Plagiarism: Stop robbing me!

I started this blog in 2011 with no defined purpose and hardly any idea of what I was doing. I just wanted to use it as a personal development tool, as an avenue to express my thoughts which seemed mumbled at the time, in order to work on and improve my self-expression. Earlier, some people I had met, including a Jew, had been encouraging me to just start writing about anything. I’m grateful. In the process I’ve been able to do something I always wanted: to engage in original research as a hobby/career and be publishing the results. I’ve also found my niche which, in a state of reverie, intellectual orgasm, or whatever term best fits, I labelled as prophetic anthropology. So far I’ve put in countless hours and many sleepless nights for this blog. I’ve tried reaching out to and collaborating with others and have accepted invitations from others for same, especially as I’ve been aware that I don’t know everything. I’ve tried my best to acknowledge my sources whenever I can.

However, I’ve noticed that some who got ideas from my blog and include such as part of their own research publications have refused to acknowledge such. Perhaps some of them don’t like my style. There is one person in particular whom I would like to call X that I had been chatting with. While we discussing one day, I brought X’s attention to something that Ifa had brought to my knowledge and which I was preparing to publish on this blog. This was the revelation that the Ethiopians/Abyssinians are the offspring of Gẹẹsi aka Lajuwa. Immediately, X posted it on X’s social media site with no reference to any source whatsoever. This was quite foolish as I was still refining the idea and X ended up making a blunder with it, claiming that the English are Gẹẹsi’s people. It was a confirmation of what X had been doing. You see, X has been posting information that others had put out as if they were X’s. Even YouTube videos are not left out. X wants to be seen as a superstar and was able to gather an increasing number of followers. In all of the time we chatted X avoided referring my blog. In short, X is a thief.

What makes X’s actions even more shameful is that X is not just full of self and harbors delusions of grandeur, in terms of age X is much older than I and X is supposedly an ỌmọOodua who is supposed to display good character. I’m not competing with X but X is competing with me. My destiny is different from X’s and I neither seek the glory of others nor seek to share my glory with others. I tried to ignore X’s bad character until Ifa told me without prompting one day to ignore it no more as X had taken it to another level by seeking my downfall and same for my blog via preternatural/metaphysical means. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Ifa is aware of X’s misdeeds and X will not escape.

This write-up is primarily for X.

X is “Yoruba Israel”.

Biblical Jonathan of Kish is actually Ẹnitan of Giẹsi

According to the bible, Saul of/from Kish was the first king of Israel and he had four sons. Three of them alongside him were killed in battle while the last was murdered later. One of those three was named Jonathan and seemed to be the heir to the throne but this did not happen.This account is of the 4th age and had happened earlier during the 3rd age in Sumer where Etena of Kish ruled as the first king but was not succeeded by any son.

Adeyẹye Ẹnitan Ogunwusi from the Giẹsi ruling house of Ile-Ifẹ has been chosen as the latest Ọọni of Ifẹ. His appealing looks have already charmed admirers of the Ọmọ Oduduwa and they are happy and celebrating. However, I’ve noticed something and inquired about it. The bible name Jonathan is a re-lexification from Ẹnitan (similar examples include Yeshu/Joshua from Eṣu, Yakub/Jacob from Aku, Yepet/Japheth/Jupiter from Epe, etc.), as is Kish from Giẹsi:

  • Ẹnitan> (J)onathan; and
  • Giẹs(i) > Kish.

This does not mean that his father, Prince Aderopo Ogunwusi is the biblical Saul. No. The biblical Saul is none other than the person known as Ọọni Alakan Esuu in the Ifa literary corpus. He has beencaround in the present age as Solagbade Popoola the current president of the International Council for If Religion (ICIR) and his esoteric name is Okunkun (Darkness).

An upside to all this is that Oriṣa Aganju the biblical David is around and will re-unite the Ọmọ Oduduwa from Ghana to Nigeria under one roof as an independent nation.

(Extra: that 100 year old woman who claimed that a Christian prophet had prophesied that he would be great has ended up exposing the type of woman she is.)

Americans are Amorites and America is for Marduk!

According to Egyptologists, Assyriologists and Sumerologists, there are records from ancient times about the existence of a nomadic people known as the Amorites, Amurru (in Akkadian), and Martu (in Sumerian). Physically, they were known to be fair-skinned, possess blue eyes, aquiline and straight noses, thin lips and fair hair. This is the exact description of the oyinbo people, especially the Europeans. In addition, they were quite technical, used to live in caves, wore animal skin for clothing, and ate raw flesh, just like the oyinbo of today. Another is that they were associated with horses just like the oyinbo do till today as cowboys as also seen in their obsession for motor vehicles. Furthermore, they engaged in mercenary activities and the colonization of other nations, stealing the lands of others and misappropriation of the cultures of their victims, just like the oyinbo of today. That’s not all. One of the lands they invaded was ancient Egypt where they imposed their religion of worshipping Satan. Well, the oyinbo people who have been invading and colonizing that land till date have always similarly imposed their own there implying that they worship Satan till date. But what does this have to do with America?

