David vs Goliath in Ogunda Irete?

Beliefs and Religion – Yahoo Groups.

I just came across an account of an event in the odu Ogunda Irete that is quite similar to the biblical account of David versus Goliath. It probably occurred in another age.

  • Ooni Alanakeesu – Saul
  • Balogun (might have been an Egun native) – Goliath
  • Young man with catapult – Daodu/David

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “David vs Goliath in Ogunda Irete?

    • I confirmed from Ifa on May 8 that the person who used the catapult is Orisha Aganju who is Daodu.

      May Olodumare keep showing us where to look to uncover history.


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