My father slept (2)

Since the passing away of my father I have been mournful and fighting a war with those who fought against him. Among his enemies are some women, blood relatives, who, out of envy, decided to do everything evil they could think of to try to humiliate and make life miserable for him and his household, to quench their lives, steal his home and get him a most disgraceful burial.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about using this platform to write snippets about his story, which is not yet over, so that others can learn therefrom. As with other essays on this blog, but with more intensity, the longer I have delayed the longer I have been restless. So I will now write, and it will be under this title “My father slept” as a series.


3 thoughts on “My father slept (2)

  1. Please take comfort in these words, they relate to the vultures & hyena’s that pray on people like you father, when they are at their weakest. “You can’t be wrong and strong”. I bet like myself your father was a superman before taking a turn, whose admiration was seen & displayed by those he once held closely. His strength of character and demeanor was the envy of the eye… But when wealth in health declined so did the respect from those.. Superman & supportive until he was unable to give no more, & when it was time for him to receive no one was there no more. Wealth in spirit will always be like casting pearls under the foot of a swine to those that only see wealth in material. They will smile in your face, but you can never be deceived by the look in their eyes.. IM sure your father knew all, but knowing his heart would be weighed by the feather, turned eye and ignored in deny… Big spirits have more invested in the next world… And there in peace he resides… His message to you is lighten your heart son… What is mine, is mine x


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