The oyinbo who invaded the land masses that they renamed as the Americas did the exact same thing as the oyinbo who invaded ancient Egypt, suggesting that they are the same people. A big piece of evidence is in the name: America, Amorite, Amurru and Martu are cognates –

  • Amurru > Ameri(ca)
  • Amorite > America
  • Martu > (A)mer(i)ca

All have the same first two consonants -m-r-, and apart from Amurru the other three have a third consonant that is not uniform: -c- in America and -t- in Amorite and Martu. What could be clearer?

It is thought that at a time ancient Egypt consisted of two regions namely Upper and Lower Egypt. The same is true of their activities in North America which they divided into the United States and Canada with the so-called Nubian kingdoms akin to Central and South America.

They have always tried to colonize, enslave and wipe out the Aku people (a.k.a. Ọmọ Oodua) and take over their land and claim their identity. In the 3rd age they harassed the Aku people who were also known as the Sumerians so much that, even though Eṣumare punished them severely and saved and gathered his people the Aku to the Levant where they were known as the Canaanites, the Amorites who were from Caucasus still returned there where they became known as the Babylonians. As Babylonians they enslaved and colonized the Canaanites during the 4th age. These set of oyinbo would later migrate westward to become the Greco-Romans and associated peoples but they again enslaved and colonized the Aku during the same age. When the Eṣumare gathered the Canaanites and took them to the land he named after himself but which is now fraudulently called Aksum the oyinbo then occupied the former land of the Canaanites but when thoroughly punished they migrated westward to Western Europe and the British Isles while the Aku moved to West Africa.

From the pattern just described it can be seen that the Babylonians are the British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German and associated peoples, and that the Babylonians are the Americans, the ancient Amorites whom Eṣumare will eventually wipe out. Now, the questions should be asked:

Why should a dark-skinned descendant of the victims of trans-Atlantic enslavement by these oyinbo call himself or herself an African American?

Why should anybody be proud of holding an American passport and being an American citizen?

What makes this question even more important is that the Amorites were known to worship Satan, implying that these oyinbo of the Americas worship Satan and all their religions including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. are Satanic.

Now, Sumerologists and Assyriologists who happen to be mostly oyinbo say that the Babylonians worshipped a certain Marduk as their chief god. You might ask, “What is the connection between America, Amorite and Marduk? In the field of comparative linguistics, it is accepted as fact that the consonants d and t are fluid. Also, I have noticed from my investigations the Amorites have been padding words with consonants either at the beginning or end or both or deleting the last vowel in order to prevent others from seeing the simultaneously artificial and schizoid nature of their languages. Examples abound including Aku to Yakub and Jacob, Jọsẹ to Yosef and Joseph, Ekiti to Accad and Akkad, Ajaka to Isaac, Mọrẹmi to Mary and Miriam, Ondo to Nod, Iwa to Ham, Oluiwa to Noah, Ọsara to Sarah, Suru to Terah, Eṣu to Yeshu and Yeshua and Joshua, Ga to Gad, Apata to Peter, Ọsain or Ọsanyin to Isaiah, Ọba to Baal, Ẹdo to Edom, etc. In this case the -k in Marduk is such. When the name Marduk is compared likewise to Martu/America/Amorite, it can be seen that they are cognates:

  • Mardu(k) > Martu > Marduk
  • Mardu(k) > (A)mor(i)te > Morte > Morde(k) > Marduk
  • Mardu(k) > (A)mer(i)ca

It becomes even more obvious when we consider other ways in which the name Marduk is usually spelled as dAMAR.UD and is the shortened form of amar.uda.ak or (A)marut/duk. Just as the -k in Marduk is to deflect our attention as or and is the product of e-lexification, so also are -d and -k in those other forms of the name.

  • Amarudaak > America
  • Amarudaak > Amorite
  • Amarutuk or Amaruduk > America
  • Amarutuk or Amaruduk > Amorite

It is allegedly speculated to mean “calf/son of the sun” or “calf/son of the storm.”

Another variant rendition of this name is Merodach (Měrȏdāk in Masoretic texts and Marŏdak in the Septuagint) which is formed part of the name of a ruler of Babylon: Evil-Merodach. It is even likely that the Babylonians called themselves Americans and that the English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch languages of today were spoken in ancient Babylonia and that English was the language of Babal the capital of Babylonia.

Marduk is Since the Amorites who invaded ancient Egypt worshiped Satan, and the Babylonians are the Amorites, and the oyinbo of the Americas are the Amorites, and these oyinbo emigrated from Europe where they worshiped Zeus as their chief god, then Zeus is Marduk and Satan and my earlier argument that the Americans worship Satan is true!