Plagiarism: Stop robbing me!

I started this blog in 2011 with no defined purpose and hardly any idea of what I was doing. I just wanted to use it as a personal development tool, as an avenue to express my thoughts which seemed mumbled at the time, in order to work on and improve my self-expression. Earlier, some people I had met, including a Jew, had been encouraging me to just start writing about anything. I’m grateful. In the process I’ve been able to do something I always wanted: to engage in original research as a hobby/career and be publishing the results. I’ve also found my niche which, in a state of reverie, intellectual orgasm, or whatever term best fits, I labelled as prophetic anthropology. So far I’ve put in countless hours and many sleepless nights for this blog. I’ve tried reaching out to and collaborating with others and have accepted invitations from others for same, especially as I’ve been aware that I don’t know everything. I’ve tried my best to acknowledge my sources whenever I can.

However, I’ve noticed that some who got ideas from my blog and include such as part of their own research publications have refused to acknowledge such. Perhaps some of them don’t like my style. There is one person in particular whom I would like to call X that I had been chatting with. While we discussing one day, I brought X’s attention to something that Ifa had brought to my knowledge and which I was preparing to publish on this blog. This was the revelation that the Ethiopians/Abyssinians are the offspring of Gẹẹsi aka Lajuwa. Immediately, X posted it on X’s social media site with no reference to any source whatsoever. This was quite foolish as I was still refining the idea and X ended up making a blunder with it, claiming that the English are Gẹẹsi’s people. It was a confirmation of what X had been doing. You see, X has been posting information that others had put out as if they were X’s. Even YouTube videos are not left out. X wants to be seen as a superstar and was able to gather an increasing number of followers. In all of the time we chatted X avoided referring my blog. In short, X is a thief.

What makes X’s actions even more shameful is that X is not just full of self and harbors delusions of grandeur, in terms of age X is much older than I and X is supposedly an ỌmọOodua who is supposed to display good character. I’m not competing with X but X is competing with me. My destiny is different from X’s and I neither seek the glory of others nor seek to share my glory with others. I tried to ignore X’s bad character until Ifa told me without prompting one day to ignore it no more as X had taken it to another level by seeking my downfall and same for my blog via preternatural/metaphysical means. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Ifa is aware of X’s misdeeds and X will not escape.

This write-up is primarily for X.

X is “Yoruba Israel”.


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