Divine Outlook For Nigeria In 2014

In January 2013 I published excerpts from the Sun newspaper of Nigeria about divine prophecies concerning Nigeria.. Those from the Ifa devotees namely Araba Yemi Elebuibon and Oba Olamilekan Ifayemi about bloodshed came to pass while those from Dr. Okhue Iboi (spokesperson for Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria), especially about te removal of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from the post of Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, failed. For the year 2014 however, only two traditionalists, Oba Olamilekan Ifayemi and Dr. Okhue Iboi, were interviewed by the Sun but only that of the former is published here since the latter’s performance is questionable. Below is the excerpt from pages 32 and 33 of Sunday Sun of January 5, 2014, and the main theme is more bloodshed.

2014 from the crystal ball

The Paramount Head, Saala Ogboni Fellowship of Nigeria, Oba Olamilekan Ifayemi, however predicted that 2014 will witness a lot of bloodshed.

The Federal Government, he said, will still find it difficult to tame Boko Haram in the year. The insurgents will continue to wreak havoc, he warned. For Ifayemi, toe only way to contain Boko Haram is for the nation’s political leaders to resort to spiritual help in the traditional way. Declaring that President Goodluck Jonathan will win the presidential poll in 2015, Ifayemi said: “There will be so many serious crises this year over Jonathan’s re-election. We have not seen anything yet. Blood will flow, but Jonathan will win the poll. It will be advisable for the president not to seek re-election, but so many interest groups will insist that he should run. If Jonathan eventually yields to the pressure, he will win the elections, but his victory will cost this nation a lot. At a point it will appear as if the nation called Nigeria is heading for the rocks”.

The Ifa priest also had words for former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He said: “I know that Obasanjo is a strong person, but he should be vigilant. He may be afflicted with a serious sickness in 2014, and if care is not taken, this sickness will consume him.”


5 thoughts on “Divine Outlook For Nigeria In 2014

  1. I am glad you’re back. I have been stalking your blog for new post. Good information, keep the good work brother. Are black in America, Caribbean, Latin America Ife? What are the final solution? What the difference between Olodumare and YeVe?


    • Oluwo Solagbade Popoola has taught me that Akamara the Universal Spirit created Olodumare as the supreme being of this solar system, so I guess Yeve is the same as Olodumare.
      Some Fulani and many others were also taken as slaves to the Americas but they are not Moshe’s people.


  2. In the Mighty name of Yêυêh President Olusegun Obasanjo will be perfectly fine. The ifa priest is just hating because President Olusegun Obasanjo is not Yoruba. President Olusegun Obasanjo is an Egba man. Egbas are ife . I destroy his evil prophecy, the enemy will not succeed In the Mighty name of Yêυêh.

    it is time we put order in the house. Yoruba need to stop hating on ife ( Egbas, Anago and slaves descendants)

    This Year of 2014 :The enemies of Judah shall be cut off (Isaiah 11:13)


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