So I’m back!

On 6 September 2015 I had to make this blog private such that the public wold be unable to view it. I had to do it suddenly in accordance with Ifa’s instructions and make certain changes aimed at improving it. This involved the removal of views expressing blanket condemnation of some groups, heavy and racism, and that might have been used by some people seeking excuses to wreak havoc. I have also edited the posts to include updates about new information that Ifa has been teaching me. For instance, I’ve stopped referring to “my people” as Yoruba but as Aku. Thankfully, I have been able to implement them and from 25 September let the public view my blog like before, and I hope these improvements make for easier reading.

Making these improvements was inevitable as I’ve been growing and in the process learning more from Ifa about myself and creation. This process is natural and is akin for instance to the growth of an insect from egg to larva to pupa to adult – certain genes are switched on and off depending on the stage of development so that all that needs to be expressed at certain stages will be expressed accordingly. For this I am very grateful to Olodumare, Ifa, my parents, my Ori, my ẹnikeji (spirit double), ancestors, ẹgbẹ (spiritual companions), and all of iṣẹṣe (traditionalism) for making my itẹfa happen as it has been through the itẹfa that I’ve learned a lot about the necessity of this changes for growth and personal development. Ifa has also been showing me more taboos that neither myself nor (some) fellow awos that I had been interacting with had been aware of. Otura Irẹtẹ says “If you are born try to bring forth yourself again.”

There’s the issue of hypocrisy as regards racism that I’ve had to deal with from certain persons which I will be addressing in another blog post. The hypocrisy of these persons and their blindness will be exposed. There’s also the issue of plagiarism that I’ll be addressing likewise.

Kindly “stay tuned.”


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