My father “slept”

Motor Hearse with casket and Opa Ashe of the Onigba of IjagbaMy father “slept” last week after being hospitalized for over a month during which blunders were made by some medical personnel, especially those who were bent on preaching Christianity to both of us. His sisters – same mother same father – also caused much trouble both before and during the hospitalization. Actually, he had to deal with slanderous accusations and life-threatening conspiracies against him throughout his life, and we were not surprised when Ifa revealed to us in March during his Itẹfa that his personal odu is Ogbe Otura (aka Ogbe Alara).

One of his sisters came to stay with him sometime in January and she caused so much trouble, openly threatening to deal with him, my brother and I (my mother passed away over two decades earlier and he did not re-marry), that my father had to expel her. She also disgraced herself within our community and had to flee in disgrace. His three other sisters had been using her as their inside agent to cause trouble and were encouraging her. They slandered me for turning to Ifa to have their very nasty works neutralized, and, along with his brothers and their families, began accusing me of using Ifa to kill my father. I have no intention of forgiving any of them.

As for the medical blunders, my brother and I took my father to a private hospital to identify the critical health challenges (e.g. urology) that he was facing. A doctor who specialized in psychiatry began preaching Jesus and Holy Spirit to me and, in my absence, did something with an intravenous catheter so terrible to my dad that caused him serious pain for over twelve hours that by the time the Medical Director who is a gynaecologist saw the error and removed the catheter lots of blood flowed out. Meanwhile, that psychiatrist went into hiding. My thoughts were in disarray but my baba Ifa reminded me to insist on getting a referral letter to a Teaching/General Hospital.

By the following morning we were on our way to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). After the doctors there examined him they told us that they had no bed space and thus referred us to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where we were told the same story. From there we took him to Federal Medical Centre in Ebute-Meta, Lagos, but the response this time was that the right specialists for the pathologies he was exhibiting were not available, so we were directed to Gbagada General Hospital where we were also told that there was no space. This I saw for myself as there were various emergency cases including a gunshot wound being treated when we arrived. We were then advised to take him to General Hospital (Odan) Marina, also in Lagos which is the reference hospital for all General Hospitals in Lagos State.

When we got there his sisters began mocking Ifa and accusing me of killing him. They caused so much trouble that they had to be driven away from the emergency ward, but when his condition had been stabilized in preparation for surgery and he had been moved to one of the B wards they came around three more times to cause more trouble. Apart from that, the Christian female nurses of that ward were trying to convert him and I to Christianity, were preaching nonsense to us a lot and trying to put words like “amen”/”amin” into his mouth, just because I refused to deny Ifa. A doctor also tried to convert me. Evangelism is not part of their job description but they did not care and considered it their duty to convert him. This was a clear case of hypocrisy and Christian terrorism as I never saw them approach any Muslim patient or nurse to preach to. I was by my father’s side for a month, doing things that the medical staff were supposed to do but were giving lame excuses.

During the period he was attacked over and over again and there was a time his systems really started failing and, following a d’ifa (also da’fa; divination) an ẹb (sacrifice) needed to be carried out. I won’t mention the odu here but add that the message is related to Ezekiel 37. He actually got better and the doctors were surprised at his improvement, but there were still attempts against him. One day, he went into serious shock from unnecessary heparin doses which a nurse was still administering and his hands quickly swelled and the catheter filled with straw blood. By the time I arrived in the morning I, instead of the Holy Spirit nurse on duty, noticed that he had been seriously from the point of administration of the injections. A couple of hours later he “slept”. This is how Christians and devotees of the religions of Osi’ẹfa (Judaism), Ọna’ẹfa (Christianity), Ọtun’ẹfa (Islam), and other related oyinbo religions have been spreading sorrow, tears and blood all over the world. These devotees refuse to see that they are being used for evil and abominations, just like in the movie series “Matrix” where certain characters in black suits could enter and take complete control of blind people and use them to carry out nefarious acts.

Shamelessly, the accusations from those extended families continued and increased. Thankfully, Olodumare has been exposing the evil doers. For instance, my brother and I have found out that his sisters had been slandering my family for years, that his brothers had been supporting such, hence their acceptance of the illogical accusations, and that there is opposition from some elements within the extended family to his burial taking place in his hometown of Ṣagamu to prevent any of his descendants from emerging as Akarigbo of Rẹm or Onijagba of Ijagba.

We also found out that those who had worked under him in the past and whom he had been assisting financially and otherwise, especially Mr Dare Aina and Mr Alex, had been stealing heavily from him, caused him so much sorrow, and engaged in sorcery against him. His tenants who were particularly incited by Muhammed Olukayode Raji of Nestle also openly vowed to deal ruthlessly with him, have been damaging his property and sought hard to kill him. There are many more stories to tell and many names to mention but I’ll continue some other time.

Those who know about the odu Ogbe Alara will not be surprised at the travails he went through. His enemies think it is all over for him but refuse to realize that they are dead wrong. I hope to now update this blog more frequently and make necessary edits to previous blog posts.

A man’s enemies are those of his own household.

We Are Making Sacrifices To Various Orishas To Rescue The Girls


Published on May 11, 2014

Wife of former Vice Chancellor OAU and the “Awise Agbaye” of native worshipers Professor Wande Abimbola, Mrs. Ajisebo Abimbola in this interview chanted Ifa corpus and discussed efforts being made by various worshipers of Orisa’s all over the world in respect of the abducted Chibok girls.

SOURCE: Saharatv (