Ah Jubah! A Plea Prayer Promise ~ BOOK RELEASE ~

Ọya’s Tornado, the press that brought you Teresa N. Washington’s masterworks The Architects of Existence and Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence, is proud to announce the release of

Ah Jubah! A PleaPrayerPromise

Ah Jubah! is a complex curvilinear novel that chronicles the emergence of six collectives who unite through time and space for the liberation and elevation the Pan African world.

Ah Jubah! features Kandace and Cynthia who open a soul food restaurant that specializes in the culinary culling of “good ol boys”; Azure and Alteveze who unite warring gangs, convert projects into quilombos, and introduce the police and the FBI to the precision of divine retribution; and Oriṣa Ọya and the Ẹgbẹ́ Àjẹ́ who preside over Ẹdan’s global tribunal for the prosecution of crimes against humanity. These are only three examples of the liberatory works enacted by warriors who revolutionize the concept of revolution.

As if answering Questlove’s challenge to artists to “push themselves to be a voice of the times that we live in,” Asiri Odu’s debut novel confronts head-on issues of racist mass incarceration, police brutality, and state-sponsored attempts at social and medical genocide that have recently garnered international attention but have been on-going for centuries.

Ah Jubah! is a sensual, poetic, political dynamo. If Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, Marimba Ani’s Yurugu, and Sam Greenlee’s The Spook Who Sat by the Door had a literary offspring it would be Ah Jubah!

Ah Jubah! The revolution’s in the palm of your hands!

Ah Jubah! (ISBN: 9780991073047) is available in print from fine etailers and retailers.

Ah Jubah! as an eBook, with proper Yoruba tone marks, is available at Google Play.

For more information, see the attached PDF announcement and/or email us at oyastornado@yahoo.com.

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We appreciate your support!

Ọya’s Tornado
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Ah Jubah! Book Release


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