Proof that bloodletting is an incorrigible trait of the Fulani

The Fulani have not stopped their jihad as they have been attacking farmers and displacing their communities non-stop. Their activities have been worse than Boko Haram but many have turned a blind eye. Why? Many Nigerians even voted for Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), a Fulani, who has not cautioned his kind for their bloodletting which they always ignite but has defended them (personally I describe him as a Fulani warlord). I feel such voters have agreed to have the blood of the slain victims on their heads. How can a people be associated unabashedly with bloodletting? They did not stop slave raids until the 1950s, and by displacing others who have been fleeing southwards they have been using their jihad and nomadic cattle rearing as pretexts to alter till date the demographics of the regions northern and middle-belt zones of Nigeria.

Finding proof of the incorrigibility of their bloodletting is simple. Go to a search engine like, type Fulani in the search bar and hit ‘enter’ or click ‘search.’ Next, you’ll see a list of results. Underneath the search bar are categories like web, images, news, videos, books, more, and search tools. Click on ‘News’ and if you are a peace-loving and honest human being you will immediately notice a very disturbing trend page after page. You can try it with different search engines. Try this link from google.

Now, it appears they want to use the advantage of having President Buhari who is one of their own to railroad others into ceding under duress ancestral lands to them for use as grazing reserves and stock routes. In other words, they want to use the advantage of the forceful amalgamation of various ethnic nationalities into Nigeria by the British to acquire the territories of these other nationalities. That is what it looks like to me. Prior to the amalgamation, they did it to Ọyọ and Gobir for instance.

  • Why can’t they restrict their grazing to Sokoto for instance where their headquarters is located?
  • When will reparations be paid to their victims? Is President Buhari going to compensate them?
  • Where do they get their arms and ammunition from?
  • Who are their sponsors?
  • Why are they associated with bloodletting, so much bloodletting?

Are all Fulani like this?


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