Biblical “Joshua the son of Nun” is really Eshu Laalu

According to Ifa, Ọrunmila who is the prophet of Ifa has an assistant who is always with him wherever he goes and lives with him. However, he is also known not to go in with Ọrunmila but stay outside instead. His name is Eshu, and he has several appellations perhaps for all the paths through which he works/manifests, e.g. Eshu Laalu, Eshu Ọdara, Eshu Agbẹbọ, Eshu Beleke, Ẹlẹgbara, and so on. Since the biblical Moses is actually Ọrunmila, and this Moses had an assistant allegedly called Joshua the son of Nun (also spelled Jeshua, Yeshu and Yeshua; Zechariah 3:6-10), these two assistants must really be the same person. That is, Joshua the son of Nun is really none other than Eshu Laalu.

This role of assistant is recorded in the biblical passages Exodus 24:13, 32:15-18. And 33:7-77, and in the odu of the Ifa literary corpus called Otutupọn Meji.

One is the dwelling place. Joshua dwelt outside the camp (Exodus 33:7-11) just as Eshu Laalu dwells outside the home, e.g. at any place where three or four roads meet (Ika Meji).

One obvious and understandable piece of evidence which links Joshua the son of Nun and Eshu Laalu is onomastic – the identity of Joshua the son of Nun is derived from Eshu Laalu. The name Joshua is the English version of the Jewish and Aramaic Yeshu and Yeshua, but in the English New Testament is allegedly rendered as Jesus. Yeshu is clearly derived from the Aku name Eshu:

  • Eshu > (Y)eshu(a) : Jeshua/Joshua

The other part of Joshua’s nomenclature, that is, son of Nun, is suspicious as no further detail about the genealogy of Nun is provided other than being from the tribe of Ephraim, being the son of Elishama and grandson of Ammihud (1 Chronicles 7:26-27). Curiously, the name Nun appears to have been derived from Laalu of Eshu Laalu, which is easy to see upon applying the knowledge that sounds like n and l can interchange in a language.

  • Laal(u) > Laal > Lal > Nun

Laalu is not a name but a title that is translated into English as ”wealth of the city/town.”

In Numbers 13:16 it is alleged that his name used to be Hoshea; and this is similar to the Oshu- of Oshumare the Light, Rainbow Spirit and Saviour, who is also known as Eshumare and as Eshu for short. If there truly was a name change, the best place to see the reason and actual change would be the records of the Ifa literary corpus about his acquisition of the appellation Laalu. But,

  • Why is it that English bibles approved by the British monarchy have the name versions Joshua, Jeshua and Yeshua all in the same Old Testament instead of just a single version?
  • Why is it that the European bible producers substituted the strange name Jesus for Yehua in the New Testament of their bible even though they say that the names are the same?
  • Why is it that the names Joshua and Jesus occur in the same English bibles instead of just Joshua?

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