Since 2013 the frequency with which I publish essays, respond to comments and exchange ideas with interested readers has reduced. This has been due to various challenges like dealing with conspiracies and threats issued directly and indirectly against me by those who used to be my father’s tenants – now expelled with one dead in a very shameful way – and his sisters and some other relatives, taking care of his property, and being in a mournful state.

Nevertheless, Ifá has blessed me with better clarity since the beginning of my Ifá priesthood training in February 2014 and my baptism in the following March. Consequently, I have since that time, in my opinion, been posting more precise and balanced essays like the one about the Hyksos and Ogisos .  I have also edited and updated my essays from the beginning till mid 2012, with the ones of mid 2012 to January 2014 to be treated likewise later.

Please bear with me. The updates are needed to reflect the advancements Ifá has been granting me e.g. there is another Èṣù apart from Èṣù Láàlú and he is called Èṣùmarè , the Greek term Hyksos is known intimately to the Ẹdó as Ogiso[H3] , Joshua the son of Nun is really Èṣù Láàlú, Èṣùmarè rather than Ọrúnmìlà is Ifá and la, that bàtálá is also Èṣùmarè, and so on. Also, as a result of the challenges I have developed a much more uncompromising stance concerning my efforts to expose oyinbo movements like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and so on as actually pseudo-religions. This will be reflected in my essays as I try to serve you better.


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