Biblical Jonathan of Kish is actually Ẹnitan of Giẹsi

According to the bible, Saul of/from Kish was the first king of Israel and he had four sons. Three of them alongside him were killed in battle while the last was murdered later. One of those three was named Jonathan and seemed to be the heir to the throne but this did not happen.This account is of the 4th age and had happened earlier during the 3rd age in Sumer where Etena of Kish ruled as the first king but was not succeeded by any son.

Adeyẹye Ẹnitan Ogunwusi from the Giẹsi ruling house of Ile-Ifẹ has been chosen as the latest Ọọni of Ifẹ. His appealing looks have already charmed admirers of the Ọmọ Oduduwa and they are happy and celebrating. However, I’ve noticed something and inquired about it. The bible name Jonathan is a re-lexification from Ẹnitan (similar examples include Yeshu/Joshua from Eṣu, Yakub/Jacob from Aku, Yepet/Japheth/Jupiter from Epe, etc.), as is Kish from Giẹsi:

  • Ẹnitan> (J)onathan; and
  • Giẹs(i) > Kish.

This does not mean that his father, Prince Aderopo Ogunwusi is the biblical Saul. No. The biblical Saul is none other than the person known as Ọọni Alakan Esuu in the Ifa literary corpus. He has beencaround in the present age as Solagbade Popoola the current president of the International Council for If Religion (ICIR) and his esoteric name is Okunkun (Darkness).

An upside to all this is that Oriṣa Aganju the biblical David is around and will re-unite the Ọmọ Oduduwa from Ghana to Nigeria under one roof as an independent nation.

(Extra: that 100 year old woman who claimed that a Christian prophet had prophesied that he would be great has ended up exposing the type of woman she is.)


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