Pilgrimage to Ogun’s sacred grove and home in Ire Ekiti (2015 World Ifa Festival)

(This post is a second in a series about the 2015 World Ifa Festival. The first is about the pilgrimage to Eshu Laalu’s home in Ijelu-Ekiti.)

Upon leaving Eshu’s home in Ijelu Ekiti, that same day we set forth for the sacred grove and home of Ogun which is in Ire, also in Ekiti, to pay homage to him. When we arrived, we first went to the palace of the Ọba who is known as the Onire of Ire (Figure 1). The crowd was much, so getting clear photos of the Onire was not easy.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Entrance of the palace of the Onire of Ire-Ekiti

After he had addressed us, we left the palace for Ogun’s house which was nearby. Many pressed in but not the space in the premises was too small for the humongous crowd (Figure 2). A dog was offered to him, and some youths flogged themselves silly as well, and there were lots of gunshots.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Pilgrims paying homage to Ogun

The experience was amazing, and we were very excited at being in the very kingdom and the very home of Ogun. We had known of many accounts from Ifa about Ogun’s home and his feats there, but we were now living it. Next year’s will be bigger, and the locals had better prepare for a much bigger crowd of pilgrims.


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