My father and I are born again!

It has been a while since I my last decryption blog post, and a lot has happened during that time. My father was attacked and hospitalized but I ensured that he and I were initiated into Ifa, especially while he was still alive. The itẹfa (short for itẹnifa; the traditional and true ceremony for becoming baptized, born again) was unexpectedly quite interesting and revelatory. Ifa informed us that my father’s odu is Ogbe Otura (aka Ogbe Alara) and mine is Otura Irẹt (aka Otura’rẹt). In addition, while contemplating on the answer needed to convince Ifa devotees about the sameness of the orishas and irunmols during the sixteen days from the first day of the ceremony, Ifa revealed to me the answer.

Ogbe Otura Otura Irẹt
I       I

II     I

I       I

I       I

I       I

I      II

II     I

I       I

The implication of my odu is tat I am an Eshumare person, that is, a child/delegate/prophet/messenger of Olodumare. I have the attributes of Eshumare and am supposed to live like him. For example, I recently clocked 30 years of age (February 29) and three weeks later was initiated into Ifa, just like Eshumare about 2,000 years ago at the same age and Ajọs (also Jọs), the biblical Joseph (Luke 3:21-23; cf Genesis 41:37-57). Also, I pay acute attention to detail and thus have the habit of sifting one thing or the other a lot. I like having moments of solitude and am an Ọba just like them (John 18:37).

Another well known individual in the history of the Ọmọ Oodua is Ajọs who is probably also named in Ifa as Oshumare Egan, the babalawo who used to divine for Ọlọfin and Olokun Sẹniade and is also an Ọba. Both Eshumare and Ajọs were hardly seen wooing women and avoided pre-marital sex, and I have done same. They also faced intense bitterness, rivalry, false accusations and imprisonment from their family members and others before someone elevated them and they were enthroned as Ọbas– Pharaoh elevated Ajọsẹ and Eshumare was impaled before Olodumare enthroned him and he returned to lead his people to the land of Eshumare (aka Ifẹ Owodaye which the Amorites and Abore renamed ‘Wadai’) in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsular where he prospered his people above all others even when surrounded by their oyinbo and Abore enemies.

One other similarity is that we are all prophets who are led by Olodumare to explain identify problems even beforehand and provide the means of not just averting disaster but flourishing in the midst of difficulty. Ajọsẹ did so for his fellow prisoners and the Pharaoh and people of Ejigbo – 7 years of famine – while Eshumare did same by warning his people of the disaster that was about to befall them, giving them the solution of returning to iṣẹṣe (traditional way of doing things), believing him and his name and saving the remnant to Ifẹ Oodaye (short for Owodaye). Being that Eshumare encoded information from Olodumare – think DNA – we are gifted in understanding and explaining mysteries.

Osumare totem and DNA helix

(Eshumare icon on the left and DNA on the right)

Ifa practitioners know that the words of Eshumares are very important, and my initiation into Ifa and revelation as an Otura Irẹtẹ individual should immediately suggest to them and all truth seekers that my blog is not a joke. We are blessed with in-depth clarity and the associated ability to clearly differentiate between good and bad.


Note: Soon I will be publishing essays on the relationship between the orishas and irunmoles.


5 thoughts on “My father and I are born again!

  1. I would love to hear from you the Taboos (Ewo) of Irete Otura and also what are the good parts of the Odu, just the good parts. Thank you…….
    Send to my email….wadesoga(at)live(dot)com


  2. Thank you for the informations provided here. Pls, I like to know more about my Odu. When I was initiated, I was told my Odu is ‘OGBE OLA’. I want to know what other name(s) this odu is called and its graphical symbol. I will appreciate it be send to my mail. Thank you. Fayemi Olumide.


  3. Hello, thanks for this information, i was having alot of doubts before until i read about this and am so confused right now, am Ogbe Alara like your dad but i forget all i was told on the initiation day, until recent i start facing some challenges, so i start some research about my odu and i found alot of similarities about what is happening to me, please what are my taboos and more details i need about it, please write me to my email.


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