The journey so far

I started this blog in January 2011 while unemployed as a means of keeping myself busy and fighting depression. Before then, I had just come out of a traumatic experience during which I had given up on staying alive and was waiting for death. However, death did not show up, which I initially thought was divine punishment in the form of prolonged suffering, but as time went by hope was kindled within me even though my future appeared terribly bleak and uncertain to me. I also started this blog to work on my expression of self and interaction with others –  I am quite shy, have suffered from an extreme form of glossophobia, usually feel uncomfortable around people, and prefer learning on my own, keeping to myself, and generally doing things by myself. In addition, I enjoy research activities and writing even though I had been told at various places (Nigeria and the U.S.) that I cannot write and am slow, not sharp and not smart.

I did decide to blog anyway but did not know what to write about, and so I opted to write about my opinions of various things I had been observing over time but kept at the back of my mind and perhaps had been too timid and/or distracted to express since they were peculiar. Thus, I hoped that as I wrote, there would be an increase in clarity about the subject area that is easy and natural for me.

Within a couple of months, my interest in Yoruba culture and its similarity to certain things mentioned in the bible increased. Eventually, the breakthrough came in an unexpected way either on the 29th of August or 1st of September 2011. I heard in my head the words “YESHUA – ESHU” and immediately understood what it meant – that ESHU Is the true name of the biblical savior, that he is well known by the Yoruba, that he is not the devil as mischievously and fraudulently proclaimed by a lot of the oyinbo and bastards among the Yoruba, that his name is key to understanding the story of creation and the Yoruba and sifting the truth from the lies being dumped around us. Another direct implication of the epiphany was that Ifa is the solution to all the problems of this world.

Armed with this information, I knew that the niche for the blog had to revolve around the application of knowledge of Yoruba culture and Ifa to anthropology (including linguistics) and bible exegesis to put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzles that are Yoruba and world history. I also began to see that reincarnation and the fractal (repetitive) nature of history, concepts I previously did not understand in order to satisfy Christianity and the present Satanic world order, were the very tools needed to see the order of the puzzle. Seeing that the application was working logically and accurately, I coined the term “prophetic anthropology” (the analysis of fractals in history and prophecies to study peoples, societies and cultures) and continued faithfully despite facing ostracism and slander from many, What mattered was that I felt increasingly at peace and assured within myself.

I continued with this blog even when I had doubts and wondered many times if I was going crazy, but noticed that after such questions I would receive a revelation concerning the puzzles. Such “eureka!” moments further strengthened my resolve to keep going and ask “difficult” questions, even if many regarded me as a lunatic zealot and even if I got some details wrong and/or mixed-up. I also thought that Olodumare would not grant me such revelations if I was definitely going astray.

Then sometime in the first half of 2013 I decided it was time to use what had been revealed to me over time to update the essay “A Reconstruction Of Early Yoruba History” which I had earlier posted on 24 June 2012. It was in late August 2013 that I actually started and it grew longer than expected. Along the way, I encountered obstacles like lack of power supply from the national grid, no internet access, and threats and attempts (including sorcery) against my life, even from next door neighbours and perhaps relations. In addition, members of my immediate family were also targeted, perhaps also when the enemies noticed that they were powerless against me (I’m grateful to Ifa). However, these enemies did not want to consider that they were letting themselves to be used by principalities and powers (Osiẹfa/Satan and his army) to provide distractions and prevent me from fulfilling my mission.

Thankfully, the delay and distractions turned out to be a blessing as I devoted more time to thoughts related to the intended essay and received more revelations. For instance, it was in either late November or December 2013 that I learnt Sargon the Great is actually an incarnation of Ọrunmila, and it was in December that I learnt Akkad (Akkadian Empire) is actually Ekiti. Eventually, I published the updated essay of 100+ pages on January 1st 2014 and the response has been quite positive and indicative that it is time to take the blog to the next level. This also includes writing and publishing a book (something I had been hoping to avoid), traveling to various parts of Yorubaland and visiting our brethren in Benin, Togo, Ghana and Sierra Leone, participating in various traditional festivals, taking more pictures and videos, buying more books and subscribing to journals, and taking more steps to publicize the message. I will also take time to work on the perceived arrogance.

To achieve these and more, I ask for your support, especially in the form of prayers and donations. You have seen my progress and what I can do, even with meagre resources and inability to speak my mother tongue which is Yoruba.  With this latest update to “A Reconstruction Of Early Yoruba History” you probably have noticed that the self-taught “lunatic zealot” of yesterday is now the “ascetic prophet” and “divinely inspired child of God”. You can contact me at:


You can also da’fa to verify my claims and prospects before “supporting” me.

I would like to thank a certain woman from down under for her support. A very useful reference material, especially for the updated essay is “THE CREATION STORY” by Oluwo Popoola.

Book Release From OYA’S TORNADO on Africana Divinity and Dynamism

Ọya’s Tornado is thrilled to mark its entry into the publishing arena with the release of two stunning new books by Dr. Teresa N. Washington:
Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence: Divinity in Africana Life, Lyrics, and Literature (416 pp)
Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence is a groundbreaking work: It is the first book to use the inherent divinity and divine inheritance of Africana men as the lens through which to analyze literature, lyrics, technologies, and philosophies by and about Black men. Washington’s meticulous two-part study offers a redefinition of manhood that is rich with both understated majesty and immense responsibilities.
Cloth ISBN:  9780991073023
Paper ISBN:  9780991073009
Ebook (with proper tone marks) available at Google Play
The Architects of Existence: Àjẹ́ in Yoruba Cosmology, Ontology and Orature (318 pp)
The Architects of Existence undertakes an in-depth study of Àjẹ́’s impact in the Yoruba world. With chapters that delineate the role of Àjẹ́ in the founding of Yoruba civilization, in Yoruba semiotics, in Yoruba secret societies and sacred institutions, and in Yoruba Divinities and human beneficiaries, Washington offers abundant evidence that the Mothers are indeed the Architects of Existence.
Cloth ISBN:  9780991073030
Paper ISBN:  9780991073016
Ebook (with proper tone marks) available at Google Play
For detailed descriptions of the books, please see the attached pdf announcement.
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