbatala:

(Ọ)sẹ Ọbat(ala) > SẹỌbat > Sabbath

(Ọ)sẹ Ọbatal(a) > SẹỌbatal > Sabbatum.

There is also a social calendar which consists of a seven-day cycle and has none of its days dedicated as a day of rest. However, Ọsẹ Ọbatala is a day dedicated to the celebration and devotion of Ọbatala and other some other divinities like Ọbaluaye, Egungun, Ogiyan, Iyami, etc.


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